InProcessOut, LLC v. World Tech Toys, Inc.

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2018-cv-00869

Certified Mail Receipt RETURN of [36] Order on Motion to Withdraw as Attorney

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UNITEDSWEI liii! 17 19 1 1111 SC1EENEDY SO JUH2U219 4 *;ip w Complete items 1, 2, and 3. Also complete A. Signature Agent item 4 if Restricted Delivery is desired. Print your name and address on the reverse X 0 Addressee, so that we can return the card to you. B. ReceyPrinted Name) C. te of,Uvery Attach this card to the back of the mailpiece, or on the front if space permits. 1. Article Addressed to: j D. Is delivery address different from Item 1? YES, enter delivery address below: 0 Yes 0 No World Tech Toys, Inc. 1 Atteqton: Vicken Koyoumijar i8904 Avenue - Paine 3. ServIce Type Valencia, CJ91355 %ertffledMàU 0 Express Mail 5:1 8cv869 #36 ti RegIstered 0 Retum ReceIpt for Merchandise 0 Insured Ma 0 C.O.D. 4. RestrIcted Delivery? (Extra Fee) 0 Yes 2.ArticleNumber 7012 2920 0001 7999 9108 PS Form 3811, February 2004 DomestIc Return Receipt 1o2595-02-M-1 540