Doe v. Harlandale Independent School District

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2018-cv-00889


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FILED SEP 16 2019 United States Court of Appeals FIFTI CIRCUIT OFFICE OF THE CLERK LYLE W. CAYCE CLERK CLERK, U.S. distriST COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS BY TEL.504.310-7700 DEP CLERK 600 S. MAESTRI PLACE, Suite 115 NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130 September 16, 2019 MEMORANDUM TO COUNSEL OR PARTIES LISTED BELOW: No. 19-50654 Jon Doe v. Harlandale Indep School Dist USDC No. 5:18-CV-889- OL The court has considered the motion of Jon Harlandale-GA Doe to view non-public and/or sealed material in the record on appeal. Unless the court granted access to one or more specific documents ONLY, it is ordered, counsel for Jon Harlandale-GA Doe may obtain all ex parte documents filed on behalf of Jon Harlandale-GA Doe, and all other non ex parte documents in the record. The non- public and/or sealed materials from the record are for your review ONLY. The integrity of the sealed documents is your responsibility, and if provided in original paper, return to the district court as soon as it has served your purpose.:. Sincerely, LYLE W. CAYCE, Clerk haw Trance fazer By: Mary Frances Yeager, Deputy Clerk 504-310-7686 Ms. Jeannette Clack, Clerk Mr. Terry P. Gorman I Ms. Katie Elizabeth Payne Mr. Donald Craig Wood