Hernandez v. Global Prisoner Services, LLC D/b/a Texas Prisoner Transportation Services

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-00374

DEFICIENCY NOTICE: to attorney Curt<Hesse/font> The Motion and Declaration has the "Austin" Division and should read "San Antonio Division". Please re-file this motion and declaration. re [13] MOTION for Entry of Default against Global Prisoner Services, LLC d/b/a Texas Prisoner Transportation Services

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United States District Court Western District of Texas San Antonio Deficiency Notice To: Hesse, Curt From: Court Operations Department, Western District of Texas Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Re: 05:19-CV-00374-FB / Doc # 13 / Filed On: 08/21/2019 09:59 AM CST Pursuant to the Administrative Policies and Procedures for Electronic Filing in Civil and Criminal Cases, the following pleading has been filed. However, it is deficient in the area(s) checked below. Please correct the deficiency(ies), as noted below, and re-file document IMMEDIATELY. When re-filing document, other than a motion, please ensure you add 'corrected' to the docket text. If the document you are re-filing is a motion, select 'corrected' from the drop-down list. If an erroneous filing results in failure to meet a deadline, you will need to seek relief, for any default, from the presiding judge. (1) Incorrect case number or case style listed on document filed. Remarks: The Motion has the "Austin" Division and should read "San Antonio Division". Please refile this motion.