Corcoran et al v. CVS Health Corporation

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-03504

STIPULATION AND ORDER OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE OF PLAINTIFF ROBERT GUARNIERI re 167 Stipulation filed by CVS Pharmacy, Inc., Robert Guarnieri terminated. Signed by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on 9/30/16.

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1 [Submitting counsel appear on additional pages] 2 3 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 4 FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 5 OAKLAND DIVISION 6 7 Christopher Corcoran, et al., Case No. 15-cv-03504-YGR 8 Plaintiffs, CLASS ACTION 9 v. STIPULATION OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE 10 CVS Pharmacy, Inc. 11 Defendant. 12 13 ISTRIC 14 TES D TC TA 15 O S U ED RT 16 DERED UNIT O OR 17 IT IS S R NIA 18 ers nz alez Rog NO onne Go 19 Judge Yv FO RT LI 20 ER 9/30/2016 H A N C 21 D IS T IC T OF R 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 STIPULATION OF CASE NO. 15-CV-03504-YGR DISMISSAL WITHOUT PREJUDICE 1 Pursuant to Rule 41(a)(1)(A)(ii) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, plaintiffs and defendant 2 CVS Pharmacy, Inc., by and through their respective counsel, hereby stipulate to the voluntary dismissal 3 without prejudice of plaintiff Robert Guarnieri. As conditions of this stipulation, (1) Mr. Guarnieri 4 reserves the right to proceed in this matter as an absent class member; (2) CVS Pharmacy, Inc. reserves 5 the right to argue that Mr. Guarnieri does not qualify as a member of any class that may be certified in 6 this matter; and (3) Mr. Guarnieri shall not bring any new action against CVS Pharmacy, Inc. or its 7 affiliates concerning the subject matter of the above-captioned matter. 8 Dated: September 30, 2016 Respectfully submitted, 9 By: /s/ Richard Lewis 10 Bonny E. Sweeney (Cal. Bar No. 176174) 11 Richard Lewis (admitted pro hac vice) Kristen Ward Broz (admitted pro hac vice) 12 HAUSFELD 13 Pat A. Cipollone, P.C. (admitted pro hac vice) 14 Rebecca R. Anzidei (admitted pro hac vice) Robert B. Gilmore (admitted pro hac vice) 15 STEIN MITCHELL CIPOLLONE MISSNER 16 & BEATO LLP 17 Elizabeth C. Pritzker (Cal. Bar No. 146267) Jonathan K. Levine (Cal. Bar No. 220289) 18 Shiho Yamamoto (Cal. Bar No. 264741) 19 PRITZKER LEVINE LLP 20 Interim Class Counsel 21 22 By: /s/ Grant A. Geyerman 23 Enu Mainigi (admitted pro hac vice) Luba Shur (admitted pro hac vice) 24 Grant A. Geyerman (admitted pro hac vice) 25 WILLIAMS & CONNOLLY LLP 26 Edward W. Swanson (Cal. Bar No. 159859) August Gugelmann (Cal. Bar No. 240544) 27 SWANSON & MCNAMARA LLP 28 Attorneys for Defendant CVS Pharmacy, Inc. STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL WITHOUT CASE NO. 15-CV-03504-YGR PREJUDICE 1