Kirkpatrick v. Alderwoods Group, Inc. et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2011-cv-00238

ORDER RE: CHART (WITHOUT NOTE) [Transferred from California Northern on 9/7/2011.]

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA CLAUDE BRYANT, et al., Plaintiffs, No. C 08-1190 SI Related Case: No. C 08-1184 SI 8 v. . ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORGANIZATIONAL CHART SHOULD NOT BE FILED WITHOUT SEAL SERVICE CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL, et al., Defendants. United States District Court For the Northern District of California After the May 29, 2009 hearing on defendants' motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction, defense counsel provided five charts to assist the Court in understanding the corporate structure of defendant Service Corporation International. Counsel explained in a letter dated June 4 that four of the charts (bates numbered SCI (BRY)00411-14) have been produced to plaintiffs in discovery and that counsel prepared the fifth chart (which does not have a bates number) for the Court after the May 29 hearing. Defense counsel request that if the fifth chart is made part of the record in this case, it be filed under seal. The Court finds that the fifth chart should be included in the record. It is not evident to the Court, however, why it should be filed under seal. Defense counsel shall file a declaration within five days of the filing of this order explaining why this document should not be filed in the public record. If defense counsel opts not to file a declaration, the Court shall direct the clerk to file and docket the fifth chart on the public docket. . IT IS SO ORDERED. 25 Dated: July 27, 2009 Susan Allston SUSAN ILLSTON United States District Judge LAMMASLAAN Service Corporation International CONFIDENTIAL RE .. SCI Special, Inc.. SCI Funeral Services, LLC Alderwoods Group, LLC SCI Executive Services, Inc SCI Administrative services, LLC, the General Partner of Remembrance Memorial Traditions, LLC, the il Limited Partner of SCI california Funeral Services, (see NOTES below) Alderwoods Group" (California), Ins (See NOTES below) JE Rose Hills Holdings Corp. 5% SCI Management: LP, ECI Capltal. Corporations 95% Rose Hills Company California Cemetery & Funeral Services, LLC 12. SCI Westem Market Supporti Center, Inc. SE NOTES below) 25% SCI Funeral & Cemetery Purchasing Cooperative, Inc (see NOTES below) NOTES: SCI Funeral & Cemetery Purchasing Cooperative, Inc. provides administrative and consulting services to SCI Western Market Support Center, Inc. through a Management Services Agreement SCI Western Market Support Center, Inc. provides administrative and consulting services to SCI California Funeral Services, Inc. and Alderwoods Group (California), Inc. through a Management Services Agreement.