Lupercal LLC v. CitiBank, N.A.

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00201

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EXHIBIT PC03 UNITED S. ES DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE Paten t and Tradem ark Office Address: QJMMISSIONER OF PATENTS ANO TRADEMARKS Washingt0n, D.C. 20231 APPLICATION NUMBER RUNG DATE· FIRST NAMED APPLICANT ATTORNEY DOCKET NO. EXAMINER ART UNIT PAPER NUMBER rz.. DATE MAlLED: INTERVIEW SUMMARY A,11 participants (applicant; applicarifs .representative, PTO i>ersonnel): c1> Ra.7wioY\J Bo."e"'l, Ex""""'· Jser o > <3> .5,o .\t Le w,s, Afr'•c.a.11±:Jo~ 0'1111.Jle~ 1 kr Ayr!.""'"&. / I. (2) <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-'---~--~ Date of Interview ·. 2 7 · e \, . '2.oo3 Type: 0 Telephonic. 18"Person81 (copy Is given to 0 applicant ~applicant's representatlve). · Exhibit shown or ~monstration conducted: Jg(Yes 0 No If yes, brief description: De. '1 c; 1rMto"" · o"' V'.lD te book Agreement Owasreact1e<t. .l&'(wasnotreached.. c.~se ~1.cs+ loe e<>~c::.1cJ~ t'eiJ1e t.J.cPd e...J;..c.~ 'f_8.. . . .,. >__4_~-;/._S_l_,,,....S:_o__ __ _.._\/"_. _r_0 _....,_s_e._._.___._ _ _. _._ _. _ · ctaim(s).disc11ssed: _ _ 1 e..s-_. _ ~~ot•~~: __N_·~~~r-,~v~e-~~e-~~~-1_._u_s~6~~o_3_~~~-3_A__~-~--- 1 - · · Unless the paragraph above has been checked to Indicate .to the contrary: ·A FORMAL WRllTE N RESPONSE TO THE LAST OF.FICE ACTION ·IS NOT WAIVED AND MUST INCLUDE THE SUBSTANCE OF THE .: INTERVIEW. (See· MPEP Section 713.04). If. a-response to the last Office' action haS are l'l:lady been filed, 'APPLICANT IS GIVEN ONE MONTH SUBSTANCE OF THE INTERVIEW. FROM THIS INTERVIEW DATE TO FILE A STATEMENT OF THE. . · " . . . 2. 0 Since .the Examiner's interview summary above Qncfuding any attachments) reflects a complete response to each ~f rejections and requirements that may be present in the last Office action, the objections, · and since the claims are now allowable, this completed form ·Is considered to fulfill the response requirements of the.last Office action; the Interview unless box 1 above Is also checked. Applicant is not relieved from providing a separate record of Examiner Note: You must sign this form unless it Is an attachment to another fonn. " . FORM PTOL--413 (REV.1·96) * U.S. GPO: 1996·410·232/40051