Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation As Receiver of Bankunited. FSB v. Pacific Mortgage Consultants, Inc.

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-02236

ORDER Granting Substitution of Counsel. Signed by Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong on 01/04/2016.

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AO 154 (10 / 03) Substitution of Attorney UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Northern District of Callfornia - - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Plaintiff (s), CONSENT ORDER GRANTING SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY V. Pacific Mortgage Consultants, Inc. Defendant (s), CASE NUMBER: 4: 15 - CV - 02236 - SBA Notice is hereby given that, subject to approval by the court, Pacific Mortgage Consultants, Inc .: substitutes (Party (s) Name) Joshua A. Rosenthal - State Bar No. 190284 Las counsel of record in (Name of New Attornoy) place of Jonathan Seige ! (Name of Attorney (s) Withdrawing Appearance) Contact information for new counsel is as follows: Firm Name: Medlin & Hargrave, P. C. Address: 3562 Round Barn Circle Ste. 212 Telephone: (707) 570 - 2200 E - Mail (Optional): irosenthal @ mhlawcorp. com Facsimile (707) 570 - 2201 I consent to the above substitution. Date: 12 - 18 - 15 Michael Oreilly President (Sigorture of Party (s)) Sienature of Partly cay Mewt A I consent to being substituted. Date: Date: 12p8lls. Jonathan Selused | Sclear Law Groep, le (Signatyle of Fornler Attorney (s)) I consent to the above substitution. Date: 12 - 21 - 15 (Signature of Now Attorney) The substitution of attorney is hereby approved and so ORDERED. Date: 01 / 04 / 2016 01 / 08 / 2016 Date: ambie Bloemetany Judge [ Note: A separate consent order of substitution must be filed by each new attorney wishing to enter an appearance. ]