Data Scape Limited v. Box, Inc.

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00025

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EXHIBIT A Contact Satish Asok Senior Software Engineer at Facebook (LinkedIn) San Francisco Bay Area (Company) Summary Top Skills XML Summary: Software Design Technologist and engineering leader focused on solving enterprise C++ need for security, synchronization, logging, performance, and analytics. I love building enterprise/consumer desktop/mobile Certifications software that solves complex problems for businesses and the end- Agile Scrum Master user alike. I particularly enjoy working in high energy, results oriented environments with high stakes. I love building products from scratch Publications and taking it to market. "Collaborative Environments Based on Object-Oriented Databases" Specialties: Feature Identification by Object- * Objective-C, and C++. Oriented Construction of Manufacturing Feature Library * Designing and developing consumer shrink-wrap, Internet Windows Client Software, and Enterprise Client/Desktop/Mobile Software for Patents Windows, Mac and iOS. Desktop application for access and * Cross platform development using Python. interaction with workspaces in a cloud-based content management system and synchronization mechanisms thereof Experience CLOUD SERVICE ENABLED TO HANDLE A SET OF FILES Facebook DEPICTED TO A USER AS Senior Software Engineer A SINGLE FILE IN A NATIVE April 2018 - Present OPERATING SYSTEM Menlo Park, CA, USA Apple iOS Maps Software Engineer September 2014 - March 2018 (3 years 7 months) Cupertino, CA Maps Client Team - Core Frameworks Yammer, Inc. Senior iOS Engineer March 2013 - September 2014 (1 year 7 months) San Francisco Page 1 of 5 * As part of the Yammer Application Team, designed and built a Yammer for Outlook Plugin. Took on a technical lead role, and trained other team members on design/development of Outlook Plugin and the Yammer Core libraries. * Quickly transitioned to the iOS Application team, self taught objective-C and iOS app development. * Designed and implemented end-to-end logging framework to log error, debug, events, and performance data to a cloud-based logging system. This helped us easily find and track issues, so that we can do weekly app-store releases. * As part of a 3 person development team, designed and built the new Yammer Now enterprise message app from the ground up and successfully released the app in a short period of time. Involved extensively on the real-time messaging and database layer of the application. Box Lead Sync Engineer November 2009 - March 2013 (3 years 5 months) Los Altos, CA * As a technical lead and architect of the Sync Team fully re-architected the Box Sync product from the ground up. Redesigned and implemented the core framework and functionality with performance, stability, and cross platform in mind. Implemented core sync engine that is fully cross platform in Python, and help drive the integration into both Windows and Mac version of the software. * As the team grew from 1 to 10, took on a Scrum Master role to facilitate team and worked closely with the Product Owner to help drive the product vision. * Designed and implemented a testing framework for unit and integration tests. * Used REST box API to perform sync actions, added support for push notification by implementing chunked stream via HTTP. * Designed and prototyped several unique features like Delta Sync (using rsync), sub-folder syncing, and read only sync. Voltage Security Senior Software Design Engineer/Tech Lead/Scrum Master September 2005 - November 2009 (4 years 3 months) * As a senior member and the technical lead of the Client software development team, involved extensively in the design, and development of the "Voltage Encryption". Page 2 of 5 * Extensively used Outlook Object Model, MAPI and MAPI extension API to develop Outlook Addin/Extension, and MS Word Addin. * Implemented Windows Hooks, and Windows Subclassing to create custom UI elements and UI events in Outlook and Outlook Express. * Implemented Windows MSI Installer for the Voltage Encryption desktop products, using Wix. Created Install Merge Modules (MSMs), and custom actions to implement several installer functions. Used MSI SDK to customize the MSI database programmatically. * Designed and developed Localization Kit to streamline the localization (L10N) process. Added Internalization (I18N) support for the product. * Designed and developed a logging framework that can be used in all the components of the product. This helped track and solve several customer reported bugs. Claria Senior Software Engineer April 2003 - September 2005 (2 years 6 months) Redwood City, CA * Designed and developed GotSmileySM, an Email Smiley application. Implemented a browser-control based UI and implemented some unique features like custom smiley, email signature, search, help assistant, and Outlook/IE Toolbar buttons. Implemented windows hooks, Add-ins, plug-ins, and toolbars to seamlessly integrate the application into commercial software like Outlook, Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer. * Designed and developed an Internet security and privacy application for consumers called WebSecureAlertSM. This product was distributed to millions of consumers over the internet. Involved in architecting and implementing all aspects of the product, including auto-update, custom configuration, and user statistics. Researched Internet Explorer security and privacy settings, Windows history and caching system, and developed several prototypes as part of the design process. * Designed and developed the first version of the Claria's IE search toolbar DashBarSM using WTL. Implemented a unique search feature called "Most Relevant Search History". * Designed and implemented an assembly-line like framework to wrap 3rd Party software so that we can customize the way these applications are installed, configured and uninstalled. Release about a dozen "Screen Saver" applications using this framework. * Designed and developed a web application in PHP that will allow users to pay for the GAIN applications and not get GAIN ads. Used MySQL on the Page 3 of 5 back-end to track the users who paid for the product. Developed in windows and published to Linux Servers. * Researched and prototyped several new product idea like "Remote PC", Spam filters, Parental Control, and computer games. Autodesk Programmer/Software Engineer October 2001 - April 2003 (1 year 7 months) San Rafael, CA * Contributed significantly to the development of AutoCAD, as a technical member of the feature, Visual Studio .NET (VC7) port and build automation teams. * Designed and developed a highly Object-Oriented Windows application to fully automate the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT build process. Implemented a SAX-XML Parser and custom windows controls to dynamically configure and update the UI based on the data provided in an XML file. * As part of development work in AutoCAD, added features to scan computers in the intra-net for Autodesk products and added capabilities to filter the scanned results based on user conditions. * Implemented a Perl automation to process Visual Source Safe logs, User Profiles, and feature team submission documents to generate reports for build integration and user submission statistics. Used a DOM-XML parser to process user profiles from an XML file. Scene7 Senior Software Engineer January 1996 - October 2001 (5 years 10 months) * Started out as the junior member of the Image Authoring Team, and grew in to a senior technical member of the Image Authoring/Rendering Team. * Fully Responsible for design, development and integration of a HTTP-based Texture Rendering Server application (Infinite Imaging Render ServerTM). Involved in the full life cycle of this product development. Studied the marketing requirements, designed, prototyped, implemented, tested, integrated and documented. * One of the primary developers of the desktop Image authoring application. Involved extensively in the UI/Feature design and implementation of the image-authoring module. Implemented, Debugged, set up build scripts, deployed installs, and documented features. Developed Image filters, Raytracer, and Reflection schema. Developed, tested and performed performance tuning. Page 4 of 5 * One of the developers of "Total 3D LandscapeTM", "Total 3D HomeTM", and "Picture This Home!TM" series of consumer desktop products. Implemented features in the texture rendering, color matching, and Plant Browsing modules of the products. Implemented multi-thread support in these products. Fraunhofer CRCG Reasarch Associate April 1994 - March 1995 (1 year) Intern. CAD tools, Object oriented database. Education University Of Texas at Arlington M.S., Electrical Engineering · (August 1993 - December 1995) Anna University B.Engg., Electronics and Communication Engineering · (1989 - 1993) SBOA High School High School Diploma, Math, Science and Computer Science · (1987 - 1989) Page 5 of 5