Lupercal LLC v. CitiBank, N.A.

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00201

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EXHIBIT PC21 PATENTS UNITED STATE.S PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE Application: (new) Examiner: (unknown) Filed: (contemporaneously Art Unit: (unknown) herewith) Atty Ref.: 0103079 - 0528281 Inventor: Wood, et al. Title: WEB-BASED MEDIA SUBMISSION TOOL PRELIMINARY AMENDMENT Commissioner for Patents P.O. Box 1450 Alexandria, VA 22313-1450 Dear Sir: This is a preliminary amendment for the above-identified application. Please amend the above-referenced application as follows: Amendments to the specification begin on page 2 of this paper. Amendments to the claims begin on page 3 of this paper. Remarks begin on page 5 of this paper. 1 Express Mail No.: EV 316084253 US Amendments to the Specification Please replace the paragraph beginning at page 1, between the title and the "Background of the Invention" heading, in its entirety with the following paragraph: This application is a continuation of U.S. Application Serial No. 09/357.836. filed July 21. 1999. Priority to or reliance on all other applications is expressly disclaimed. +Re prosent application is rolated by subject matter to U.S. Application Serial No. _ _ _ __ (Atty. Dk:t. No. 032374 002) entitled, filed on even date herov:ith. and incorporated heroin by referonoe. 2 Express Mail No.: EV 316084253 US Amendments to the Claims The following listing of claims will replace all prior versions, and listings, of claims in the application: 1. (currently amended) A method of transporting a FReflia objesfmedia object from a first location to a sesoRd losatioRsecond location, comprising the steps of: accessing a Web page containing at least one FReflia objest ideRtifiermedia object identifier; locating a media object on a fiFst losatioRfirst location; associating the media object with the Web page FRedta objest ideRtifiermedia object identifier; transporting the FROdia oejesfmedia object from the first loeatioRfirst location to the second location. 2. (original) The method of Claim 1 further comprising the steps of digitally processing the FRedia objestmedia object prior to transportation to the sesoRd !esatioRsecond location in at least one of the following ways: Reducing the ~size of the FRedta oejeetmedia object, CoFRpFOssiRgCompressing'the FRedia oejestmedia object for purposes of transportation, Changing the fi!e foFFRatfile format of the FReflia objesfmedia object, Changing the BSfJeGt Fatioaspect ratio or otherwise cropping the FReflia Adding le,ldtext or other aRRotatioRannotation to the FReflia oejostmedia object, eRsodiRgEncoding or otherwise GORYeftiRgconverting the media object Processing the FRodia oejostmedia object in a manner that completely fills the FRedta objost idoRtifieFfTledia object identifier or maintains the aspost mtioaspect ratio of the FRedia objestmedia object within the FRedia objeet idoRtffiermedia object identifier Changing the oFiontatioRorientation or otherwise rotatiRgrotating the FRodta ol:tjestmedia object, 3 Express Mail No.: EV 316084253 US CombiRiRgCombining (including st!tstJtRgstitchinq) of multiple media objects media objects, or Enhancing the image by changing its ceRt.cast er saw.catieR \'8,'Yescontrast or saturation values. 3. (currently amended) The methods of Claim 1 aRd 2The method of Claim 2. wherein the mefiia objectmedia object is associated with tRe mefiia object !deRtifierthe media object identifier by dragging a visua! FepreseRtatioRvisual representation of the mefi!a objectmedia object from the first locatieRfirst location to the mefiia objeot ideRtifiermedia object identifier in the Web page. 4. (currently amended) The methods of Claim 1 aRd 2The method of Claim 2. wherein the mefi!a oBjectmedia object is associated with the mofiia objeot ideRtifiermedia object identifier by hrowsiRg aRd so!eotingbrowsinq and selecting files on / the fiFst !-Ooat!oRfirst location. 5. (currently amended) Tho methods of Claim 1 aRd 2The method of Claim 2. wherein more than one mefi!a oh}eetmedia object is associated or processed simultaneously. 6. (currently amended) Tho methods of Claim 1 aRd 2The method of Claim 2. wherein more than one media objeot ideRtifiermedia object identifier is generated I dynamically or generated from pre-set instructions. 4 Express Mail No.: EV 316084253 US ..,,, I .. Remarks The specification has been amended to reflect that the subject patent application is a continuation of prior, co-pending U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application Serial No. 09/357,836, and that the subject patent application is accordingly entitled to the benefit thereof. The specification has also been amended to expressly disclaim priority to or reliance on all other applications. The claims have been amended to clarify that claims 3 through 6 depend from claim 2, and are not intended to be multiple dependent claims at this time. The claims have also been amended to make the formatting consistent. No new matter is believed or intended to be involved. Re2Z2~ Victor C. Moreno (Reg. No. 40,732) Frost Brown Todd LLC 2500 PNC Center 201 East Fifth Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-4182 513-651-6812 (direct) 513-651-6981 (fax) CinLibrary 0103079.0528281 1439006v.l 5 Express Mail No.: EV 316084253 US