Markette v. Xoma Corp et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-03425

ORDER by Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Granting {{31}} Motion for Pro Hac Vice for Katherine M. Lenahan.

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Reset Form 1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 2 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 3 JOSEPH F. MARKETTE, on Behalf of) Himself and All Others Similarly Situated,) Case No: 15-cv-3425 4) Plaintiff(s),) APPLICATION FOR 5 v.) ADMISSION OF ATTORNEY XOMA CORPORATION, JOHN W.) PRO HAC VICE 6 VARIAN, and PAUL D. RUBIN ~ (CIVIL LOCAL RULE 11-3) 7 Defendant(s).) 8 ----------------------------~) I, Katherine M. Lenahan an active member in good standing of the bar of 9 New York State hereby respectfully apply for admission to practice pro hac vice in the 10 Northern District of California representing: Joseph Tarzia in the above-entitled action. My local co-counsel in this case is David Eldridge Bower, an 11 attorney who is a member of the bar of this Court in good standing and who maintains an office 12 within the State of California. MY ADDRESS OF RECORD: LOCAL co-COUNSEL'S ADDRESS OF RECORD: 13 369 Lexington Avenue, lOth Floor 10866 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1470 14 New York, NY 10017 Los Angeles, CA 90024 MY TELEPHONE #OF RECORD: LOCAL CO-COUNSEL'S TELEPHONE# OF RECORD: 15 (212) 983-9330 (424) 256-2884 MY EMAIL ADDRESS OF RECORD: LOCAL Co-COUNSEL'S EMAIL ADDRESS OF RECORD: 16 klenahan@faru dbower fam I am an active member in good standing of a United States Court or of the highest court of 17 another State or the District of Columbia, as indicated above; my bar number is: 5102116 18 A true and correct copy of a certificate of good standing or equivalent official document from said bar is attached to this application. 19 I agree to familiarize myself with, and abide by, the Local Rules of this Court, especially the Standards of Professional Conduct for attorneys and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Local Rules. 20 I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. 21 Dated: 10/01/15 Katherine M. Lenahan 22 APPLICANT 23 ORDER GRANTING APPLICATION 24 FOR ADMISSION OF ATTORNEY PRO HAC VICE 25 IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT the application of Katherine M. Lenahan is granted, subject to the terms and conditions of Civil L.R. 11-3. All papers filed by the attorney must indicate 26 appearance pro hac vice. Service of papers upon, and communication with, local co-counsel 27 designated in the application will constitute notice to the party. 28 Dated: 10/2/2015 UNITED STATES DISTRICT/MAGISTRATE JUDGE PRO HAC VICE APPLICATION & ORDER ~, ~usanna ~njas, Qilcrk nf t4e J\ppellate ~ibis inn nf t4c ~uprcme Qinurt nf t4e ~tate n£ ~eftr fnrk, Jlfirst JJu~idal ~epartment, rertify t4at KATHERINE MCGLYNN LENAHAN ftras ~uly lirense~ an~ a~mitte~ in pradirc as an J\ttnrncy an~ Qinuns£llnr at 1f.lahr in all t4e rnurts nf tlfc ~tate nf ~cfu fnrk an ~arrq 18, 2.013, 4as ouly taken an~ suhsrrihe~ tlfe aatlf nf nffirc prcsrriheo hy laftr, lfas been enrolle~ in tlfe ~nil nf J\ttnrneys an~ Qinunsellnrs at 1fla£u an file in my nffire, 4as ~uly registereo fnit{f tlfe amniniztrati6e affire of t4e rnurts, an~ arrnr~ing to t4e rerar~s of tlfis rnurt iz in gna~ stan~ing az an attnrney an~ co-unsellor at lafu. ~n ~itness ~lferen£, ~ qafle qereuntn sd my fran~ an~ affixe~ tlfe zeal of t4is rnurt nn ~qrlemher 10, ZU15 1582