Corcoran et al v. CVS Health Corporation

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-03504

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REDACTED VERSION OF DOCUMENT SOUGHT TO BE SEALED Exhibit 20 1.17 "Usual and Customary Retail Price" means the usual and customary retail price of a Covered Medication in a cash transaction at the Pharmacy dispensing the Covered Medication in the quantity dispensed) on the date that it is dispensed, including any discounts or special promotions offered on such date, Corcoran - CONFIDENTIAL CVSC-0325309 (a) Copayments. Subject to the provision of Section 2.9 regarding coupons, Provider shall, and shall cause its Pharmacies to, collect from Members the lesser of the Usual and Customary Retail Price amount or the applicable Copayment indicated by ESI, or when applicable, the full Copayrrent when indicated by ESI, through its on-line processing sys:em or if on-line processing is unavailable, in accordance with the Provider Manual Copayments may not be waived or discounted and, unless directed by ESI in writing, Provider shall not collect any greater amount or any other fees, surcharges or compensation from any Member for any Covored Medications or services provided in connection therewith. In no event will ESI be liable for any Cowaymeni. Corcoran - CONFIDENTIAL CVSC-0325311