Lopez v. Tolteca Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a The Phoenix Recovery Group

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-01131

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SUMMARY OF KEY INFORMATION The Lease will control if there's a conflict with this summary. Address: 1540 West Bitters Unit # Beginning date of Lease (Par. 3) 12/01/2018 Ending date of Lease (Par. 3) 12/31/2019 Number of days notice for termination (Par. 3) 60 Consent for guests staying more than 7 days (Par. 2) Total security deposit (Par. 4) 200.00 Animal deposit (if any) $ 250.00 Security deposit (Par. 4) does OR does not include an animal deposit. Security deposit refund check will be by (Par. 4) (check one) one check jointly payable to all residents (default), OR O óne check payable to and mailed to # of keys/access devices (Par. 5) for 3 unit, 2 mailbox, 1 other N/A Your move-out notice will terminate Lease on (Par. 5): (check one) last day of month OR exact day designated in notice Check here if the dwelling is to be furnished (Par. 5) Check here if there is a concession addendum Rent to be paid (Par. 6): (check all that apply)) at the onsite manager's office, through our online payment site, OR at N/A Check here if included in monthly rent: garage, storage, carport, washer/dryer, or other Total monthly rent (Par. 6) 1126.00 Prorated rent (Par. 6) for (check one) Late charges if rent is not paid on or before (Par.6) 3rd first month OR second month 1126.00 Initial late charge (Par. 6) 50.00 Daily late charge (Par. 6) 5.00 Returned-check charge (Par. 6) 50.00 Animal violation charges (Par. 27) Monthly animal rent (if any) 15.00 Initial $ 100.00 Daily $ _ 10.00 Monthly pest control (if any) 3.00 Monthly trash /waste (if any) 10.00 Utilities paid by owner (Par. 7): (check all that apply) electricity, gas, water, wastewater, trash/recycling, cable/satellite, O master antenna, Internet, stormwater/drainage, other Utility connection charge (Par. 12) $___ 50.00 You are: (check one) required to buy insurance OR Agreed reletting charge (Par. 10) $ 957.10 not required to buy insurance (Par. 8) Special provisions (Par. 9): No checks accepted after the 3rd of the month. RPM Approval date: 9/18/2018. Pest Control is $3 per month. Trash is $10 per month. $ Signatures and Attachments 42. Attachments. We will provide you with a copy of the Lease as 43. Class Action Waiver. You agree that you will not participate in any required by statute. This may be in paper format, in an elec class action claims against us or our representatives. You must file tronic format if you request it, or by e-mail if we have commu- any claim against us individually, and you expressly waive your abil- nicated by e-mail about this Lease. Our rules and community ity to bring, represent, join or otherwise maintain a class action, policies, if any, will be attached to the Lease and given to you collective action or similar proceeding against us in any forum. at signing. When an Inventory and Condition form is complet- ed, both you and we should retain a copy. The items checked below are attached to and become a part of this Lease and are YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WITHOUT THIS WAIVER, YOU COULD binding even if not initialed or signed. BE A PARTY IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, BY SIGNING THIS Access Gate Addendum LEASE, YOU ACCEPT THIS WAIVER AND CHOOSE TO HAVE ANY Additional Special Provisions CLAIMS DECIDED INDIVIDUALLY. THE PROVISIONS OF THIS PAR Allocation Addendum for: electricity water gas 43 SHALL SURVIVE THE TERMINATION OR EXPIRATION OF THIS O central system costs trash/recycling cable/satellite LEASE. stormwater/drainage services/government fees DAnimal Addendum Resident initials: Apartment Rules or Community Policies You are legally bound by this document. Please read it carefully. DAsbestos Addendum (if asbestos is present) Bed Bug Addendum A facsimile or electronic signature on this Lease is as binding as an origi- Early Termination Addendum nal signature. Enclosed Garage, Carport, or Storage Unit Addendum Before submitting a rental application or signing a Lease, you may Dintrusion Alarm Addendum Inventory & Condition Form take a copy of these documents to review and/or consult an attorney. Olead Hazard Information and Disclosure Addendum Additional provisions or changes may be made in the Lease if agreed to in Lease Contract Addendum for Units Participating in writing by all parties. Government Regulated Affordable Housing Programs OLease Contract Guaranty (guaranties, if more than one) You are entitled to receive a copy of this Lease after it is fully signed. Keep OLegal Description of Apartment (optional, if rental term it in a safe place. This lease is the entire agreement between you and us. longer than one year) You are NOT relying on any oral representations. Military SCRA Addendum Mold Information and Prevention Addendum Resident or Residents (ell sign below) O Move-Out Cleaning Instructions 121 Notice of Intent to Move Out Form Parking Permit or Sticker (quantity: (Name of Resident) pate signed Rent Concession Addendum Renter's or Liability Insurance Addendum Repair or Service Request Form (Name of Resident) Date signed Satellite Dish or Antenna Addendum Security Guidelines Addendum Date signed PUC Tenant Guide to Water Allocation (Name of Resident) Utility Submetering Addendum: electricity water O gas (Name of Resident) Date signed Other Photo Consent Other Fitness Consent Other Onsite Handgun Polciy (Name of Resident) Date signed Other Name, address and telephone number of locator service (if applicable (Name of Resident Date signed - must be completed to verify TAA membership under Par. 35): Owner or Owner's Representative (signing on behalf of owner) After-hours phone number (210) 479-7010 (Always call 911 for police, fire, or medical emergencies.) Date form is filled out (same as on top of page 1) 12/01/2018 Your hitials_ Lhaks of Ou Representative Address and phone number of owner's representative for notice purposes 1540 West Bitters Road San Antonio, TX 78248 (210) 479-7010 Exhibit A Apartment Lease Contract TM Olio Statewide Form 17-18-18-2/B-3 Revised October 2017 Page 8 of 8