Data Scape Limited v. Box, Inc.

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00025

Exhibit V - 8,386,581 Patent

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EXHIBIT V Case 6:19-cv-00025-ADA Document AMIL T US008386581B2 (12) United States Patent Morohashi (10) Patent No.: (45) Date of Patent: US 8,386,581 B2 *Feb. 26, 2013 (56) References Cited (54) COMMUNICATION SYSTEM AND ITS METHOD AND COMMUNICATION APPARATUS AND ITS METHOD U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS 5,559,945 A 9/1996 Beaudet et al. 5,583,993 A 12/1996 Foster et al. (Continued) (75) Inventor: Akihiro Morohashi, Tokyo (JP) (73) Assignee: Sony Corporation, Tokyo (JP) (*) Notice: Subject to any disclaimer, the term of this patent is extended or adjusted under 35 U.S.C. 154(b) by 141 days. EP FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS 2 464 102 5/2003 04382997 /1991 (Continued) This patent is subject to a terminal dis- claimer. OTHER PUBLICATIONS Extended Search Report issued Nov. 4, 2010 in EP Application No. 10008547.1. (Continued) (21) Appl. No.: 12/700,113 (22) Filed: Feb. 4, 2010 (65) Prior Publication Data US 2010/0135133 A1 Jun. 3, 2010 Related U.S. Application Data (60) Continuation of application No. 10/864,132, filed on Jun. 9, 2004, now Pat. No. 7,720,929, which is a division of application No. 09/665,786, filed on Sep. 20, 2000, now Pat. No. 7,130,251. Primary Examiner — Thu Ha Nguyen (74) Attorney, Agent, or Firm — Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P. Spivak, (30) Foreign Application Priority Data Sep. 21, 1999 (JP) ......................... P11-267135 (51) Int. Ci. G06F 15/176 (2006.01) (52) U.S. CI. ........ 709/213; 709/203; 709/219; 709/231; 715/727; 715/732 (58) Field of Classification Search .................. 709/217, 709/231, 203, 219, 213; 715/727, 732; 455/3.06; 707/104.1 See application file for complete search history. (57) ABSTRACT This invention relates to a communication system including a first apparatus having a first storage medium, and a second apparatus for transmitting data to the first apparatus, the sec- ond apparatus comprising: a second storage medium for stor- ing management information of data to be transferred to the first storage medium; communication means for communi- cating data with the first apparatus; edit means capable of editing the management information; and control means for making a control to transfer data stored in the second storage medium to the first storage medium by way of the communi- cation means on the basis of the management information edited by the edit means. 42 Claims, 11 Drawing Sheets START START EDITING AR.SE TRANSFER LIST $51- SEARCH THE PROGRAM FILE FOR A PROGRAM LIST OF THE PORTABLE RECORDING AND PLAY- BACK APPARATUS WITH AN ID OF 300 S52 IS THERE NO A PROGRAM LIST FOR ID-300 CREATE A NEW PROGRAM TYES LIST FOR D-300 S53 NQ OPEN THE PROGRAM LIST.554 EDIT THE PROGRAM LIST $55 ISSUE A COMMAND TO TRANSFER MUSICAL DATA 330 556 558 DISPLAY A WARNING HAS THE NO PORTABLE RECORDING AND PLAYBACK APPARATUS BEEN MOUNTED $57 YES 559 NG CHECK THE ID IS THE ID 300 ?) OK START A TRANSFER IS60 OF THE MUSICAL DATA (END