Lupercal LLC v. CitiBank, N.A.

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00201

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Case 6:19-cv-00201-ADA Document active 35-16 Filed 11/15/19 Page 4 of 4 8 current goals and divert resources to new activity network (activity graph) A goals. graphical method for showing dependen- cies between tasks (activities) in a project. active Another tenn for running. The network consists of *nodes connected active desktop A *Microsoft term de- by arcs., Nodes denote events and repre- scribing the integration of the *desktop sent the culmination of one or more activ- with the *Internet. Introduced with ities. A.res represent activities and are *Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, it allows labeled with the name of the activity and *HTML content to be displayed on the have an estimated time to complete the desktop. For example, a shortcut to a Web. activity. Dummy unlabeled arcs with zero site can be stored on the desktop. completion time are used to fan out from one event to other dependent events. Be- active filter A combination of opera- fore progress can be made from one event tional amplifiers and reactive elements to another, all activities leading to that that performs a variety of *filtering func- event must have been completed. The tions. longest path through the activity network active-matrix LCD See LCD. gives the completion time for the project represented by the network. See also CRITI- active star A network topology in which CAL PATH METHOD, PERT CHART. the outer *nodes connect to a single cen- tral node that processes all messages in Actor An *object-oriented language used the network, including messages that it to develop applications for Microsoft.Win- forwards from one outer node to another. dows. Confusingly it is not an *actor lan- A failure of the central node causes the en- guage. tire network to fail. See also PASSIVE STAR, actor language An *object-oriented lan- STAR NETWORK, NETWORK ARCHITECTURE. guage in which objects exist as concurrent active transition of a clock signaL See processes (see CONCURRENCY). CLOCK. actors An early message-passing model of active vision A subfield of* computer vi- concurrent computation in artificial intel- sion where controlled movement of the ligence. The model has many-features that viewpoint of the imaging camera is an in- relate to *object-oriented programming tegral part of the image-processing task. and conceph1al similarities with the lan- Previously in computer vision research, in guage *Smalltalk. See also ACTOR LANGUAGE. order to reduce the enormous complexity actual parameter Information passed to of visual data, fixed camera geometry and a *subprogram at the *call. See also PARAM- static images have been beneficial in con- ETER, ARGUMENT. straining and simplifying the image- processing tasks. Active vision takes a dif- actuator of a disk drive. The mechanism ferent approach and, by analogy with ani- that causes the head carriage and heads to mal vision, does not avoid movement but be moved to the desired track. The voice gains information from the dynamics of coil actuator gains its name because its op- changing viewpoints to resolve ambigui- erating principle is similar to that of a ties, gain depth information, and establish moving-coil loudspeaker. This type of actu- relationships between visual sensing and ator invariably forms part of a closed loop action. servosystem. The reference information may be provided by a disk with a dedi- active widget A *widget that both dis- cated servosurface: the servohead posi- plays its current value and achieves the tions itself symmetrically between two relevant action. servotracks by sensing positioning infor- Active X Trademark A. technology devel- mation from both tracks (di-bits) and mov- oped by *Microsoft for embedding exe- ing in such a way that the amplitudes of cutable code into *Web pages. Active X the two signals are equal. A second controls (the executable code) can produce method records the servo information in a *animation and other *multimedia effects fixed number of equiangular "spokes"; and can be used to embed programs, this technique is known as embedded servo. which can be run by the user. Dedicated servo drives ~uffer head stack