Hall et Al-V-City of Pleasanton et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-01546

ORDER DISMISSING CASE re {{70}} Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of All Claims as to all Parties without Prejudice. Signed by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on 6/30/16.

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STR1I of 2 Case 4:15-cv-01546-YGR Document 71 Filed 06/30/16DIPage TES CT C TA O S U ED RT DERED 1 Russell A. Robinson (163937) UNIT O OR IT IS S Law Office of Russell A. Robinson 2 345 Grove Street, Level One R NIA San Francisco CA 94102 3 Telephone: 415.861.4416 nzale z R o ge r s NO Facsimile: 415.431.4526 onne Go Judge Yv FO 4 rlaw345@gmail.com RT LI 5 Counsel for Plaintiffs 6/30/2016 ER H A LESLIE ANNE HALL, et al. N C 6 D IS T IC T OF R 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 10 LESLIE ANNE HALL, et al.,) Nos. 15-CV-1546-YGR 11) Plaintiffs,) NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL OF 12) ALL CLAIMS AS TO ALL PARTIES v.) WITHOUT PREJUDICE 13) [Fed. Rules of Civ. Proc., Rule 41(a)] CITY OF PLEASANTON, et al.,) 14) Trial: [Not yet set] Defendants.) 15) [Jury Trial Demanded] 16 TO THE HONORABLE COURT AND TO ALL PARTIES AND COUNSEL: 17 PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that while they believed, and believe, that the action was filed 18 and maintained in good faith and with cause by Plaintiffs, said Plaintiffs hereby voluntarily 19 dismiss all claims as to all parties in this action without prejudice, and pursuant to Federal Rules 20 of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Rule 41(a), and hereby give notice of voluntary dismissal of 21 Plaintiffs as follows: 22 Voluntary Dismissal. 23 (1) By the Plaintiff. 24 (A) Without a Court Order. Subject to Rules 23(e), 23.1(c), 23.2, and 66 and any applicable federal statute, the plaintiff may dismiss an action 25 without a court order by filing: 26 (I) a notice of dismissal before the opposing party serves either an answer or a motion for summary judgment; or 27 (ii) a stipulation of dismissal signed by all parties who have appeared. 28 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hall, et al., v. Pleasanton, et al.; Related Case P030NODLH NOT. OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL 1 (B) Effect. Unless the notice or stipulation states otherwise, the dismissal is without prejudice. But if the plaintiff previously dismissed any federal – or 2 state – court action based on or including the same claim, a notice of dismissal operates as an adjudication on the merits. 3 4 5 Date: June 28, 2016 Russell A. Robinson /s/ By: Russell A. Robinson 6 Law Office of Russell A. Robinson Counsel for Plaintiffs 7 LESLIE ANNE HALL, et al. AARON MATTHEW HALL 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hall, et al., v. Pleasanton, et al.; Related Case P030NODLH NOT. OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL -2-