Alvarez v. Emergency Site Protection, LLC et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2018-cv-01298

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Josue Alvarez. Emergency Site Protection, LLC served on 12/13/2018, answer due 1/3/2019.

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A F F I D AV I T O F S E R V I C E UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT San Antonio DIv - Southern.District of Texas Case Numben 5:18^V-01298 Ptedntlfft JOSUE ALVAREZ, incflvidually and on behalf of all others slntllarly situated v s. Defendant! ERSERGENCY SITE PROTECTION, LLC, GRYPHON OILFIELD SOLUTIONS. UC. and SANCHEZ OIL & OAS CPftPORATION, For: QifAlexander AndersonZX PLLC 819 N Upper Broadway Corpus Chri8U,TX 78401 Received by Allen Civil Process on the 13th day of December, 2018 at 8:49 am to be served on Emergency Site Protection Registered Agenfc MICHAEL WILLIAM MCCOY, S5 West Double Green Circle, The Woodlands, Montgomery County, 77982. i, Gabriel Rodriguez, being duly swom, depose and say that on the 3rd day of Janumy, 2019 at 10:48 am, I: EXECUTED by delivering to the within named business entity, Emergency Site Protection L.LC. a true copy of the -Sumrnon?, Original Colleclive and Class Actloh Complaint with the date of ser^rfce endorsed thereon by me, to MICHAEL MCCOY, REplSTPREP AGENT in person at the Work address of 55 West Double Green Circle. The Woodlands. Montgomerv County. TX 77382,, and Informed said person of the contents therein, in compliance with state statutes. Description of Person Served: Age: 40, Sex: M, Race/Skfe Colon WHITE, Height: S'O, Weight 250, Hain BLONDE, Glasses; Y I am over eighteen, not a party to nor Interested In the outcome of the above numbered suit and that I am certifl^ to se^ 9MI process. 1 have perS^ knowledge of the facts set forth in the foregoing affidavit and declare that the statemente therein cpn{8ine9 are true and correct I am fan»ll|ar with the Rules of Civli Procedure. I have never been convicted of a Felony or Misdemean^ iDyPlVtng Moral Turpitude. ADRIENNE MORALES RODRIGUEZ ^.•;jA^%NQComm. tary PuExpires blic. Stat05-08-2021. e of Texas Notary ID 131118629 NOTARY PUBLICJWAND FOR THE STATE OF Gabriel Rodriguez PSC-12665 Exp: 5/31/2020 SubscrM and Swom to before me on the day of~rns.n^irH. ».2^19- Allen Civil Process ^ the affiant who laperapnally khown to me. 400 Mann Street Suite 902 CorpU8Chri8ti,TX 78401 (361)884-1657 NOTARY PUBl Our Job Serial Numben ALN-201800924^ CopyrtgM®1892-2019 DatabaM Sefvtcea, tnc.-RfoeesaSwvei'aTeofcexW.aii