American Patents LLC v. Mediatek, Inc. et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2018-cv-00339

Exhibit Q (DIR-tso-3808, Contract Detail)

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EXHIBIT Q 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 2 of 9 Filed Menu Texas Department of Information Resources Search DIR... Can't find what you're looking for? Call DIR Home / All Contracts & Services / Contract Detail Lenovo (United States), Inc. Vendor ID DIR Contract Number 1522449153800 DIR-tso-3808 URL Contract Term End Date Vendor Website 3/31/2019 HUB Type Contract Exp Date Non HUB 3/31/2021 Contact Lenovo (United States), Inc. Contact DIR Contact Contact Melissa Autrey Phyllis Benitez Phone Phone (919) 294-0609 (512) 463-4854 Fax Fax (855) 515-1782 (512) 475-4759 Contract Overview 1/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 3 of 9 Filed Lenovo offers Lenovo branded hardware, software, and related services. Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. This contract has a number of resellers, many of which are HUB vendors. Contract Documents DIR-TSO-3808 Contract PDF (234.66KB) DIR-TSO-3808 Appendix A Standard Terms and Conditions (per Amendment 1) DOCX (104.01KB) DIR-TSO-3808 Appendix B HUB Subcontract Plan (Approved on 10-17-17) PDF (2.07MB) DIR-TSO-3808 Appendix C Pricing Index (per Amendment 1) PDF (123.94KB) DIR-TSO-3808 Appendix D Master Services Agreement PDF (300.52KB) DIR-TSO-3808 Appendix E Master Operating Lease Agreement PDF (679.88KB) DIR-TSO-3808 Appendix F Master Lease Agreement PDF (432.8KB) Exhibit 1 RFO DIR-TSO-TMP-265 PDF (2.33MB) DIR-TSO-3808 Amendment 1 PDF (135.87KB) Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) Accessibility Information regarding Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) accessibility of this vendor's offerings is included in the contract. Agencies purchasing products or services are responsible for complying with Texas EIR Accessibility statute and rules, as defined in TGC 2054 Subchapter M, 1TAC 206, and 1 TAC 213. For additional information, visit the Vendor Website or contact the vendor directly. Please note that some of the documents on this page are in the PDF format. Please download the Adobe Reader in order to view these documents. Reseller Vendor Contacts Vendor Name Contact Name Phone/Fax Abacus Computers, Inc. Asian/Male Mark Singh Phone: (432) 687-5424 Fax: (432) 682-7741 Bass Computers, Inc. Non HUB Jim Campbell Phone: (281) 776-6722 Fax: (281) 776-6708 Best Buy Company, Inc. Non HUB Jordan Bense Phone: Fax: 2/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 4 of 9 Filed Vendor Name Contact Name Phone/Fax CDW Government LLC Non HUB Peter McGee Phone: (877) 708-8009 Fax: (312) 705-4678 Checkpoint Services, Inc. Woman Owned Kimberly Cox Phone: (915) 581-1185 Fax: (915) 585-7751 CIMA Solutions Group, LLC Hispanic/Male Abbie Herberger Phone: 972-499-8264 Fax: (214) 513-3075 Complete Tablet Solutions, Ltd. Non HUB Dan Hurd Phone: (512) 637-1670 Fax: (512) 501-6358 Compugen Systems, Inc. Non HUB Jerry Longsworth Phone: (713) 254-4383 Fax: Decision Tree, Inc. Woman Owned Brent Lawson Phone: (915) 584-3419 Fax: (915) 833-1614 Desert Communications Non HUB Sarah Cancellare Phone: (915) 584-1287 Fax: (915) 581-7697 DHE Computer Systems Non HUB Daniel Hammack Phone: (720) 240-4560 Fax: First Service Technology Woman Owned Calvin Womack Phone: (210) 338-8896 Fax: GovConnection, Inc Non HUB Donna Mullen Phone: Fax: (603) 683-1003 Great South Texas Corporation Woman Owned Terri Gober Phone: (210) 369-0312 Fax: (210) 369-0389 GTS Technology Solutions, Inc. Woman Owned Lelah Honar Phone: Fax: (512) 452-0691 HiEd Inc. Woman Owned Leslie Harris Phone: (800) 876-3467 Fax: 3/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 5 of 9 Filed Vendor Name Contact Name Phone/Fax Insight Public Sector, Inc. Non HUB Virginia Mace Phone: (512) 691-2015 Fax: Intech Southwest Services, LLC Hispanic/Female Kevin Reyher Phone: (877) 690-0100 Fax: (210) 690-0200 Jet Web Communications dba Barcom Technology Solutions Hispanic/Male John Heubener Phone: (210) 930-6960 Fax: (210) 930-6961 Knuckle Bean, Inc. dba Westgate Computers Woman Owned Brad Sanders Phone: Fax: Kynetic Technologies, LLC Non HUB Sandy Candela Phone: Fax: (727) 447-8620 Longview Rapid Communications Non HUB Robert Cordero Phone: Fax: (903) 757-8657 Mainline Information Systems Inc Non HUB Jimmy Sauls Phone: Fax: (888) 794-4792 Mark III Systems Incorporated Non HUB Edgar Romero Phone: (713) 664-9850 Fax: (713) 664-9860 Micro Technologies Dba: Computer Express Hispanic/Male Robert Cordero Phone: 210-490-4700 Fax: (210) 490-5252 Millennium Information Technology Black/Female Danny Valdez Phone: Fax: MNJ TECHNOLOGIES DIRECT, INC. Non HUB Mark Kuffel Phone: (847) 876-8806 Fax: (847) 634-0702 Netsync Network Solutions, Inc. Hispanic/Female Kurt Nordquist Phone: (713) 218-5059 Fax: (713) 664-9964 NWN Corporation Non HUB Terri Smith Phone: Fax: 4/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 6 of 9 Filed Vendor Name Contact Name Phone/Fax Omega Business Systems, LLC Asian/Male Norman Labrosse Phone: (817) 492-4249 Fax: (817) 492-4249 PCMG, Inc. dba PCM Gov, Inc. Non HUB Jishnu Banerjee Phone: (800) 625-5468 x38334 Fax: (310) 630-6434 PCPC Direct, Ltd Non HUB Julie Baratizadeh Phone: (713) 984-8808 Fax: (713) 984-8854 Pinnacle Business Systems Non HUB Janet Lusk Phone: Fax: (800) 444-3439 Prime Systems/Directron Asian/Male Karla Campos Phone: (713) 933-0934 Fax: (713) 933-1030 RMD Strategy LLC Hispanic/Male Richard Dominguez Phone: (888) 698-3828 Fax: SHI Government Solutions, Inc. Asian/Female SHI Texas Team Phone: (800) 870-6079 Fax: (512) 732-0232 Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc Non HUB Phyllis Byrd (PJ) Phone: 210-369-0617 Fax: (866) 313-0960 Southern Computer Warehouse, Inc. Non HUB Caleb Poirrier Phone: (770) 579-8927 Fax: (770) 874-2497 Sterling Computers Corporation Non HUB Shaun Roeber Phone: (512) 872-5067 Fax: (605) 242-4001 Synergy Electronics, Inc. Woman Owned Jim Warden Phone: (325) 388-8529 Fax: (800) 853-8582 Technology Assets, LLC dba Global Asset Online American Indian/Female Randy Michael Phone: (972) 695-8600 Fax: (214) 975-1232 The Personal Computer Store, Inc. dba Avinext Hispanic/Male John Crockett Phone: (800) 946-9727 Fax: (979) 268-1017 5/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 7 of 9 Filed Vendor Name Contact Name Phone/Fax Trinity3 Technology Non HUB Eric Ogden Phone: (888) 698-3828 Fax: Troxell Communications, Inc. Non HUB Nate Olsen Phone: (602) 437-7240 x1725 Fax: TSM Consulting Services, Inc Non HUB Rick Myers Phone: (972) 771-9622 Fax: (972) 722-2817 Two Trees Technologies Non HUB Arietta Austin Phone: Fax: Virtual Communication Specialists, LLC Non HUB Celeste Daniels Phone: (903) 675-8604 Fax: (903) 675-7242 Virtucom, Inc. Non HUB Tim Prince Phone: (800) 890-2611 Fax: (770) 908-8007 Zones, Inc. Non HUB Carrie Woodson Phone: (253) 205-3176 Fax: (253) 205-3539 How To Order 1. For product and pricing information, visit the Lenovo (United States), Inc. website or contact Arielle Emery, at (919) 874- 3553. Reseller Vendors are also available through this contract. Select from any Reseller Vendor contact listed below to also obtain product and pricing information. 2. Generate a purchase order made payable to Lenovo (United States), Inc. or any Reseller Vendor listed below. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-TSO-3808 on your purchase order. Show more 3 E-mail or fax your purchase order and quote form to your designated vendor or reseller sales representative Available Brands (2 total) Lenovo Services Show more 6/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 8 of 9 Filed Available Products & Services (7 total) Computers - Desktop Computers - Laptops Computers - Portable Computers - Servers Computers - Tablets Show more Servers Commodity Codes (23 total) 204-13 - Cables: Printer, Disk, Network, etc. 204-16 - Chips: Accelerator, Graphics, Math Co-Processor, Memory (RAM and ROM), Network, SIMMS, etc. 204-19 - Communication Boards: Fax, Modem (Internal), etc. 204-33 - Drives, Compact Disk (CD ROM, etc.) 204-34 - Drives, Floppy Disk Show more 204 35 Drives Hard/Fixed Disk Stay Connected Calendar Careers About DIR News Cybersecurity Council Hot Topics 7/8 2/12/2019 DIR-tso-3808, Case 6:18-cv-00339-ADA Document 68-19 Contract Detail02/14/19 Page 9 of 9 Filed See Hot Topics DIR News for Customers See DIR News for Customers Feedback Back to Top Follow DIR on Twitter © 2016 Department of Information Resources 300 W. 15th Street, Suite 1300 Austin, TX 78701 | 512.475.4700 View on Map 8/8