Lupercal LLC v. CitiBank, N.A.

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00201

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EXHIBIT PC20 Merriam- ® ') ~,:,, Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary TENTH EDITION Merriam-Webster, Incorporated Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A. A GENUINE MERRIAM-WEBST ER The name Webster alone is no guarantee of excellence. It is useci by a number of publishers and may serve mainly to mislead an unwary buyer. Merriam-Webster™ is the name you should look for when you consider the purchase of dictionaries or other fine reference books. It carries the reputation of a company that has been publishing since 1831 and is your assurance of quality and authority. Copyright© 2000 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated Philippines Copyright 2000 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Main entry under title: Merriam-Webster's collegiate dictionary. - 10th ed. p. cm. Includes index. 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Made in the United States of America 2728293031 RT: WCOO Case 6:19-cv-00201-ADA Document 35-20 Filed 11/15/19 Page 4 •ofconvoluted conventionality 4 253 1 - Ven(t)-sh~-nahiz\ Vl - 1 tio0•8l•ize \- vench-na-1liZ, COll•VCD•tiOD•aJ•)y from one form to another (as from direct current to alternating current is, -tyii-', -cho-'\ adj (ca. 1600): stub or vice versa); also: a radio device for converting one frequency to an- 11;. - con•tu•ma·cious·IY adv li-; 'kiin-tli-, -lyO-, -c h ~-\ /1 [.M.E comu- ~ ~ven•tlOR•Bl•l•t)' \-,ven(l)-!!h•-'na-l:HC.\ 11, pl · 11<.\S (en. 1834) l: n other c: a device for adapting a television or radio receiver to receive cg(U)VCntlun1d usngc. pntelice, or U1ing 2: the qunllty or slate of bolng channels or frequencies for which it was not orig. designed (a cable ntumac-, colllumax robc lllous) Cl3c) 11 ycn1i9md: esp: ndhercnce co f;QnvenHons ...._,)(FM.-,,,> d: a device that accepts data in one form and converts y; specif: wmrul contempt of court os, -tyii-', -cho-'\ adj (15c): insolently·tlon.•eer \kon-,von(t)-•h<>-'nlr\ 11 (192G): n t'CU<>ll ntrendlng o it to another (analog-digital...._,> e: CATALYTIC CONVERTER 00 ven tlon 'con•vert.ible \kon-'vor-to-bol\ adj (14c) 1: capable of being convert- 1c '!l"'m•l:u'lll \k~n-'vcn-cho-w-.1, kiin-. -'vcnch-w-.l\ llt1/ [ME, fr. MF or:u-me•li•oUs•ly adv ed 2: having a top that may be lowered or removed(,._, coupe) 3 -'tytl-; 'klin-tll-, m~-le, -1y(i-,.-ch'!-,;,,, ·ch:)ln-\.11, pl -lies CME co1111moa11e, Ir ML: MF. r.r M.L co11ve11111t1/ls, fr. COllY6/l/llS co nvent) (lSc) r: or, retn1- 111g co, or bcOu ing il convenl or monastic life: MONASTI 2cap: of or: capable of being exchanged for a specified equivalent (as another cur- rency or security) (a bond - to 12 shares of common stock) - con- sh lnngungc or trcatmcnl arising frQm lnting to tho onvcnlunis - con·vcn·lu·al·ly ad•• vert.ibil-i·ty \-,vor-ta-'bi-1•-tt\ n - con•vert•ible•ness \-'vor-to-bol- an inslo\nc~ of such la:nguagc or trca 1. nos\ n - con•vert·ibly \-hie\ adv •::invcntual /I (JS33) I COJI: • mtmbcr or t.he Ordor of Frlnr.< Mlm;or caovontual formlng ·n branch of the firs t ord~r of SL FrnncI• of Afsisl 2 convertible n (1615): something convertible; esp: a convertible auto- 11 fl\l!E co11tcsc/iow11, fr. MF co11/1<*fo~ Ulld~r n: mltlg,atcd f!Jle. l: a member o(O convc ntunl,c ommunll)' mobile " Co pound. bruise, fr. com -; ofl•VCJ"SO \J<:on-'v:>rj\ vb cOn•V<>rged; COD•Vorg•Jng [Ll. COllVUrflCte, fr, con.vertl•plane also con•verta·plane \kon-'vor-to-,plan\ n (1949): an ~ urtm to slrlkc, .Skt tmlatl he push~I aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter and is convertible to a 'Leom--. ""'gere to .bend. i.nclinc - more at WRllNCU] vi (l69l) I: to •ut lac•mli.on ' DRUJSll In - C(lD•t'tls!! tend or nlovc loward one polnl or one another: come lO&eLhcr: ME.£1" fixed-wing configuration for forward flight '! . to come togcthct: nnd unile! i.n a com.rnon inlorest or focus. 3: lD·AP· con-vex \kan-•veks; 1 kan- 1, kan- 1\ adj [MF or Li MF convexe, fr. L con- origin unknown) (1645) l: n riddle proL1ch n llmh as the number of terms in creases without limil - 1•1; to vexus vaulted, concave, convex, fr. com- + -vexust perh. akin to L ve- n 2 a: a quc.<1ton or problem having c.·nuso to con vctge loere to carry - more at WAY) (1571) 1 a: curved or rounded like the 1 intrlca!e and difficu lt problem •n\ n [com- + L urb-, urbs city) (1915) 0011 .vnr•i;cneo \kon- ' vor-Jon(t)s\11 (171 3) 1: rhe llCl of converging llnd exterior of a sphere or circle b: being a continuous function or part e>P.· moving toward union or uniform fly: asp: coocdln, le~ movement of a continuous function with the property that a line joining any two etwork of urban communities or'thc lwo eyes-so thnt th" image of n •Ingle point is formed on corrc- points on its graph lies on or above the graph 2 a of a set of points - 1 lir..e.'O·sas\ n, pl co·n.i ar 0 te•ri•o•si, ondfnll rctlnal area.• 2: the stntc or properly of being convorgenl 3: containing all points in a line joining any two constituent points b of rial cone) (ca. 1860) 1: a conical Pro- ~~ndepe.ndcntdevcloponent or similar ohllract.ers (us of bodily •trua lure a geometric figure: comprising a convex set when combined with its in- - from which·lhe pulmonary or culturnl traits) orten •assocloted with •imii•rlt)' o(hnbits or environ- terior <a ~ polygon) lllS 2: n.prolongarlon of the vcntticle coo•vex-i-ty \kon-'vek-sot-e, kiin-\ n, pl -ties (1599) 1: the quality or at hos n~plral valve sopamllng vcnnu, ment coD·9llr•gen•cy \-jon(t)-se\ n rt109): CON\llll\OJlNCE state of being convex 2: a convex surface or part rterf from blood going tO \he OOrta ci,m •vcr•ge ot \-J<>nt\ atl} (ca. 1751) 1: tending to move toward one con•vexo-con•cave \kan- 1vek-(1)s6-k3.n- 1kav, kiin-.vek-, - 1k3.n-.kav\ adj Int or lo approac.h ench Olher: CONVEROINO <~ Lines) 2: exhibit- (1693) 1: CONCAVO-CONVEX 2: having the convex side of greater:ed; -lesc·ing [L convalescere, fr. com- Fn.s convergence in form, func1lOl'h or dcvclo:pnu:nt (...._, evolution) 3 curvature than the concave 1lere 'O be s trong, be well - more"' a of au i111propcr i11t.egr<1{: having a value thnl is a real number b con•vey \kan-•va\ vt con•veyed; con•vey•ing [ME, fr. MF conveier to and strengt h gmdually <irter sioka"'s. ~bnrn~terlzed by ha.vine the nth term or the sum of the first n terms accompany, escort, fr. (assumed) VL conviare, fr. L com-+ via way - oe \-'le-s' n(t)s\ " - con·va·les•tcnt ~ppronc h a [mite lfmlt ~a ~ sequence) (a~ series) more at WAY] (14c) 1 obs: LEAD, CONDUCT 2 a: to bear from one c0nverglng lens 11 \860): a lens that causes parallel rays (as of light) to place to another; esp: to move in a continuous stream or mass b: to rmation fr. convection) vi (1881): to comr: 10. focus impart or communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture, or appear-: to circulate (as air) by convection - con•VCl'S•llble \k<>n-' vw-s:>-bal\ adj (ca·. 16'.lll l ordu1lc: celnl ng to or ance c (I) archaic: STEAL (2) obs: to carry away secretly d: to, .,ltablc for soclnl lntcraotio11 2: plen.snnt and e~sy 10 cOn\'cr c with transfer or deliver to another esp_ by a sealed writing e: to cause to:...L Convection-, convectio, fr. L conve- cOD""'r•sanCc \k<>n- 'v~r-s•n ()s also ' k~ n -v..r-san(t)•\ 11 (1609): the pass from one place or person to another - vehere to carry - more at WAY] (ca. qunllty or $late o(be!ng co•J\'~rsanl con•vey•ance \kon-'va-on(t)s\ n (15c) 1: the action of conveying 2: a f conveying 2 a: the circulatory mo- CIJll•VCr·SOil•t:y \-s• n(t)-sil, -son(l)•\ // (1798): CONVBRSANCE means or way of conveying: as a: an instrument by which title to Lonuniform temperature owing to the con·ver·sonl \ k:m-'vor-s'nt also 'k. n-vor-s-.nt\ ml} (14c) l nrdrnic property is conveyed b: a means of transport: VEHICLE action of gravity b: the transfer of: h"ving frcquonl or fom iilnr nsoocinllon 2 orcJwtc: C.ONC!;RNBD, oc- con•vey-anc•er \-an(t)-sar\ n (1650): one whose business is conveyanc- ~ONDUCTION, RADIATION - COR•Vec- CUPlllD 3: bnvlng knowledge or e.xpcrlonce - used wllh wlrlo ing con-vcr•SO ·llon \,k~n-var-'sli-Shon\ 11 JME co11varsado1111, fr. MF' 11'(11t ~~r­ coo•vey•anC•ing \-on(t)-siij\ n (1714): the act or business of drawing en having a fan that circulates hot air ttrlio1J, fr. L c.onvo.r.satwu-. com•l!J•srr110, fr. <-'OUVl9'Sllri to n·ssoolate wuh., deeds, leases, or other writings for transferring the title to property ind food freq. of com·ertcrt1 to tum 11rcmnd) (14c) I obs: CONDllCr, DRl!AV!Oll con•Vey•or also con•vey-er \kan-•va-ar\ n (ca. 1514): one that conveys: a heating unit in which air heated by 2 n (I): oml cxchnnsc of s1:nllmc11t<. ol:isc.rvatloliS, opinll'n; or Ideas as a: a person who transfers property b usu conveyor: a mechanical a radiator or a tube with fins) in a cas- (2).: nn lnst~nce of such c.x clmnge: TALK b: on lnrormat dlscU<Slon of apparatus for moving articles or bulk material from place to place (as d; con•ven-ing [ME, fr. MF convenir ''" l~•u• by representatives or governments, lnstllutlons. or group> c by an endless moving belt or a chain of receptacles): n eJCchange similar io conver"1ltion - con·ver.111"lion"ll \-shnQI. con•VCY•Or•ise Brit ••ar o/CONVBYOn.17..2 ] vi (15c): to come together in a body -sho-n'I\ fld/ - con·veMia-tlon·nl-ly ad• ibunal 2: to cause to assemble syn con•VCY•Or•ize \-o-, r!z\ w -!zed; -iz·ing (1 941): to equip with a convey- •OD•VCr•"1l•tiOD·nl·i1<t \ ·shn-.-llsl -shg-n•t-l~t\ 11 (JSJ9): one who co u- or - cOD•vey0 or·i .. za·tlon \ .. 1vi ~m- 1 zfi.-shan\ n >D•Ve•nor \- ve-n~r\ n 1 vcrsos" great deal or who excols in co 1wtrs.,1lon 1, n (14c) 1: fitness or suitability for con·vicl \kon-'vikt\ adj (14c) archaic: having been convicted rnnvcr"11tlon piece " (1712)' 1: 11 painting or n group or peuo ns in 2 con•vict \kan- 1vikt\ vt [ME, fr. L convictus, pp. of convincere to refute, g a requirement 2 a: something (as tltck customary surroundings i: somethi ng (0$ n novo,I or unusual::onducive to comfort or ease b chief- convict] (14c) 1: to find or prove to be guilty 2: to convince of error object) lhlll llrnulates conve ~~ llo n. or sinfulness ~ or convenient time (at your ...._,) 4 con•vero·sn·zf•O•D \ 1kan-var-,$ftt..SC... 16-ne,,kOn-\ n, pl -o•nes or -o·m 3 con•vict \'k3n- 1vikt\ n (15c) 1: a person convicted of and under sen- E \- 6-(1)ne\ [It, lit., conversation, fr. L conversation-, conversatio] (1739) 1 ed for quick and easy preparation or tence for a crime 2: a person serving a usu. Jong prison sentence: a meeting for conversation esp. about art, literature, or science con•vic•tion \kan-•vjk-shan\ n (15c) 1: the act or process of convicting 1 con•verse \'k:ln- 1vars\ n (15c) 1 obs: social interaction 2: CONVER- of a crime esp. in a court of Law 2 a: the act of convincing a person of)mall often franchised market that is SATION error or of compelling the admission of a truth b: the state of being 2 con•verse \kan- 1vars\ vi con-versed; con°vers ing [ME. to live (with), 0 convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth 3 a: a strong per- 11) archaic: CONVENIENCE fr. MF converser1 fr. L conversari] (1586) 1 archaic a: to become oc- [l\1E, fr. L convenient-, conveniens, [r. suasion or belief b: the state of being convinced syn see CERTAINTY, cupied or engaged b: to have acquaintance or familiarity 2 a: to ex- OPINION her, be suitable, fr. com- + venire to change thoughts and opinions in speech: TALK b: to carry on an ex- obs: SUITABLE, PROPER 2 a: suited con-vince \kan- 1vin(t)s\ vt con•vinced; con-vinc•ing [L convincere to change similar to a conversation (as with a computer) - COD•Vers•er refute, convict, prove, fr_ com- + vincere to conquer - more at erformance b: suited to a particular 1 \- var-s~u\ n odation or advantage 3: being near VICTOR] (1530) 1 obs a: to overcome by argument b: OVERPOWER, 3 con°verse \'k:ln-,v~rs\ n [L conversus, pp. of convertere] (1570): some- OVERCOME 2 obs: DEMONSTRATE, PROVIl 3: to bring (as by argu- .t.lyadv thing reversed in order, relation, or action: as a: a theorem formed by [E covent, fr. OF, fr. ML conventus, fr. ment) to belief, consent, or a course of action: PERSUADE (convinced interchanging the hypothesis and conclusion of a given theorem b: a himself that she was all right -William Faulkner) (something I could a local community or house of a reli- proposition obtained by interchange of the subject and predicate of a: an establishment of nuns never...._, him to read -John Lahr> - con•vinc•er n given proposition ("no P is S " is the,......, of "no S is P") con•vinC•ing \bn-'vin(t)-siij\ adj (1624) 1: satisfying or assuring by venlus, pp. of convenire] (1514) obs 4 con.verse \kan-•vars, 1kan-,\ adj (1794) 1: reversed in order, relation, argument or proof (a ...._, test of a new product) 2: having power to or action 2: being a logical or mathematical converse (the ...._, theo- convince or I he tru lb, rightness, or re.a lily of something: PLAUSIBLE [ME, fr. L conventiculum, dim. of con- rem) - con•verse•IY adv IBLY, MEETING 2: an a~sembly of an <told a - story) syn see VALID - cOn •vinc•ing·ly \-siij-le\ adv - con•veresion \k::m-•var-zhan, -shan\ n [ME, fr. MF, fr. L conversion-, con·vinc-lng·nes.> 11 3: an assembly for religious worship; COn•ersio. rr. CO/Iver/ere) {14c) l: the act or co nve rting: the process of 1 not sanctioned by law 4: MEETING- con•viV•ial \kan- 1viv-yal, - 1vi-ve-al\ adj [LL convivialis, fr. L convivil!m be!ng con.vcrted - compnre OllNll CONVERSION 2: an experience ns- banquet, fr_ corn-+ vivere to live - more at QUICK] (ca. 1668): relating 1lgr\ n •oclalcd With a definite and decislvo adoption Of religion 3 ll: the OP.- n [ME, fr. MF or L; MF, fr. L to occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking~ and good company - oire] (15c) 1 a: AGREEMENT, CON- cration o(flndlng a converse In logic or mnt hcmalics b: reduction of c~n-viv·i-al-i·ty \-,vi-ve-•a-la-te\ n - c:on•viV·ial·lY \-'vjv-ya-Je, -'vi- "m•thcmnticnl ewrcs~iou by clcnrlng or rroctions 4: a s ucccsstul try ve-o-le\ adv en states for regulation of matters af- ror point or free throw s: something convcrtl:d rrom one use lo n- con•VO•Ca•tion \ 1kiin-va- 1k<l-shan\ n [ME, fr. MF, fr. L convocation-,:t between opposing commanders esp. Olher - con°ver·sion-ol \-'vo.rzh- nol: -'V':lc-zho-. -'vor-shnol, -sh3·n' I\ r armistice d: a general agreement atQ convocatio, fr. convocare] (14c) 1 a: an assembly of persons cO n\'0kf7d ires; also: a principle or procedure ac- b OJ: an assembly of bishops and representative clergy or the Church tonverslon r<'ncllon 11 (1945):.a p ychoncurosis In which bodil y symp- of England (2): a consultative assembly of clergy and lay delegates,rention 2 a: the summoning or con- sembly of persons met for a common toms fos pnrn.lys(J' or the llmbs) appear without physkal basis - called rilils.o co,1~·erslo11 /lysle.t'it1 from one part of an Episcopal diocese; also: a territorial division of an Episcopal diocese c: a cc:.n; rnonial assembly .of members of a ca llege fogates of a political party for the pur- '"-Oll •V('rl \kon- 'v;irt\ vb !ME. rr. MF' com•edlr, fr. L eo1111or1ere to tum or university 2: the act or process of convoking - con•VO•Ca•liOn•aJ 1nd selecting candidates for office c:\round tra nsform. convcn, fr. com- + vcrtere to tum - more:at ization of a re1igious denomination 3 \-shnol, -sho-n'l\ adj WORTH) vi (14c) 1 n: lo bring over from one b•Jlcf. view. or party to con•voke \kon-'vok\ vi con•voked; con•vok•ing [MF convoquer, fr. L I matters b: a rule of conduct or be- ano ther b: lo bctng obout • religious com·crslon In 2 n: to nlier the { or playing that convoys lnromlation convocare, fr. com- + vocare to caH, fr. voe-, vox voke - more at physical 0 1· chemlcnl nnl ucc or properli._. of osp. In manuf11cturi ng b vmcE] (1598): 10 C311 together to a meol!ng syn see SUMMON ' (as bridge) d: an established tech- (I): to c h11ng" fr<>m o ue Conn or functio n to;mothor (2): to "lter for iterature or the themcr) con•VO•lute \'kan-v~·,l!lt\ vb -lut·ed; · lut.lng [L convolutus, pp. of con- more. effective uLil.l~'llion (3): tu approprioto without right c: to ex- volvere] (1698): TWIST, COIL -'ven(t)-sho-n'l\ "<{/(!Sc) 1: formed change for nn equivalent 3 obs: TU RN 4: to subject 10 logJcn.I con·: according w(lh, anc tloned by, or con•VO•lut·ed \-,lii-tod\ adj (1766) 1: having convolutions 2: IN- ••,.lon S u: to mnkc a gonl nClcr rcce>Jvlng ("P'"$) Crom a lcamma~e VOLVED, INTRICATE: o riJlinnllty or indlvldualliy: TR.ITB c h: to •core on (as n try for poinl' or froo throw} ": to make (n o;parc) on: (2): NONNUCLl!All, l <- wnrf3re) bo10Jlng ~ vi 1: to undergo.conversion 2: to make good on" try for ~tistic representation that simplifies or:>r natural forms b: of traditional de- 1I>Olm. field goal, or free throw S.)ln ¢~ TRA.'ISl'OR.M \o\ abut \'\kitten, F table \or\ further \a\ ash \a\ ace \a\ mop, mar con•verl \ ' ka.n•,""rt\ n (IS6 1): o ne that s convert<:P \au\ out \ch\ chin \e\ bet \e\ easy \g\ go \i\ hit \i\ ice \j\ job ng to a convention, ns:;<mbly. or pub- L - con.ven•tlon·al· \-n:>-,11-x:>o" con• \k;Qn-' V<>r-t~r\ 11 (1533): o no 1h:i1 convo.m: a.• a: lhu rur- \ij\ sing \6\ go \6\ law \6i\ boy \th\ thin \!h\ the \ii\ loot \u\ foot IUIC<; U>led in the 8"s~crne£ process b or Cf>Q•Vl.'r•IOr \-'v;>r- l~r\; • de- ·i!rt \-list\ II OT ml} - COD•VCn•tloo•al· oonploylng mcclrnnicnl rotation for changing clcc1rlc11I energy \y\ yet \zh\ vision \A, ls;, 0, re, re, re, re, Y\ see Guide to Pronunciation - 1ven(t)-shd-nal-g-•za-\ n - con•ven-