Adobe Systems Incorporated v. A & S Electronics, Inc. et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-02288

ORDER REGARDING DISCOVERY LETTER: Re {{92}} Proposed Order, filed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Signed by Magistrate Judge Elizabeth D. Laporte on 7/12/2016.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 8 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 9 OAKLAND COURTHOUSE 10 11 ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED, a Case No.: 4:15-cv-02288-SBA (EDL) 12 Delaware Corporation, [PROPOSED] ORDER 13 Plaintiff, REGARDING DISCOVERY LETTERS 14 v. Re: Dkt. Nos. 82, 83, 84 15 A & S ELECTRONICS, INC., a California Corporation d/b/a TRUSTPRICE; ALAN Z. 16 LIN, an Individual; and DOES 1-10, Inclusive, 17 Defendants. 18 19 [PROPOSED] ORDER 20 On July, 8, 2016, at 10:00AM, via teleconference and pursuant to the Court's Order (ECF 21 Dkt. 84), Plaintiff Adobe Systems Incorporated ("Plaintiff") and Defendants A&S Electronics, 22 Inc., and Alan Z. Lin ("Defendants") came before the Court regarding Defendants' Discovery 23 Letter (ECF Dkt. 82) seeking to quash Plaintiff's June 10, 2016 subpoena duces tecum to Bank 24 of America, National Association ("Bank of America"), and regarding Plaintiff's Discovery 25 Letter in response thereto (ECF Dkt. 83). 26 Having considered the letters filed, and the arguments of counsel presented at the July 8, 27 2016 hearing, the Court Orders as follows: 28 1. Plaintiff shall serve Bank of America with the Amended Subpoena in the form -1- [PROPOSED] ORDER – Case No.: 4:15-cv-02288 SBA (EDL) 1 attached hereto as Exhibit A, which has been limited to only financial documents and 2 records in the calendar year 2014. 3 2. Bank of America shall comply without delay by producing the documents identified 4 in the Amended Subpoena. Bank of America shall produce requested documents 5 directly to Plaintiff's counsel, as instructed in the Amended Subpoena. 6 3. In the event Plaintiff determines that the 2014 documents produced by Bank of 7 America are insufficient, the parties shall meet and confer regarding what further 8 records from Bank of America are to be provided pursuant to an additional subpoena 9 to Bank of America, and a subsequent subpoena shall be issued to Bank of America 10 in accordance with any meet and confer agreement of the parties. If the parties are 11 unable to come an agreement regarding what further documents should be produced 12 by Bank of America, the parties shall timely file a joint discovery letter with the 13 Court regarding the dispute, if any. 14 15 IT IS SO ORDERED this ______ July 12th day of _____________, 2016. 16 17 _________________________________ ELIZABETH D. LAPORTE 18 United States Magistrate Judge Northern District of California 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 -2- [PROPOSED] ORDER – Case No.: 4:15-cv-02288 SBA (EDL)