Albert E. Solomon
Bankruptcy Court Docket Sheet

Northern District of Alabama (Bankruptcy)

2:2018-bk-00590 (alnb)

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Order Approving Application for Payment of Filing Fees In Installments: IT IS ORDERED that the Debtor may pay the filing fee in installments as proposed in the application. A discharge shall not be granted until the filing fee has been paid in full. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all installments of the filing fee must be paid in full before the Debtor or Trustee may make further payments to an attorney or any other person who renders services to the Debtor in connection with the case. (Fee Amount $310.00) (RE: related document(s)[3] Application to Pay Filing Fees in Installments filed by Debtor Albert E. Solomon).
Notice of Debtor's Prior Filings for debtor Albert E. Solomon Case Number 12-04871, Chapter 13 filed in Alabama Northern Bankruptcy Court on 10/15/2012, Dismissed for failure to make plan payments on 12/15/2014.(Admin) (Text entry; no document attached.)
BNC Certificate of Notice
Corrective Entry (Text entry; no document attached.)

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