Me2 Productions Incorporated v. Unknown Parties
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District of Arizona

2:2017-cv-01421 (azd)

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COMPLAINT. Filing fee received: $ 400.00, receipt number 0970-14203527 filed by ME2 Productions Incorporated. (Submitted by Gregory Collins)
Civil Cover Sheet)(KAS
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Corporate Disclosure Statement by ME2 Productions Incorporated. (Submitted by Gregory Collins)
Filing fee paid, receipt number 0970-14203527. This case has been assigned to the Honorable Senior Judge James A Teilborg. All future pleadings or documents should bear the correct case number: CV-17-1421-PHX-JAT. Notice of Availability of Magistrate Judge to Exercise Jurisdiction form attached.
MINUTE ORDER: Request for Copyright, Trademark, or Patent Information. This case has been designated as a copyright, trademark, or patent case. The Clerk's Office is required to provide information to the Patent and Trademark Office and/or Copyright Office regarding this case. Attached to this docket entry are the required form(s) that must be completed. Plaintiff shall complete the form that is applicable to this particular case. In some cases, you may need to complete both forms.

Within seven (7) days, Plaintiff must submit the required form(s) to the Clerk's Office. Please complete the form and file it with the Court using the specific event: Notice of Filing - Copyright, Trademark or Patent Information, found under the Other Filings header. Please DO NOT mail the form directly to the Patent or Copyright Office. The Clerk's Office will submit the form. If neither form is required for this case, please file a notice indicating the reason the form is not necessary and use the event listed above. This form must be updated if additional patents, copyrights, or trademarks are alleged in a responsive pleading
NOTICE TO THE PARTIES - The Court is participating in the Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot (MIDP) and this case is subject to that pilot. The key features and deadlines are set forth in the attached Notice which includes General Order 17-08. Also attached is a checklist for use by the parties. All parties must respond to the mandatory initial discovery requests set forth in the General Order before initiating any further discovery in this case. Please note: The discovery obligations in the General Order supersede the disclosures required by Rule 26(a)(1). Any party seeking affirmative relief must serve a copy of the attached documents (Notice to Parties, including General Order 17-08 and MIDP Checklist) on each new party when the Complaint, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, or Third-Party Complaint is served.
STANDARD CIVIL TRACK INITIAL ORDER: IT IS ORDERED, if not already accomplished prior to the date of this Order, that Plaintiff(s) shall effect service of the Complaint and Summons upon all Defendants no later than 90 days after the filing of the Complaint. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the parties must comply with Gen. Ord. No. 17-08 (D. Ariz. Apr. 14, 2017) regarding the mandatory initial discovery responses. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Plaintiff shall serve Defendant(s) with a copy of this Order [see attached Order for details]. Signed by Senior Judge James A Teilborg on 5/8/17.
NOTICE of Filing - Copyright, Trademark or Patent Information filed by ME2 Productions Incorporated.
MOTION to Consolidate Cases by ME2 Productions Incorporated, ME2 Productions Incorporated.
Exhibit 1-4
Text of Proposed Order) (Associated Cases: CV-17-01415-PHX-DLR, CV-17-01421-PHX-JAT, CV-17-01423-PHX-ESW, CV-17-01427-DGC
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ORDER granting (8) Plaintiff's Motion to Consolidate. The Clerk of the Court shall transfer 2:17-cv-01421-PHX-JAT, 2:17-cv-01423-PHX-ESW, and 2:17-cv-01427-PHX-DGC to the undersigned and consolidate those actions with this case. All future filings related to these cases shall be filed in the lead case, 2:17-cv-01415-PHX-DLR, only. Signed by Judge Douglas L Rayes on 7/25/17. (Associated Cases: 2:17-cv-01415-DLR, 2:17-cv-01421-JAT, 2:17-cv-01423-ESW, 2:17-cv-01427-DGC)
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