Aprill et al v. Aquila et al

Corporate Disclosure Statement by AFV Founders Select Capital Partners, LLC a/k/a AFV Partners LLC

Northern District of Illinois, ilnd-1:2020-cv-04657

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Case: 1:20-cv-04657 Document #: 18 Filed: 10/01/20 Page 1 of 3 PageID #:132 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS EASTERN DIVISION RYAN L. APRILL, an individual, and THOMAS S. APRILL, an individual, Plaintiffs, vs. Case No. 20-CV-04657 ANTHONY AQUILA, AQUILA FAMILY VENTURES, LLC, AFV FOUNDERS SELECT Honorable Martha M. Pacold CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC, a/k/a AFV PARTNERS LLC, AFV MANAGEMENT ADVISORS LLC, AFV FSCP CO- INVESTMENT I LLC, a/k/a AFV PARTNERS CO-INVESTMENT I LLC, Defendants. AFV PARTNERS LLC'S CORPORATE DISCLOSURE STATEMENT UNDER FED. R. CIV. P. 7.1 AND L.R. 3.2 Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 7.1(a) and Local Rule 3.2, Defendant AFV Partners LLC1 states that it is a privately held corporation with no parent corporation and no publicly-held corporation owning any stock. 1 While Plaintiffs' complaint names this entity as "AFV Founders Select Capital Partners LLC a/k/a AFV Partners LLC" the corporate form filed with the Delaware Division of Corporations confirms the entity's current name is "AFV Partners LLC." Case: 1:20-cv-04657 Document #: 18 Filed: 10/01/20 Page 2 of 3 PageID #:133 Dated: October 1, 2020 Respectfully submitted, /s/ Brian D. Sieve Brian D. Sieve, P.C. (Illinois Bar No. 6199741) Kate Guilfoyle (Illinois Bar No. 6309150) (pro hac vice pending) Lisa Santaniello (Illinois Bar No. 6333299) (pro hac vice pending) bsieve@kirland.com kate.guilfoyle@kirkland.com lisa.santaniello@kirland.com KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP 300 North LaSalle Chicago, IL 60654 Telephone: +1 312 862 2000 Facsimile: +1 312 862 2200 Attorneys for Defendant AFV Partners LLC 2 Case: 1:20-cv-04657 Document #: 18 Filed: 10/01/20 Page 3 of 3 PageID #:134 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I certify that on October 1, 2020, a copy of the foregoing was electronically filed in the court system, which will send such filing to all attorneys of record. By: /s/ Brian D. Sieve Brian D. Sieve, P.C.