Your court documents in one place.

Find anything instantly.

Boost Productivity

DocketBird puts your court documents at your fingertips. Access your documents in seconds. Batch download every document in a case in only a few clicks.

Find New Clients

We send you targeted daily updates of new cases in your practice area and region, so you can be the first to pitch your services to new clients.

Impress prospective clients by being the first to inform them of new cases filed against them.

Locate Anything

We index everything, including documents that have not been OCRed. You can find anything with full-text searches. We even support advanced full-text boolean and proximity searches. Plus, our database of cases is massive, containing nearly every pending federal case, and hundreds of thousands of state cases.

Save Money

Never pay twice to download the same document. DocketBird uses Pacer's “free look” feature to download your documents at no charge.

Enjoy free access to documents that other DocketBird members have downloaded.

Build Client Relationships

Share documents and docket sheets with your colleagues and clients—even if they're not DocketBird members.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Instant Alerts keep you informed of new cases involving parties of interest. Target your searches to specific case types or jurisdictions, and decide how often to check for new cases.

TimeSparrow Integration

We integrate closely with TimeSparrow, a cutting-edge timekeeping application. When new documents are filed in your cases, we'll automatically create a TimeSparrow reminder, so that you'll remember to bill any time associated with that filing.

Clio Integration

DocketBird integrates with your Clio matters. When documents are filed in your cases, DocketBird uploads them to the proper Clio folder. DocketBird also provides links to your Clio matters, so you can seamlessly work on your cases.

Dropbox and Box Integration

Are you a Dropbox or Box user? The moment a document is filed in one of your cases, DocketBird can automatically upload it to your Dropbox or Box account. We'll even organize your documents by court and case.

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