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Notice by Debtor of Selection of Mortgage Modification Mediator. The parties have agreed to and select Mortgage Modification Mediator Stacy Bressler Filed by Debtor Alex Lomosi.

Southern District of Florida (Bankruptcy), flsb-9:2020-bk-12370

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Case 20-12370-MAM Doc 38 Filed 07/09/20 Page 1 of 2 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA In re: Case No. 20-12370-MAM ALEX LOMOSI Chapter 13 Debtor(s) / DEBTOR'S NOTICE OF SELECTION OF MORTGAGE MODIFICATION MEDIATOR Pursuant to the Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) procedures adopted under Administrative Order 14-03, this Notice is filed by the Debtor to notify the court on the status of the selection of mediator in the above referenced case. 1. The parties agree to and select the following Mediator: Stacy H. Bressler, Esq., Mediator 8201 Peters Road, Suite 1000 Plantation, Florida 33324 2. The Lender, __________________________, failed to contact the Debtor within the time prescribed in the order of referral, and has therefore waived the right to participate in the mediator selection process. The Debtor has selected the following Mediator: ________________________________________________ Name of Mediator ________________________________________________ COMPANY ________________________________________________ City, State, Zip Code ________________________________________________ Telephone email:___________________________________________ 3. The parties have conferred but are unable to agree upon the selection of a mediator, and Debtor requests that the clerk select a mediator from the clerk's Mediation Register. MMM-LF-11 (08/01/14) Case 20-12370-MAM Doc 38 Filed 07/09/20 Page 2 of 2 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I HEREBY CERTIFY that a true and correct copy of the Notice of Selection of Mortgage Modification Mediator was served by U.S. first class mail upon the parties listed below on July 9, 2020. D&S Law Group, P.A. 8751 W. Broward Boulevard Suite 301 Plantation, Florida 33324 (954) 358-5911 (Telephone) (954) 357-2267 (Facsimile) Email: By: /s/ Elias Leonard Dsouza Elias Leonard Dsouza, Esq. Florida Bar No. 399477 Copies to: 1. U.S. Bank National Association, Address: 4801 Frederica Street Owensboro, Kentucky 42301. [Certified Mail] 2. U.S. Bank National Association, c/o ReShaudra M. Suggs, Esq., Choice Legal Group, P.A. Address: P.O. Box 771270 Coral Springs, FL 33077. [Via ECF ONLY] 3. Alex Lomosi, Address: 1001 Island Manor Dr. Greenacres, FL 33413. [Via Regular Mail] 4. Robin Weiner, Esq., Chapter 13 Trustee [Via ECF Only] MMM-LF-11 (08/01/14)