In re: Pfizer Securities Litigation

ORDER AUTHORIZING DISTRIBUTION OF THE NET SETTLEMENT FUND AND PAYMENT OF SETTLEMENT ADMINISTRATOR'S COSTS granting 745 Motion for Release of Funds. The procedures used and actions taken by GCG and Lead Counsel for the administration of the Settlement are hereby adjudged to have been proper and complete, and the Court hereby approves the administrative determinations of GCG in accepting and rejecting claims filed in this matter. The Court hereby approves the claims set forth in Exhibits C-1 and C-2 to the Smith Declaration. These claims include fully and partially valid claims, as well as late-filed, but otherwise valid, claims, of Class Members ("Authorized Claimants"). The Court hereby approves the payment in the amount of $2,596,794.99 to GCG for the unpaid costs of administration through the Initial Distribution, as set forth in paragraph 60 of the Smith Declaration. This payment is to be made from the Settlement Fund. This Order resolves docket entry no. 745. (As further set forth in this order) (Signed by Judge Laura Taylor Swain on 12/21/2018) Copies Mailed By Chambers.

Southern District of New York, nysd-1:2004-cv-09866

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