Ibew-Neca Local 180 Health and Welfare Trust et al v. Steiny and Company, Inc.

ORDER by Judge Hamilton granting {{15}} Motion for Default Judgment; adopting {{18}} Report and Recommendations. (pjhlc2, COURT STAFF)

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-02900

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1 2 3 4 UNITED STATES D DISTRICT C COURT 5 NORTHER N RN DISTRIC CT OF CAL LIFORNIA 6 IB BEW-NECA A LOCAL 1880 HEALTH H AND 7 WELFARE W TRUST, T et al., a Case No. 15-cv-2900 0-PJH 8 Plaintiffs, ORDER A ADOPTING MAGISTR RATE JUDGE'S REPORT A AND 9 v. RECOMMMENDATION 10 STEINY AND D COMPAN NY, INC., 11 Defendant. 12 Northern District of California United States District Court 13 The co ourt has rev viewed Mag gistrate Jud ge Kim's re eport and re ecommendation re: 14 pla aintiff's application for default judg gment. Deffendant file ed no objections to the e report 15 witthin the time e allowed under u 28 U..S.C. § 636 6(b)(1). The e court finds the reporrt correct, 16 we ell-reasoned d and thoro ough, and adopts it in e every respe ect. 17 Accord dingly, plain ntiff's motion n for defaullt judgmentt is GRANT TED. Judgm ment will be e 18 entered in fav vor of plainttiffs in the amount a of $ $39,987.87 pursuant to o 29 U.S.C.. § 1145, 19 $66,231.92 in n liquidated damages and a interesst pursuant to 29 U.S.C C. § 185, an nd 20 $6,808.50 in attorneys' a fees f and co osts; for a to otal of $113 3,028.29. 21 IT IS SO S ORDER RED. 22 Da ated: Janua ary 11, 2016 23 __ __________ __________ __________ ______ PH HYLLIS J. HHAMILTON 24 Un nited Statess District Ju udge 25 26 27 28