In re: National Collegiate Athletic Association Athletic Grant-In-Aid Cap Antitrust Litigation

Northern District of California, cand-4:2014-md-02541

Letter from Je'ton Beavers re the appeal bond of the NCAA grant in aid settlement case.

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FILED Je'ton Beavers... 1132 Carver Ave M 1 2 ZQ18 SUSAN "f. i'^OCNG Virginia Beach, VA 23451 CLWK, U-S- QiSTRiC'!' COUBT NORTHERN DlSTgr^OF CALIFORNIA dddl- du) Your Honor, Iam writing you with curiosity and concern awaiting your decision to move forward or against why we may need the money from this settlement case but mine in letter and would like to thank you when you make your final decision. Sincerely, Je'ton Beavers.