Craig v. V. Brim

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-03664

ORDER. (Certificate of Service Attached) Signed by Judge Phyllis J Hamilton on 8/1/16.

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1 2 3 4 UNITED STATES D DISTRICT C COURT 5 NORTHER N RN DISTRIC CT OF CAL LIFORNIA 6 7 ROBERT R FR RED CRAIG G, Case No. 15-cv-036 664-PJH Plaintiff, 8 ORDER v. 9 10 V. BRIM, Defendant. 11 12 Northern District of California United States District Court 13 Plaintifff, a state prisoner, pro oceeds with h a pro se ccivil rights ccomplaint under 42 14 U.S S.C. § 1983 3. The court found service appro opriate for o one defenda ant and ord dered the 15 Un nited States s Marshal (""USM") to serve s the de efendant. S Service hass not yet be een 16 efffectuated an nd it appea ars that it ha as been dellayed due tto personne el changes. 17 Thereffore, the cle erk shall reis ssue a sum mmons and the United States Ma arshal shall 18 serrve by September 1, 2016, 2 witho out prepaym ment of feess, copies off the amend ded 19 complaint with h attachme ents and cop pies of this order on th he following g defendantt: Nurse V. 20 Briim who was s last reporrted at San Quentin Sttate Prison. If the USM M is unable e to meet 21 this s deadline, they shall inform the court c of the e reasons. 22 IT IS SO S ORDER RED. 23 Da ated: Augus st 1, 2016 24 25 PH HYLLIS J. HHAMILTON N 26 Un nited Statess District Ju udge 27 \\can ndoak.cand.circ9 9.dcn\data\users\PJHALL\_psp\2 2015\2015_03664 4_Craig_v_Brim_ _(PSP)\15-cv-03 3664-PJH-ord3.d docx 28 1 2 3 4 UNITED D STATES D DISTRICT C COURT 5 NORTHER RN DISTRIC CT OF CALIIFORNIA 6 ROBERT FRE ED CRAIG,, 7 Case No. 115-cv-036644-PJH Plaintiff, 8 v. CERTIFIC CATE OF S SERVICE 9 V. V BRIM, 10 Defendant.. 11 12 Northern District of California I, the un ndersigned, hereby certify that I am an employeee in the Offiice of the Clerk, U.S. United States District Court 13 Disstrict Court, Northern Diistrict of Callifornia. 14 That on n August 1, 2016, 2 I SERV VED a true and correct ccopy(ies) off the attachedd, by placing g 15 said copy(ies) in i a postage paid envelo ope addressedd to the persson(s) hereinnafter listed, by 16 dep positing said d envelope in n the U.S. Mail, M or by plaacing said coopy(ies) intoo an inter-off ffice delivery y 17 recceptacle locaated in the Cllerk's office.. 18 19 Robert Fred Crraig ID: AS6 6563 San n Quentin, CA C 94974 20 21 22 Daated: August 1, 2016 23 Suusan Y. Soonng 24 Cllerk, Unitedd States Distrrict Court 25 26 Byy:_________ __________________ 27 D Doug Merry, Deputy Clerrk to the 28 H Honorable PH HYLLIS J. H HAMILTON N 2