Guzman v. Cascade Process Controls, Inc.

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-00162

Exhibit 1 Guzman Consent

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CONSENT FORM I consent to make a claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. $ 201, et seq., against my current/former employer, Cascade Process Controls, Inc. ("Cascade") and/or its subsidiaries to recover unpaid overtime wages. During the past three years, there were weeks when I worked overtime hours (over 40 per week) for Cascade as an Oilfield Worker, or in a similar position with similar job duties, and I did not receive proper compensation for all of my hours worked, including overtime compensation for those hours. 3. If this case does not proceed collectively, then I also consent to join any subsequent action to assert these claims against Cascade. I understand that I may withdraw my consent to proceed with my claims at any time by notifying the attorneys handling the matter. I designate the Leichter Law Firm, PC, as my attorneys to prosecute my wage claims and agree to be bound by the Court's decision. Date:_2-06.2019 2.06.2019 Que 2 Signature Danice Guzman Print Name Information Below Will Be Redacted in Filings With The Court. Please Print or Type Return this Form by Fax, email or mail to: Leichter Law Firm, PC, Attn: David G. Langenfeld Fax: (512) 482-0164 Email: david Address: 1602 East 7th Street, Austin, TX 78702 Exhibit 1