Houston Casualty Company v. B&H Freight, Inc. et al

Northern District of Illinois, ilnd-1:2016-cv-05201

MOTION by Plaintiff Houston Casualty Company for judgment on the pleadings

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Case: 1:16-cv-05201 Document #: 36 Filed: 02/16/17 Page 1 of 2 PageID #:165 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS HOUSTON CASUALTY COMPANY) Plaintiff,)) CASE NO.: 1:16-cv-05201 v.)) JUDGE AMY J. ST. EVE B&H FREIGHT, INC., B&H SYSTEMS,) INC., MIDWEST STAR GROUP, INC., AND) SOMPO JAPAN INSURANCE COMPANY) OF AMERICA, AS SUBROGEE OF CANON) U.S.A., INC.) Defendants.) MOTION FOR JUDGMENT ON THE PLEADINGS OF PLAINTIFF HOUSTON CASUALTY COMPANY Plaintiff Houston Casualty Company ("HCC") respectfully moves the Court, pursuant to Rule 12(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, for judgment on the pleadings. HCC respectfully submits its Brief and Statement of Material Facts in support of its Motion. Respectfully submitted,/s/Crystal L. Maluchnik______________ STEVEN G. JANIK (0021934) CRYSTAL L. MALUCHNIK (0077875) JANIK L.L.P. 9200 South Hills Blvd., Suite 300 Cleveland, Ohio 44147 Tel: 440-838-7600 * Fax: 440-838-7601 Email: Steven.Janik@janiklaw.com Crystal.Maluchnik@janiklaw.com Mail: Janik L.L.P. P.O. Box 470550 Cleveland, Ohio 44147 Attorneys for Plaintiff Houston Casualty Company 723270 1 Case: 1:16-cv-05201 Document #: 36 Filed: 02/16/17 Page 2 of 2 PageID #:166 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE The undersigned hereby certifies that a copy of the foregoing was filed electronically this 16th day of February, 2017. Notice of this filing will be sent to the Parties by operation of the Court’s electronic filing system. Parties may access this filing through the Court’s system./s/Crystal L. Maluchnik One of the Attorneys for Plaintiff Houston Casualty Company 723270 2