Fancher v. Barrientos et al

District of New Mexico, nmd-2:2011-cv-00118

ORDER by Magistrate Judge Lourdes A. Martinez to Notify the Court Regarding Defendants' Position on Document 124.

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF NEW MEXICO LUCIA FANCHER, individually and as personal representative of the ESTATE OR NICK DOMINGUEZ, Plaintiff, v. No. CIV-11-0118 LH/LAM JOHNNY BARRIENTOS, in his individual capacity, SHERIFF TODD GARRISON, in his individual and official capacity, and the COUNTY OF DOŇA ANA, Defendants. ORDER TO NOTIFY THE COURT REGARDING DEFENDANTS' POSITION ON DOCUMENT 124 THIS MATTER is before the Court on Plaintiff's Second Motion to Extend Rebuttal Disclosure Deadline (Doc. 124), filed March 10, 2014, in which Plaintiff asks for an additional sixty (60) days to disclose a rebuttal expert. Plaintiff states in the motion that "Defendants' position on this motion was sought but not obtained prior to filing." Id. at 2. Plaintiff does not state what steps were taken to determine whether the motion is opposed, nor does she attach documentation, if any, supporting her efforts, and the Court has previously explained to counsel that they should do so if they are unable to obtain the opposing party's position on a motion. In the interests of judicial efficiency, the Court hereby orders Plaintiff to notify the Court by filing a notice no later than Friday, March 14, 2014 stating whether this motion is opposed, or, if Plaintiff is unable to obtain Defendants' position on the motion, Plaintiff must state what steps were taken to determine Defendants' position and attach appropriate documentation, if any. IT IS SO ORDERED. _______________________________________ LOURDES A. MARTÍNEZ UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE 2