Delfino Green & Green v. Workers Compensation Solutions, LLC

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-02302

ORDER by Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Granting {{41}} Motion to Substitute Attorney. Attorney Arthur Angelo Zorio terminated.

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MAO 154 (10 / 03) Substitution of Adopcy LU mm UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Northern District of California LLLLLLLLLLL L 1 1 1 Delfino Green & Green, a law firm Plaintiff (s), CONSENT ORDER GRANTING SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY V. Workers Compensation Solutions, LLC Defendant (s), CASE NUMBER: 3: 15 - cv - 02302 - HSG Notice is hereby given that, subject to approval by the court, Workers Compensation Solutions, LLC substitutcs (Party (8) Name) Lisa Battista, State Bar No. 281448 prow. . . . a counsel of record in (Narpe of New Alboincy) place of Arthur A. Zoria LIST Nando of Attorney (8) Withdrawing Appconnoe) Contact information for now counsel is as follows: Finn Name: Gwire Law Offices Address: 1250 45th Street, Suite 310, Emeryville, CA 94608 Telephone: (415) 296 - 8880 Facsimile (415) 296 - 8029 E - Mail (Optional): battista @ gwirelaw. com MANUM UMLU WWU LUTY LLLLLLLL. . M. I consent to the above substitution. Date: 10. 4. 2015 John Mathani, Sten. Counsel, Workers Comp Solutia rumas Algarture of Party (8) I consent to being substituted. Date: . 12. 2a 15 " _ Arthur Azono (Signature of Fomer Attorncy (5)) I consent to the above substitution, Date: 10 / 1 / 2015 R (signature on Tank Attorney) The substitution of attorney is hereby approved and so ORDERED, Date: 10 / 13 / 2015 Hayward & beeld. Tudge Note: A separate consent order of substitution must be filed by each new attorney wishing to enter an appearance.