Al Blowers v. Digiliti Money, Inc. et al

Exhibit A -- Copy of Summons and Complaint) (Attorney Ann-Kathryn Rose Tria added to party Digiliti Money, Inc.(pty:dft))(Tria, Ann-Kathryn

Central District of California, cacd-2:2017-cv-06949

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9 Page ID #:5 S M-100 SUMMONS FORCOURTVSEONt.V (SOl.OPARA USO DELA CORTE) (CITACION JUDICIAL) G. CE TO DEFENDANT: . SO AL DEMANDADO); ILITI MONEY, INC., a Minnesota corporation; JEFFREY MACK, individual; and DOES l through l 0, inclusive JUN 21 2017 ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFF: Shorrl n, Cnrtor, lix~outivq Olllcor/Olork ESTA DEMANDANDO EL DEMANDANTE): nyi Chm!!~ L, ColumM, llupu\y BLOWERS, an individual wtthin-30 days. Read the .Jofotmatlon TICEf You have been sued, The covrt may decide agaiMt you without your belng heard unfess you respond below. at this court and have a copy You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after lhis svmmons and legal pap~rs are served on you to filo a written response lf you want tho court to hear your sorved on the pla!ntlff,A lotter or phone call will not protect you, Your wrilten response must b_e In proper legal form Information at the Callfomla Courts ca_se., There may b_& a court_ form that you can use for your response. You can find lhaso court _forms and moro eannol pay the fl!!ng fee, ask Online Self-Help Center (www,courtln!, your county law library, or !he courthouse neatest you. lfyoo property and your wages, money1 and lhe court derk for a foe waiver form, If you do not file your response on time, you ma.y loso tho caoo by defaull, may be taken without further warning from the court. you may want lo call an attorney There are othor legal requirements'. You may want to call an aUomoy right away. If you do not know an attorney, legal services program. You can locate referral service. lf you cannot afford an attorney, you may be ellglble for free legal services from a nonprofit Courts Online Seit-Help Center these nonprofit groups at the Galifomla l.egal Services Web $Ra (WW\.'l.lawhelpcs! 1 U\e California a statutory lien forwalvod fees and (,govls(;ffhelp), or by oontacflng your IQ cal court or county bar association, NOTE: The court has. before 1he court wm dismiss the case, costs on any settlement or arbitration award of $10,000 or more 111 a civil case, The court's lien must be paid su versl6n. Lee Is lnformacl6n a JAVJSOI Lo han domrmdado. ·Sino rosponde dentro do 30 dies, la corto puede decfdlr on su contra sin escuc.hor conflnuacf6n. tma tos_puesta por esetito en esla Tion_e 30 DIAS DE.CAL£NDARfO dm;puCs de que le anlmgucn. (Mia citacl6n y papol&S logales pare prcmmtar por escrfto tlono que ostar entregue una copla al domandante, Una ~rta o una llamada retef6nlca no lo profe(J6n, Su rospussta carte y haccr qua so usar para su raspuasta. desea que procescn su caso en la cone. Es pos!ble quo haya 1m formufario quo u&tod pueda on formalo legal correcto sf (,gov), on la Puede enconlraf ostos fonnularlos de ta corto y mas informacl6n on of Centro de Ayuda de las Corles de Callfomla plda al .sec,etar/o do Ja oorlo bibllotoca do loyos do .su condado o en ID carte qua le quede mas cerca. SI no puede pagar fa cuola de presentacl6n, cl coso por inc:umpllmlonto y la corto le quo le d6 un formulario dO exencl6n ckJ pago de cuotas, SI no presenta su respuesta a tiompo, puodo pore/or podffl quifar su:;ueldo, dinero y bhmes sin mas adverlencJa. puedrt llamar a un sorvfcio do Hay olros roqufcllos legales. !Es rocomandablo quo flame a un obogado lnmodlotomonto. SI ho conoco a vn abogado1 tagaJos gratultos do·. un {,fn abogado, es poslbfe que cumpfa con los roqulsflos para obtenor sorvlcios _romlsl6n a abogados. SI no puede pagar a web dQ Callfornit:i Logat Sorvlcos; p1ogrf)ma de sorvlcios legates sin flnos do lucro. Pue rte· encontrar estos grupos.sin fines do lucro en el s!llo on contacto con la ccrte o el t\', en el Centro da Ayuda dfl las Cortes do California, (\WAv.sucorte,ca.govJ o ponl(mdotro por imponer un gravamen sobre cclegio de abogados locales. AVISO: Por fey, la carte Ueno doro<:-ho a rec/a.mar las cuotas y los oostos exentos en un caso de derecho civil. Tione que cuafquklr rocuperacfOn de $101000 6 mas do valor reaiblda modianfo un acuordo a tma concas16n de arbltraje pagar al pravamrm do la corte antes do qoo la corlo pueda de so char el caso. Tho name and address of the court Is; cASn NUMsm (El nombre y direqc/6n de /a corle es): 1 Los Angeles Superior Court· CENTRAL '""'"'''' ~ " 6n O4 111 N. Hill Street DI.I IJ 59 Los Angeles, CA 900 I 2 The name, address, and lelephone number of plaintiffs attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney, is: abogado, es/: (El nombre, le dlrccclon y el nitmero de telofono def ab<)gado def demendante, ode/ demandanle qua no liene Omar Bengali, Esq.; GIRARD BENGALI, APC; 333 S. Grand Ave, Suite 4040, Los A1ig~s, CA. c'~\P DATE: JUii' ! j' 20ll Clerk, by <JY, Deputy (Adjunto) (Facha/ SH!i!RRI 13,tlAB'rnl'l (Secretario)) 1 (For proof of service of lhis summons1· use Proof of Service of Summons (form POS·010).)"'-P (Para prueba de an/raga de esla ci/ati6n use el lormu/arlo Proof of Service of Sumrnons, (POS..010)). NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: You are se<Ved I""'~ 1. [X] as an lndlvlduel defendant. 2. D as lhe person sued under the fictllious name of (specify/: 3. D on behalf of /specify): under. D CCP416.10(corporallon) D CCP 416.60 (minor) D CCP 416.20 (defunct corporation) D CCP 416.70 (conse<Vatee) D CCP 416.40 (association or partnership) D CCP 416.90 (authorized person) D other (specify): 4, D by personal dellvory on /date): C:Wei;,fC«i1 Ptccedulll §§ 412.20, 4G5 rcim Adqiteu ret MaffWrtory U$t SUMMONS Wol'W.OOVhl{~,c.,gov Mlcia! CC11nefl (lf C:\U01ob, SUl,.MOO {R(l'I. July 1, 2(lt»! 9 Page ID #:6 CONFORMED COPY ORIGINAL FILED Suse_rlor Court of Cnlilotnla NO'f'ICIJ S!!NT TO: oun1r.el,'fi~');/p~r•• Girard, Robert J,, II JUN 26 2017 333 s. Grand Ave,, Ste 4040 Shetrl R. Garter, Executive Olfrcer/Clerk Los Angeles CA 90071 By Marcela Tavakoli, Doputy SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES C,\Sll NUMUHll AL BLOWERS Plnlnliff(s), BC665904 vs. D1GLITI MONEY INC ET AL NOTICE OF CASE l)cfcndant(s), MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE TO THE PLAINTIFF(S)/ATTORNEY(S) FOR PLAINTIFF'($) OF RECORD: You are ordered to serve this notice of hearing on all parties/attorneys of record forlhwilh, and meet and confer with all parties/ attorneys of record about the matters to be discussed no later than 30 days before (he Case Management Conference. Your Case Management Conterence has been scheduled for October 16, 2Q17 at B:45 am in Dept. 28 at 111 North HIii Street, Los Angeles, California 90012, NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: THE SETTING OF THE CASE MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE DOES NOT EXEMPT THE OEFENOANT FROM FILING A RESPONSIVE PLEADING AS REQUIRED BY LAW. Pursuant toCalifornla Rules of court, rules 3.720-3.730, a compleied Case Management Statement (Judicial Coun_cil form# CM-110) must be filed at leasf15~calendar days prlort<i the Case Management C_onference, The Case Management Statement may be filed jointly by all parties/attorneys of record or lndivldually_by each party/attorney of record, You must bo familiar with the case and be fully prepared to participate effectively In the Case Management Conference. At the Case Management Conference, the Court may make pretrial orders including the following, but notHmited to, an order establishing a discovery schedule; an order referring the case to Alternative Dispute Resolution (AOR); an order reclassifylngthe case: an order setting subsequent conference and the trial date; or other orders to achieve the goals of the Trial Court Delay Reduction Act (<3ov. Code, secUon 68600 e_t seq.) Notice Is hereby given that If you do not file the Case Management Statement or appear and effectively participate at the Case Management Conference, the Court may Impose sanclions pursuant to LASC Local Rule 3,37, Code of Civil Procedure sections 177.5, 575,2, 583.150, 583.360 and 583.410, Government Code Section 68608 (b), and California Rules of Court 2.2 et seq. Date: .1une 2a, 201z YVETTE M, PJ.1.LJ.\ZUELOS Judicial Officer CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I, the below namel:I Execullve Officer/Clerk of the above-entitled courf, do hereby certify that I am not a party to the cause herein, and lhat on this date l served the Notice of Case Management Conference upon each party or counsel named above: tiY depositing In the Unlled Slates mall at the courthouse In Los Angeles, California, one copy of the original filed herein in a separate sealed envelope to each address as shown above with postage thereon fully prepaid. [ J by personally giving the party notice upon filing the complalnt, Date: June 26, 2011 Sherri A, 1/\CIV 132 (Rev. 07/13) Cal. Rules ofCourt, rulo 3,720,3.730 LASC Approved 10·03 LASC Local fiule_s, Chapter Three 9 Page ID #:7 1 ROBERT J, GIRARD, II (BAR NO. 216949) CONFOllMED copy OMAR H. BENGALI (BAR NO. 276055) ORIGINAL 111LED S11lW'licrC6t!t10{,i,, 2 ADAM P. SNYDER (BAR NO. 312160) 'Ciillllt),otfM NIJ!f'lt1 GIRARD BENGALf, APC 3 333 South Grand Ave., Suite 4040 JUN 21 2017 Los Angeles, California 90071 Telephone: (323) 302-8300 Shorn ll. CMor, El(ocu!lvo Offioor/Clork Facsimile: (323) 302-8310 Uy: Chllllle I.. Col~man, Onputy Attorneys for Plaintiff AL BLOWERS SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES 11 AL BLOWERS, an individual, Case No. BC OS 5 9 O4: 12 COMPLAINT FOR: Plaintiff, 13 1. FALSE DESIGNATION OF vs, ORIGIN (1S U.S.C. §1125(a)]; AND 14 2. VIOLATION OF BUSINESS AND DIGILITI MONEY, INC., a Minnesota PROFESSIONS CODE SEC, 17200, 15 corporation; JEFFREY MACK, an individual; ET SEQ. and DOES I tlrrough I0, inclusive, 16 JURY TRIAL .REQUESTED 17 s 18 Plaintiff AL BLOWERS complains of Defendant DIGILITI MONEY, INC., a Minnesota 19 corporation, JEFFREY MACK, an individual, and DOES 1-10, inclusive (collectively, 20 "Defendants"). Plaintiff alleges the following facts and causes of action against Defendants, and 21 hereby requests a jury triul. 22 THE PARTIES 23 I. Plaintiff AL BLOWERS ("Plaintiff') is and at all times herein mentioned was, an 24 individual residing in Los Angeles County, California. 25 2. Defendant DIGILITIMONEY, INC., formerly known as Cachet Financial Solutions, 26 l11c. ("Digiliti" and/or "Cachet II"), at all times mentioned)1erein, was a corporation qualified to do 27 business and was doing business in the Count)' of Los Angdcs, State of California, with its principal 28 COMPLAINT 9 Page ID #:8 1 office located at 18671 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317. Board, 2 3. Defendant JEFFREY MACK, a Minnesota resident, is the Chairman of the 3 Chief Executive Officer, President and Co-founder of Defendant Digiliti. al, 4 4. Plaintif f is presently unawar e of the true names and capacities, whether individu and therefore 5 associate, corporate, or otherwise of defendants DOES 1 through 10, or any of them, this Complaint to 6 sue such defendants by such fictitious names. Plaintiff will seek leave to amend same have been 7 show the trne names and capacities of such fictitiously named defendants when the the defendants 8 ascertained. Plaintif f is informed and believes and thereon alleges that each of omissio ns, and events 9 designated herein as a DOE is legally responsible in some manner for the acts, herein alleged. 10 alleged herein, and has proximately caused damages and injury to Plaintif f as t 11 5. Plaintif f is informed and believes, and thereupon alleges, that, at all times relevan 0 "~ 0 I'- 12 hereto, each of the Defendants was and now is the agent, servant, employee, representative and/or 0 (.) "WO a.. t: m fter mentioned, was "'• (I), Z< - • 0: 0 0 13 alter ego of each of the remaining Defendants and, in doing the things hereina ~ui~~ ee, and/or representative (9 > - z<(N:i I 14 acting within the scope of his/her authority as such agent, servant, employ UJ~()g ca < .,..... on:fil~ a:::(!) ..J (>') 15 with the permission and consent of the remaining Defendants. I W - -,: f- C 0:, z 0"' 16 JURIS DICTI ON AND VENU E - "'(/) © nia " " 0 ..J 17 6. The California Superior Court has jurisdiction in this matter pursuant to Califor " l