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Exhibit 4 Merriam- Webster's Dictionary C&9 Eleventh Edition ~-@-- A GENUINE MERRIAM-WEBSTER The name l·V ebster alone is no gua rantee o f excellence. It is used by a number of publishers and may ser ve main ly to mislead a n u nwary buyer. Merriam-WebsterTM is the name you should look for when you consider the purchase of dictionaries or othe r fine reference books. It car r ies the rep u tatio n of a com pany that h as been publishing since 1831 and is you r assurance of q uality and au thority. Copyright<() 20 14 by Mer riam-Webster, Incorporated Library of Con gress Ca taloging in Publication Data:vlerriam-Webster·s collegiate dictionary. - Eleventh ed. p. c m. Includes index. ISBN 978-0-87779-807-1 (Laminated unindexecl: alk. paper) ISBN 978-0 -87779-808-8 (Jat'ketecl h ardcover unindexed: a lk. paper) [SBN 978-0 -87779-809-5 (Ja<.:keted hardcover with digital download: alk. paper) ISBN 978-0-87779-810-1 (l_eatherlook with digita l download: alk. paper) ISBN 978-0-87779-81 1-8 (luxury Leat her) ISBN 978-0-87779-813-:! (Canadian) ISBN 978-0-87779-8 14-9 (International) I. English language-Diction aries. I. T itle: Collegiate dict ionary. II. Merriam- Webster. Inc. PEl628.M36 2003 423-dc 2l 2003003674 C IP Mer riam-Wehster·s Collegiate •· Dictiona ry. Eleventh Edition. princ ipal copyright '.!003 COLLEGIATE is a registered trademark of Merriam -Wehster. lncorporaie<l All r ights reserved. No part o f this book covered by the copyrights hereon may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any m eans-graphic. electronic, or m echan ical. includ ing photocopying. taping. or information sto.-age and retr ieval systems- without written pe rm ission ('f the publisher. Macie in lhe United States o f Ame1·iea 19th Printing Quad Graphics Ve1·sailles KY December 201 4 alligator clip • all-purpose 33 lligator c lip n (ca. 1941): a spr ing-loaded clip that has Jaws r~'!>c:m ­ a1.1 0 .s2ur .'>-l•-,s6r\ n (ca. 1934): any of a family .CA!losau ridae) of abling an alligator"s a nd is used for ma king temporary electrical c:rnn.~--- la1 ~<: I!1cr· 1pod dinosaurs usu. hav ing three clawed digits on each ~rm and leg;rid [i\1in g, from the late Jurassic to the earl y Cretaceous penod; 11\i~~tor pear n [by folk etymology fr. Sp aguacal e - a~ a'r~ff~:S~~-.f;~~u,~;:~d-'s6r-~s\ n [N L, fr. G k all- + sauros lizard] (1 ~86) m ·l•t.: a,] (1763): AVOCADO. a·lligator snapping turtle n (1882): a tu rtle (Macro~lemys lemmme~ti): ~.a~., vf <:.. .:;;e nus (Allosaurns) of very large carnivo rous No. Am erican f sou theastern U.S. rivers that m ay reach neady l:>O poun ds (68 k1lo- ther opod dinosaurs of the late Jurassic period ~rarns} in weigh t and 31 in::::hes (79 centimeters) 111 length - called also al·IO•Ste.ric \,a-lo-'ster-ik, -'stir-\ adj [all- + steric] (19.62): of, re!atmg a/Ugo/Or snapper. to. u nde rgo ing. o r being a c hange in t h e shape and acti vny of a protem aU-im•pOr·tant \,61 -im -' p6r-t'n t,. -ton!\ ad1 (1787): of very great or (as an enzyme) that results from combinatio n with a nother su!>sta nce " realest importan ce (an,..._,,question) a t a point other than the chemical1 y active site - a l-lo•ste·ri·cal·IY all-in \ 161-'in\ adj (1890) 1 chiefly Brit: ALL-INCLUSIVE 2 chiefly Brit \ -i-k(o-)le\ ad•• - a l·lo·ste·rY \ ' a-16-,ster-e, -,stir -\ n. beiug almost without restrictions(,.._, wrestling) ... al·IOt \o- 'liit\ vt a l·lot.ted; al.lot·ting [ME alotte11, fr. AF aloter, fr. a- a.II in adj (1903): TIRED, EXHAUSTED (after a day of wood-sphtt mg he (fr. L ad-)+ lot, of Orne origin; akin to OE /riot lot] (15c) 1: to assign was al/ in) . . . as a sh are o r portion (-... 10 m inutes for the speech) 2: lo d1stnbute all-in·CIU·Sive \,61-in-'klii-siv, -ziv\ adj (18,50): mc!m!mg cverythmg (a by or as if by lot <~seats to the press) - a l·lot ter n 0 broad er and m or e nearly,..-....,; view) - ~11-tn·CI U· ~I Ve· n ~ss n. al· IO·te.tra.ploid \,a-16-'le-tro-,p l6 id\ /1 (1930): AMPH ID!PLO ID - a l- al·lit•er-ate \o-' li-to-,rat\ vb -at-ed; -at-mg [back-lormat1on fr. al/1tera- lo·te·lra·plo i·d Y \-,pl6i-de\ 11 • rion ] vi (1776) 1: to fonn an a!Hter ation 2: to wr~te or.spe ak alli ter- al· lot.ment \o-' Jat-ma nt\ 11 (1574) 1: the act of allottmg: APPO RTION- atively,......_; vl: to arrange or place so as to m ake ?.lh ter atmn (.-..... sy11a- MENT 2: something t h at is allotted: esp, chiefly Brit: a plot of land let bles in a se.nte~ce) . _ .. L • to an individual for c ult ivation a l·lil·e r·a · t1on 10·,h-ta-'ra-shon\ n [ad- + L uttera le otcr] (ca. 1624) . the a l·IO·trope \'a-1>-,trop\ /1 [ISV, back-formation fr. allo1ropy] (1876): a repetition of u su. initial conson an t sounds m tw<? or m o re .ne1ghbormg form showing aHotropy \Vords or syllables (as wild and woo11y, threatening thr ongs) - c a11 ed a l· IOt · rO·PY \o-'lli-tro-pe\ 11, p l -pies (1 850): t he existence of a sub- also head rhyme, initial rhyme. . . stance and esp. an element in two or m ore di fferent forms (as of crys- a l·lit·er·a·tive \a-'li-tar -;Hiv. -to-,rii-t iv\ ad1 (1764): of. relatmg to, o r tals) usu. in the same phase - a l.lo -trop·ic \,a-la-' tra-pik\ ac/j marked by alliterati on - al·lit·er·a·tive·IY adt> all' oMa·va \,a-l o-'ta-v~.,ii-lo-\ adv or adj [lt, at the octave] (ca. 1823) al·li·Um \ ' a-le-om\ n [NL, genu s name, fr. L, &.ar lic] (159.7): any of a: OTIAVA large genus (Allium) o f bulbou s herbs of t he hly family mclud mg the,Jnion, gar lic, c h ive. l ~ek, and sh allot. . a l-lot·tee \o- la-' te\ /1 (1846): one to wh o m an allotment is made al·IO•type \'~-1.,..,1Ip\ 11 (1960): an a lloantigen that is part of a plasma ... ··- ' al l-night \ '61-'nlt\ ad1 (1886) 1: lastmg. th roughout the night (an ~ protein (as an antibody) - a l· IO·lYP •iC \,a-1;;-' ti-pik \ adj - a l·lo · typ- p lker gam e) 2: open thro u gh o ut the m-?ht (an .........., dmer) . . i-cal·IY \ -pi-k(a-)le\ adv - al·lo·lYPY \' a-1 ~-,ti-pe> n a ll-nig ht·er \'61-' ni-tor\ 11 (1964): somethmg that la.<ts all mght; specif a ll-out \ '61-' aut\ adj (1908) 1: m ade with maximum effort: THOR-: an all-nigh t stud y session OUGHGOING (an ~ effm t to win th e contest) 2: FULL-BLOWN 2. ~l~f;.;;-,~1:t)~cf; \,a-lo-'an-ti-,ba-de\ n (1964): an antibody produ ced followina introduction o f an alloantigen into the system of an 10d1v1du- all out adv (1895): wi t h full determination or enthusiasm: with m axi- mu m effort - u sed c h iefly in the p hrase go all out 1 all.over \ 'oi-,o-v:.r\ adj (1796): covering th e whole extent o r surface (a. ... al of a sPecies lackin g tha t particular a ntigen. _ swea ter with an,....,_, pa tter n) _ . al•IO·an.ti.gen \,a-lo-'an-ti-jan\ 11 (1964): an antigen p resent only m 2 allover 11 (1838) 1: an embroidered, printed, or lace fabric.with a de- some individuals (as of a parti cular blood gr~up) or a and capa- sign coveri ng most of the su rface 2: a p~nern or d esign m wh ich a ble of inducing th e produc ti on of an a11 oantibody by md1v1duals w hic h single unit is repeated so as to cover an entire su rface 1 a J~l~·~a.ble \ 'a-1.,..1':.-b:.I\ adj (1 916): capable of being allocated 1 all over adv (l5c) 1: over the whole e xtent (decorated all over with a nower pattern) 2: EVERYWHERE (looked al/ Ol'el' for the book) 3 a l·lO·Cate \ ' a-lo-,k iit\ 1•1 -cat.ed; -cat ing [ML allocatus, pp. o f al/o- 0; in every respect: THOROUGHLY (she is lier mother all over) care. fr. Lad- + locare to place. fr. locus place - more at STALL] (ca. 2 a ll over prep (1912) 1: in eagerly affectionate, attent~ ve, o~ aggr essive 164 J) 1: to apportion for a specific purpose or to particula r persons pur suit of <the b and 's fans were all o ver them) 2: in or in to a state or things: DIST RJBUTE (,....,_, tasks among human a nd a u tomated com- marked by all-out crit icism of (the p r ess was all over the coach after ponents) 2: to set apart or earmark: DESIGNATE(.._.. a sectio_n of the building for special rosearch purposes) - a l·IO·Cat•able \ -,ka-to- bol\ adj - al•IO·Ca·tion \ 1a-b -1k fl-sh;m\ n - a~ ·IO •Ca-tor \ 1a-).}-,k5.-tar \ n a\?1~~s\;.'lau\ t>b (ME, fr. AF aluer. alouer to place, ap portion. allow. fr. MF al/ocare - mo r e at ALLOCATE] vt (14c) 1 a: to assign as a share af·IO·CU·tion \,a-l;;>-1 kyO-sh~m\ /1 [L allocuno11-. allocutw. fr. a/loqu1 to or suitable amount (as of time or money)<,....,_, an hour for lunch) b speak to. fr. ad-+ /oqui to sptak] (1615): a fonnal speech; esp: an au-: to reckon as a d eductio n or an addition (,....,_, a gallon for leakage) 2 thoritative or hortatory address a chiefly Southem & M idland: to be of t he opinion: THINK b dial all of adv (1829): FULLY (sh e's all of20 years old) .: SAY, STATE c: to exp ress an o pinion - usu. u sed with as how o r that a l·log.a.mous \""'la-ga-mas\ adJ. (ca. 1890): re producmg by cross• 3 chiefly Sowhern & Midland: INTEND. PLAN 4: ADMIT. CONCE DE fertilization - al log·a·mY \ -me\ 11 0 • • . . <must,....._, that money causes pr oble ms in marriage) 5 a: PE RM.IT a l··ic \,a-lo-jo-'ne-ik\ also a l lo·ge n·1 C \-'Je-mk\ ad~ [all- + 0 -gen eic (as in syn genei c)] (1961): involving, derived from. or being m d1 - <doesn't,.._, people to smoke in his home) b: to for bear or negle<:t ~o restr ain or prevent(.-....... the dog to roam),.._, vr 1: to make a poss.1b1l- vid uals of the same speci e~ that are su fficiently un like ge netically to in- itv: ADMJT - used with of (evidence that,..._,s of only one conclu s1on) teract antigenically ( grafts) - compa re SYNGENE' IC 2 ·: to 2ive consideration to circumstances or con tingencies - used a att \la-l;,- 1 graft\ n (1961): a h o m ograft hetween allogeneic indi- wi t h /01~ <~for expansion) . vid ua ls - allograft w al·low·able \a-'lau-o-bal\ adj (15c): PERMISSIBLE <~ m come tax de- al·lo·graph \ 'a-lo-,graf\ 11 (1951) 1: a letter of a n alphabet in a !'a r tic- ductions) - a l·low.ably \ -ble\ adt> . ular shape (as A or a) 2: a letter o r combination of letters that 1s one 1 al·IOW·ance \o- 'la u-on(t)s\ 11 (14c) 1 a: a sh are or portwn allotted or of several ways of representing one phoneme (as pp in hopping repre- gr anted b: a sum granted as a reimbursemen t or bounty or for ~x­ senti ng t h e phoneme \p\) - al· lo·graph·ic \,a-1.,..'gra-fik\ adj. penses (salary incl udes cost-of-living.-.....): esp: a sum regularly provid- al·IOm•e•try \o- 'lii-ma-tre\ 11 (1936): re lative growth o f a part m rela- tion to an e ntire organ ism or to a st an dard; also: the m easure a nd ed for pe r sonal or household expe nses (each chlld has an:--> c:a fixed or available amount (provide an,....,_,of time for recreanon) d; a study <>f such growth - al· lo ·me•tric \,a-lo-'me-trik\ adj reduc tion from a list price or stated price (a trade-in .-.....) 2: an im- al-lo· morph \ ' al-:.-,m6rf\ 11 [a/lo- + mo1plle m e] (1945): one of a set of posed ha ndicap (as in a horse race} ?: a n allo wed dimensioi:ial differ- forms that a morpheme may take in different con texts (the -s .of cats, ence between mating parts of a machme 4: the act of allowmg: PER- the -en of oxen and the zero suffix of shelp are,...._,s of the Enghsh p lu- MISSION 5: a taking into a~count o f mitigating circumstances or con- ral morphe me) - al·lo .mor-phic \,a -lo-'m 6r-fik\ adj - al·lo·mor- tingencies <the p lan m akes r:o-... for bad v..'eath~r) . phism \la-b-, m6r-,fi-zJ m\ n 2 allowance w -anced; -anc·ing (1758) 1 arclra1c: to put o n a frxe d al- al·longe \a-'lo"zh\ 11 [F, lit .. lengthening] (ca. 1859): RIDER 2a lowanc e (as of food an d drink) 2 arc/Ja;c: to su pply in a fixed or reg- a l·lo·path·ic \,a-la-'pa-thik\ adj [G al/opatisc/1, fr. Al/opatl11e an allo- ular quan t ity path ic system of medic ine, fr. a/lo- all- + -pathie -pathy] (1830): r elat- al·low·ed·IY \o-' lau-od-le\ adt> (1602): by allowance: ..\DMITTEDLY ing to or being a system of medicine that aims to combat disease by ~s­ al· IOX·an \•-'lak-son\ 11 [G, fr. Al/an loin + Oxalsaure o~alic acid + -.air] ing rem cd.ies (as drugs or surge ry) which prod~ce effec~s that are d if- (1853): a crystalline compound C:iH2N::!04 causmg di abetes m elh tus ferent from or incompatible with those of the disease b e mg treate~ when injected into experime ntal animals. . . a l· IO·Pat·ric \,a-lo-'pa-trik\ adj [all- + Gk patra fatherland, fr. pater fa- 1 al·loy \ 'a-,16i also o-' loi\ 11 [F a/oi, fr. OF ale1, fr. alezr to combme,. fr. L ther - more a t FATHER] (1942): occurrin g in different geograph ical al/igare to bind - m ore at ALLY] (16041 1: the degree of m ixture areas o r in isolation <.-..... speciation) - compare S\'11.I PATRJC - al~to­ with base metals: FINENESS 2: a su bstance composed of two or more pat.ri0cal· IY \ -tri-k(:.-)le\ adi• - a l. lop.a .try \ o-'la-po-t re\ n metals or of a m etal and a nonme tal intimately united u su. by being a l·lo·phane \ ' a-1;)·,fan\ n [G k allophanes a ppear ing othen.vise. fr. a/I- + fused together an d dissolving in each other w~en molte n; also: the phainesth ai to appear, middle voice of p lwinein to show - m or e at state of union of the components 3 a: an admixture that lessens val- FANCY] (ca. 1821): a n amorp hous tra nsl ucen t miner al of variou~ C:Ol- ue b: an impa iring alien element 4: a compoun d. m ixtur~, o r u nio n ors often occu rring in incrustations or stalactite forms a nd cons1stmg of differ ent things (an ethnic......_, of many peoples) 5 arclza1c: a metal of a hydrous al uminum silicate mixed with a more valuable m etal to give d u rability or some other de- al IO· Phone \'a-lo-,fon\ 11 [a/lo- +phone] (1938): o ne of two or more 0 s ire d quality varian ts of the sa me p hone me (the aspira ted \p\ of pm a nd the: u nasp1- 2 al·IOY \•-' 16i also 'a-,loi\ l't (1661) 1 a: TEMPER. MODERATE b. '·to rated \p\ of spin are ~s of the phonem e \p\) - a l-lo-phon-1c \,a-lo- impair or d ebase b y admixtur e 2: to reduce the punty of by m1:;.mg ' fa-nik\ adj. . . . wi th a less valuable m eta1 3: to m ix so as to fonn an alloy,..._. w: to al·IO•Poly-ploid \,a-16-'pii-li-,pl6id\ 11 (1928): a polyp lotd md1v1du al o r lend itself to being a lloyed (iron ~s we ll) strain having a chromosome set composed of two or more c hromo- all-pow•er·ful \ '61-'pau(-o)r-fal\ adj (1667): ha,~ng com plete or sole some sets d er ived m or e or less complete fro m different species - a l- power (an. . . . ., leader) lopolyplo id adj - a l-lo-po ly·p loi·dY \-,pl6i-de\ 11 a ll-pur.pose \ -'por-pas\ adj (1928): su ited for many purposes or uses al 0lo-pu.ri·nol \,a-16-' pylir-:.-,n61, -,nol\ 11 [all- + purin e+ ' -ol] (1964): a drug C 5 H 4N 40 u sed to promote excretion o f uric acid a ll-or- none \,61-or -'nan\ adj (1900): ma rk ed either hy en tire or com - \o\ abut \"\kitten, F table \or\ further \a\ a sh \a\ ace \a\ mop. mar plete operatio n or effect or by none at all (,....,_, response of a nerve cell) \au \ out \ch\ ch in \e\ bet \e\ easy \g\ go \i\ hit \j\ ice \j\ job all-or-noth·ing \-' n• -thiD\ ac/j (1765) 1: ALL-OR- NONE 2 a.: ac- cep ting no less than everythi ng <he·s an,....,_, pe r fectmrust) b: \o\ sing \ o\ go \6\ law \6i\ boy \t h\ thin \1h\ t he \ii\ loot \ti\ fool everything <an,....,_,comba t strategy) \y\ yet \zh\ visio n, b e ige \k, n, a:, te, 'I\ see Guide to Pronunciation assn • asterisk 75 cial inquest b: an action to be decided by such an inquest. lhc writ false show of possessing, usin&. or feeling {Qffected an in1ercsl in art). ror lnstiluting h. or the verdict or finding rendered by the Jury 2 a PRETEND implies an oven and sustained false appearance (puttndtd: the former pcrfodica1 sesslons of the superior courts in Eng ish c~un­ that nothina had happened). SIMUL.ATE suggests a close imitation of tics for trial of civU and criminal cases - usu. used in pl. b: the ~1mc the appearance of something (cosmetics that sfm14/a1e a suntan). or pince or holding such a court. the courl Itself, or a session of It - FElON Implies more a rtfol invention than PRETEND. less specific mim- usu. used in pl. icry than srM\J l.ATE <feigned sickness). COUNTERFEIT implies achiev- assn abbr association ing the hiahest degree of verisimilitude of any of these words <an ac- assoc abbr associate: a5Sodated.::association tor counltr/eilittg drunkenness). SHAM implies an obvioll.S falseness 1as.s o ·ci·ate "',at, -~c!--\ 1:b -at·ed: -at·in g [ME uswcial associ- that fools only the gullible (shammed a most unconvincing Hmp).::::~~~~s~t\~.~~~fJ):~~~\~'[NT. h~~U~~!~~~CTr~~~umere to un· a1ed. fr. L associatus, pp. o f a.ssociarc to unite, fr. ad-+ sod.arc to join, 0 rr. .sor:ius companion - more at SOClAI~] vt (14c) 1: to join as a part- ner, frien d, or companion 2 obs: to keep company wilh: "TTEN~ 3 dcr[ak c] (1590) 1: an express or implied promi~e or contract not un-: to join or connect together: COMBlNE 4: to hrmg together ~r mt~ der seal on wh ich an action may be brought 2 a: a forme r common• relations hip in any of various intangible ways (as in memory or 1mag1· law action brought to recover damages alleged from the breach of an naclon) - vi 1: to come or be togethe r as partners, friends, or com· as~umpsit b: an action to recover damages for breach of a contrnct as·sump.\ion \>'s;am(p)-sh~n\ n [ME, fr. LL assumption·, assumptio 2:S~~-~iat~ \~~.:~~~~~. ~!J~i~3~~i~~h~~~~4fcr~> lJ,~T~OS~r~~~~~~~~ taking up fr. L a.ssumere] (13c) '1 a: \Ju~ taking up of a person into ed (as in function or office) with anorhcr 2: closely related esp. m the heaven b cap: August 15 observed in commemoration or the As- mind 3: having secondary or subor dinate status{-.... membership in a sumption of the Virgin Mary 2: a taking to or upon onese~f {the - or socicly) 3as•SO•Clate a new position) 3: the act of laying claim to or tllking possession or \fame tU 1\ n (1533) 1: one associated '-'ith another: as a something (the - of power) 4: J\RJtOGANCE. PRETENSION 5 a: an: PARTNER. COL.LEAOUE b: COMPANION, COMR..'\0£ 2 a: an entry• assumin& that something i) true b: a fact or statement (as a pro~si· level member (as of a. learned society. professional organization, or tion. a:(.iom. postulate, or notion) taken for granted 6: the taking profession) b: EMPLOYEE. WORKER 3 oflen cap: a degree c~nfcrred over or another's debts esp. by a junior college<- in arts) -·clate•shlp \·,ship\ n as.sump-tlve \~·ls~m{p}-tiv\ adj (1611): or, rclatlng to, or based on as- associate professor n (1819): a member of a college or u ni versity sun:ipti on faculty who ranks above an assistan t prorcssor and below a professor as -sur.a nc e \~- 1shUr·~n(t)~\ n 04c) 1: the act or action of assuring: - associate professorsh ip n. as•SO•Ci·a·tion \~·,sO·SC-'.i-sh~n. -shi:·\ n (1535) 1 a: 1he act of assoc1· ~~o ~ ~:cLfn'!~·~e~~~N;~fcn ~t:i;~~~~~::dco~v:hfdf/B~r~r~:S~~: atina b: the >tatt of being MSOCiated: COMBll'\A.TION, R.ELATIONSHlP 11.NCE 2: the state of btin& assured: as a: SECURlTY b: a being 2: an organization of persons having a common interest: SOCLETY 3 certain in the mind {the puritan's - of salvation) c: con fidence of:)Omcthing linked In memory or imagination with a thin& or person 4 mind or munncr: easy freedom from sclf·doubt or unci:rtainty: also: the process of forming mental connections or bonds between ~cnsa·: excessive self~onfidtnce: BRASHNESS, PR.ESUMrTION 3: something dons, ideas. or memories S: the aggregation of chemical species to that inspires or tends to Inspire confidence (gave repeated -..,,s of sood- form (as with hydrogen bonds) loosely bound complexes 6: a major wiU) syn sec CONFJOE,.;CE unit i n ccoJogical communicy organization characterized by csscnrlal as•sure \...- 1shUr\ w a s·&ured; as· sur 0ing {ME. fr. .l\F asuurer. as.wr· unlfonnity and usu. by two or more dominanl spc<::ies - SS•SO•Ci·a· er, fr. ML assecurare. fr. Lad-+ securus !\ccu re] (14c) 1: to make safe tion·al \ -shCo-Jn'I\ atti (as from risks or again~t overthrow}: fNSUR E 2: to give confidence association area n (ca. 1909): an area of the cerebra) corte:ii;; that to (and hereby we know that w t arc of the truth, and shall - our funclions in linking and coordinating the sensory and motor areas hearts - \ Jn 3:19(AV)) 3: to make sure or certain; coNVtNCE association fo otball n (1873): soccER (glancing back 10-. hlmstlr no one was following) 4: to inforcri pos- as•SO•Cl•a-tion·ism \:a-,sO-SC·'i-sh;i·,ni-z:am, -,sO-shC-\ n 0875): a re· itively (J - you that \\'e can do it) 5: to make ccnaln the com1na or ductionist school of psycholo;y that holds that lhe con te nt or con- attainment of: GUARA,...JEE (worked hard to .......... accuracy) syn sec sciousness can be explained b>· the association and reassociation of ir~ ENSURE reducible sensory and perceptual clements - BS•SO•Ci•a•tlon·lst 'as. sured \a·'shUrd\ adj (!Sc) 1: character~zed by certainly o r securi- \-';1-sh(:>-JniSt\ n - 8S·SO·Cl·3·tiOn•IS·tiC \-,A-sh::>- 1n ls·tU..:\ adl ry: GUJ\JlANTEED (lln - market) 2 a: SELF·ASSlJREO b: SELF• as •SO·Cla-tive \:1- 1 50·sh e-,a~tiv, ·;Hiv\ ad/ (1804) 1: of or r~lat· SATlSFmo 3: scttisrkd as to the certainty or truth or a matter (rest -- ing to association esp. of ideas or i mages 2: dependent on or acquired we won't be late) - as sured ness \-'shUr~-d·n~s. -1shUrd·\ n 0 0 by association or Jcarniog 3: of, having, or bc:ing the property of 1ass ured n. pl assured or assu reds (1755\: INSURED combining to the same mathematical result regardless of the eroupina as-s ured·IY \>'shur-od-1!\ adv (14c) 1: w11hou1 a doubt: CERTAINLY of an c:qm:ssion's elcni.ents given that the order of those clem~nts is 2: in an ass ured manner: CONFID£1''TLV preserved (addition is,....._ sin ce (a + b) + c z a +Cb + c)) - 8S•SO•Cia- 1 aS•SUt •et \0>-1shtir-ar\ or BS•&Ur·or \~·'shUr-.::1r, ~.~hU.r· br\ n (1607) tlve0IY adv - aS•SO•cia·tiv·i·t'Y \-, si>-shC·:>·'tl·v~He, -s~·. ·sh;)·'ti-\ n: one that as~ut~s: INSURER associative \earning n (1957): a learning process in which discrete as•sur•gent \a- 1sar·jant\ adj [L assu~e1u-, assurgens, prp. of ~urgere ideas and pe rcepts become Jinked to ouc anoth~r to rise.1r. ad-+ surgert to rise - more at SURGE] (1578}: mov1na UP" associative neuron n (1935): tNTERNEURON ward: RISlt'G: esp: ASCENDM~ }b as•soll \~1s-Oi(·;))}\ vt [ME. fr. AF a.rsoil~. pp. of assuudre lo absolve, fr. assy abbr assembly Labsnlverc] (l3c) 1 a rchaic: ADSOL~. PARDON 2 archaic: ."_CQL'JT. Assy r abbr Assyrian CLEAR 3 arcltok: EXPIATE. - a6°soil menl \·m•ml\ fl, urchazc 0 AS•SY f•i•an \~·'sir~·;in\ n (15c) 1: a native or Inhabitant of ancient aS•SO•nance \la-s:a·n~n(t)s\ n [F, fr. L assnnare lo answer wilh the Assyria 2: the dialect of Akkadian spoken by the Assyrians - A s· same sound, fr. ad· +! to sou nd, fr. sonus sound - more: at Ai.~~~i~g{·0•9Y \:J-,sir..C·' i-l;>-ji:\ 11 (1828): lhe science or study o.l the 6 SOUNb] (1727) 1 ! resemblance of sound In words or syllables 2 a: relatively close juxtaposition o f similar sounds esp. of vowels b history, language. and antiquities or ancient ..i\..ssyria und Babyloma -: repetition of vowc1s without repetition of consonants (as in stony and As·sYr·l·D·log-i·cal \-,sir~-o-'lii-il-kol\ adj - As•SYr· l·Ol•O·glsl \-'a- holp) used as an alternative to rhyme in verse - as•so•nant \ n;int\ 4 ad} or n - 8S•S0°nant-al \ 1a·s;>-'nan-t.:al\ ad/ es soon as corV (I 4c): immediatc:ly ac or shortly after the time that. ~S¥s!1b, Ala.ska standard time .. ast n s14ffu· [ ME, fr. L -astes, fr. Gk -a.sli:r:, fr. verhs in -azein]: one con .. (cull as soon as you get there) ncc ted with {ccdysias/) a s .sort \;i-. 1s6rt\ vb [f\iF assorlfr, fr. a - (fr.Lad-)+ sortl' sort] vt (l5c). 1 astar·board \;a-1stiir·bard\ adl' (ca.. 1630): toward or on the starboard: to distribute into groups of a like kind: CLASSIFY 2: to supply w1lh side of a ship (pul the helm hard-) an assortment (as or goods),,_ vi 1: to agree in kind: HARMOpr.jtZE A s·tar•te \o·'sriir·le\ n (L, fr. Gk Astarte) (1599): tho Phoenician aod- 2: to keep company: ASSOCIATE - as-sort-er n dess of fertility and of sexuai Jove a &•SOr•t&·tive \~1 s(>T·l >-tiv\ a4i (1897): being nonrandom mating as•ta•tine \'as•t<1-,tCn\ n [Gk aslalOJ' unsteady, fr. a· + sracos standing, based on Hke or un?ikc charac teristic!\ - 8S•SOf•ta•tiVe•IY \ -IC\ adv fr. Jrista11al to cause: to stand - more at S1°.'-ND) (1947): a rad1oactive as•sort ed \· 1.11i6r·t;Kf.\ adj (ca. 1797) 1: suited esp. by nature or char- 0 halogen eleme nt discovered by bombaTdin& bismuth with alpha partl· acter (an ill-as.sorted pair) 2: consisting of various kinds<- choco· des and also fonned by radioactjvc decay - sc:e EL~MENT table a:~~~rt-ment \-'s6n·mont\ n (1611) 1 as·ter \ '•H•r\ n l1664J 1 (NL. rr. L. as1er. fr. Ok 1 a: the"'" of assoning b: rhe aster·, asrer star. aster - more at STAR.] a: any of · state! of bcint assorted 2: a co11ection or assoned things or t>Crsons \•arious chiefly fall-blooming leafy-stemmed campos· A SSA abbr Autonomous Soviet Socialisl Republic ite herbs (Aster and cJose1y re lated genera) with often ass t abbr 1 assistant 2 assorted showy heads containing disk n o\\·ers or both disk and asstd abbr 1 assented 2 assorted ray flowers b: C HJNA ASTER 2 ['NL. fr. Gk aster-, as•suage \#- 1S'\o\'ii.j also -1 swizh or .~swaz.h\ vt as 0 suaged; as•suaQ:· astt?r]: a sysh:m of microtubuJcs arra.nacd radially ing [ME aswag~n. fr. AF a.suoger, fr. VL •assuaviarf!. !r. ~ad~+ suavu about a cenuiole at e ither end of the mitotic or m ci· sweet - more at SWE.ET] {14c) 1: to lessen the mtcns11y or (some- otic spindle thing chat pains nr distresses): EASE {unnblc to - their grief) 2 ·aster n seflix {ME. fr. L. suffix denoting partial re·: l'ACIF\', QUJ'F.T {v.linly ?'trove .. . to-.,, an implacable foe -;-Edward scmblancCJ: o n e that is inferior or not scnuinc Gibbon) 3: to put an end to by sa1isfying: APPEASE, QUll:NCH (as- {criticas1er) suaging his thirst) syn sec REl..JEVE - as.s u age.ment \·m<>nt\" as•te·ria \a·'!!."'lir·C-a.\ n [L, it. preciou::. ston~. fr. Gk. 8S•SU8 •Sive \;'sw!L·:i.iv, ·Z.iv\ ad/' 17081: SOOTHING. CAl..M INC fem. of ustc:rios starry. fr. n.rter-. as1erJ (1903):;i gem- as.sume \;1·'sUm\ vi as·sumed: as.sum.Ing [ME. fr. L a.uumerc. ~r. s tone cut to show asterhm aster la ad·+ sumert' to take - more at CONSUME} {15c) 1 a: to 1akt' up or m as·te··ed \-e·,a·tod\ adj (Gk as1erios] (1816): ex-: RECEIVE b: to 1aki: imo partnership, employment, or use 2 a: to hibiting asterism <-sapphire) tnke to or upan oneself: UNOl:':RTAKE <. . . . . responsibility) b: PUT ON. 1 as·ter.isk Va.s·t0>- risk, esp in plural also +· rik\" [ME. astarisc, Cr. LL 1 1 oON c: to place o neself in <- a position) 3: SEIZE, USURP<- asteriscus, fr. G k asteri.skos, 1il., little star, d im. of aster-. astir} (l4c) controJ) 4: lo pretend to bavc or be: FEION (assumed an air of con-: the c h aracter • llled in printing or writing as a reference mark, a.~ an fidence io spite or he r dismay) 5: to take as granted or true: SU P- indica1ion of the omission or lettcrS or words. to denote a hypothcucal POSE (I .._ he'll be there) 6: lo take over (the debts of another) as one's own - BS•SUm•abil·MY \·,sU·m~- 1 bi-1~tC\ n - 8S•SUM•able \·'sU -m<.l-bicll\ adj - as s um abry \·ble\ od1• 0 0 \o\ abul \'\kitten, F rahle \or\ further \a\ ash \A\ ace \a\ mop, mar syn ASS UME, AFFECT. PRETEND. SlMULATE, FEIGS. COUNTERFEIT. \au\ our \ch\ ch in \e\ bet \c\ •••Y \g\ go \i\ hit \i\ Ice \i\)ob SHAM rnean 10 put on a fal se or decep1ive appearnncc. ASSUME often imp lie:i. a ju.,HO;ible moti"e rather than an intc111 to deceive {ussumecl \Q\ sin& \0\ go \6\ law \61\ boy \th\ th in \lh\ the \il\ l oot \Ii\ fool an;1ir of checrfulnes.~ around the patients). AFFECT implie::. m~king 1t. \y\ yet \z.h\ visfon. bdge \k.. r:, Ct!, tr:, Y\ J·ee Gulde lo Prc.munclatlon 84 automated teller machine a avalanc he automated teller mach ine /1 (1973): ATM 1 au to mat ic \ 6-1;,-' ma-tik\ adj [Gk awommos sclf-.1c1111g. Ir., 1111- ...- 3 !.J·tO·Some \ 16-t.-;t-,sOm\ 11 (1906): a chromosome o ther than a sex 0 0 0 1 1.:hromosom c - au ·to so mal \.6-t~· s6-m~I\ adj - a u -to·so mal·ly 0 0 1 0 -matos (akin to L 111e111-, me11s mind) - more at i\fl ',T1] 117-l-8 t '1 a \-m;, -1~\ adv: largely or wholly involuntary: esp: REFLEX 5 (,_ bli:1l.\11g (1f th~ ~Yc­ a •J·to•stra·da \,a u- to·'stra-da.,6 ·t6·\ 11. pl ·stradas or · s t ra·de \ -'• tra. lids) b: a cting o r done spo ntane-ously or unconsciou sh c: don~:.ff \ 1 da\ [It. fr. automobile + strada street. fr. LL sn·ata paved road - produced as if by machin e: i\-JECHA!':lCAL (the an S\\ cr::. '" l.';.-~ - - 2 mo re at STREET] (1927); an expressway esp. in h ai r: hav ing a self-acting o r self-regulating mecha nism ·,nn -- t rn n ·.rr i. . - au·to·s ug 0ges 0tion \,6-to·s~(g)- 'jes-chon. ·'iesh·\ 11 ISV] (1880): an in- sion) 3 of a firearm: firing repeatedly u n til the trigg:~r i!!. n:i.:~! ... et'I lluencing o f o ne·s o wn attitud es. behavior. or p hysica l condition by syn see SPO:-.iTA;-../EOUS - a u·to-mat i-cal ly \-t i-k(~-JIC, t.1.ii - au- 0 0 111ental processes other tha n conscious thought: SELF -H Y Pf\OSIS - 2 t o -ma·tic·i·tY \·m~·' ti·so· t!. ·ma·\ 11 au·tO·SUg·gest \-s~(g)-'jest\ 1•1 automatic n (1897) 1; a machine or apparatus that ope rates automat- au·to•te·lic \,6·to-'te -lik. - 'te· \ ac{j [Gk a11101c/es. fr. al//·+ telos end - ic ally: as a: an automatic firearm b: an automatic transmission 2 more at TELOS] (1900); hav ing a purpose in and not apart from itself: a semiautomalic fireann 3: AUOtBLE a u-to-tet 0ra-ploid \,6-to·' te·trr,pl6 id\11 (1930); an individual or strai n automatic pilot 11 (1915) 1; AUTOPILOT I 2; a state o r cond ition in whose chromosome comple me n t consists of four copies of a single ge- which acti vity or behavior is regu lated autom atically in a predeter- nome due to do ubli ng of an a ncestral chro moso me compleme nt - au- mined or instinctive man ner (doing his job on automatic pilot) totetraploid adj - au-to-tet 0ra·PIOi·dY \·,pl6i-di!\ 11 automatic teller 11 (1971); .~n1 a u·tot·o·mY \6·' tii·t•·me\ /1 [ISV] (1887); renex separation of a part (as automatic te ller machine 11 (1977); ATM an appendage) from the body: division of the body into t \\'O or more automatic writing n (1855): writing produced wit hout conscious in- pieces - au 0tot-0°mous \ · mas\ adj - au 0tot-0°mize \·,miz\ vb te ntion as if of telepathic o r spiritualist ic o r igin au·to·trans·fU·Sion \,6·t6·tran(tls·' ryii·zhon\ 11 (1 886); return of au. au 0to·ma·tion \,6·t<>-'mii-sh <>n\ 11 ['awomatic] (1912) 1; the tech- tologous blood to the patie n t's own circulalOry system n ique of making an apparat us. a process. or a system operate automat- au 0to·troph \ '6·t•·,tr6L ·,traf\ 11 [G. fr. a11101roph. adj.] (1938); an auto- ically 2; the state o f being operated au tomatically 3; automatically trophic organism controJJed operation of an apparatus, process. or system b y mechanical au·to·tro-phic \,6-t<>·' tro·fik\ adj [prob. fr. G a11101roph. fr. Gk a111on·o· or electronic devices that take t he place of human labor phos supplying one's own food. fr. aut· + trephei11 to nourish] (1893) 1 au ·tOm·a·tism \6- 1 tli·m ~- 1 ti-Z;)m \ 11 [F allfomarisme. fr. automate au-: requirin g only carbon dio xid e or carbon ates as a source of car hon tomaton. fr. L a111011ra1011] (1776) 1 a; the quality or state of being and a simple inorganic n itrogen com pound for metabolic synthesis of automatic b: an au tomatic action 2: the movi ng or func tioning (as organic molecules (as glucose) <- plants) - compare HETERo- of an o rgan. tissue. or a body part) wi thout conscious control that oc- TROPHIC 2; not req uirin g a specified e xogenous factor for nortllal curs eithe r independen tly of external stimuli (as in the beating of the metabolism - au·to ·tro.phi 0cal·IY \ -fi-k(<>·)le\ ad•• - au·tOt•ro- heart) or under the inn ue nce of external stimuli (as in pupil d ila tion) phy \6-'ta·tr o· fe\ /1 n 3: a theory that views the body as a machine and consciousness as a Au-to-Tune or a uto- tune \ '6-,to·,t(y)iin\ 1·1 [Awo· T une. proprietary noncontrolling adjunct or the body 4; suspension of the conscious signal processor] (2003); to adj ust or alte r (a recording of a voice) with mind to release subconscious images (....._,- the surrealist tre nd toward A u to-Tune software or othe r audi o-editing software esp. to correct spo n taneity and intui t ion -Elle) - au-tom-a-tis t \-' lii-md· t ist\ n or sung notes that a re out of tune adj au·to-wo rk·er \ 'O-to·,wor·k<>r. 'ii·\ /1 (1901): a person e mployed in the au-tom·a·tiz e \6-' tii·m• -,tiz\ vt ·tized; ·tiz-ina ['awomaticl (19 10) automobile manufacturing ind ustry: to make (a n ac tio n) re fl exive - au·tom·a-t1-za-tion \6-,ta-md-t;:>- a u-to x·f·da 0tion \6·,tak·s<>-'da·shon\ 11 (1 883); o xid ation by direct •za-sh;)n. - 1ti-'za-\ 11 combination with oxygen (as in a ir) at ordinary temper atures au.tom-a-ton \0-'tii·m:H•n. ·m<>·,tan\ 11, p/ ·atons or -a-ta \ ·m:>-t•. au-tumn \' 6-t; m\ 11 [ME a11tu1npne. fr. L awumnus] (14c) 1: t he sea- -m <>·,tii\ IL. fr. G k. ne ut. or c11110111atos] (1611) 1; a mechanism that is son between su m mer an d winter comprising in t he northern hemi- relatively self-operati ng; esp; ROBOT 2: a machine or control mec ha· sphere usu. the months of Se ptember. O ctober. and Nove mbe r or as nism designed to follow au tomatically a prede termined sequenc e of op- reckoned astronomicall y extending from the September equi nox to the er ations or respond to e ncoded instructions 3: an ind ividual who acts December solstice - c alled a lso/al/ 2; a period of maturity or incip· 1 in a mechanical fashion ient decline (in the - o f lire) - au-t um· nal \o-'t ~m·n<>I \ ac{j - au· au-to 0mo-blle \ '6·t<>·m6·,bel.,0-t<>·mo·'be l.,6-t•·'mo-,bel\ adj [F. fr. tum 0nal·IY \·n <>·le\ ad•· aw- +mobile] (1876); AUT0'10TIVE a utumn crocus 11 0 821): an autumn-blooming colchicum CColc:hicum 2 automobile 11 (1881): a usu. four-wheele d automotive vehicle desi~ned aruumnale) ror passe nger transportation - automobi le "' - au -to 0mo·btl 0ist au-tun°ite \O-' t;- 1 nit, '6 -t ~-\ 11 L4ww1. t own in France] (ca. 1852): a r a- \ ·'bC·list. -,he-\ /1 dioactive usu. le m on-yellow calcium phosphate mi ner al that occurs in au·to·mo·bil·i·tY \,6·t6·m~· 'hi ·l •·tc. ·mo·\ 11 (1 896); the use of auto· tabular crystals and in scales and that is an ore of uranium mobiles as the majo r me ans of t ranspor tation aux abbr auxiliary verb au-to mor·phism \ 1 6-ta- m6r- 1 fi~z~m \ n [au t- + i sommphism] (1862) 0 1 1 a u x·il·ia-ry \ 6g-1 zil-yo:i-rC. - 1zil-re. - 1 zi · l~-\ ac/i [L auxiliaris. fr. auxilium: an isomorphism of a set (as a group) with itself help; akin to L augere to increase - more at EKE] (15c) 1 a; offering au 0IO·mo-tive \,6·td-'m6-t iv\ adj (1852) 1; SELF· PROPELLED 2; of. or pro,·iding help b: func tioning in a s ubsidiary c apacity <an - relating to. or concerned with self-pr opelled vehicles or mach ines branc h of the state university) 2 of a l'erb: accompanying anolher au·to 0nom 0ic \,6·t•·' na-mik\ adj (1888) 1; acting or occurring in vol- verb and typically expressing person. nu mber. mood. or tense 3 a un tarily <- renexes) 2; relating to. affecting. or controlled by the: SUP PLEME'."TA R Y b: constituting a reserve (an-... power plant) 4 autonomic nervous system or its effects or activity (-.. drugs) - au-: equi pped w ith sails an d a supplemen tary inboard engine (an - to·nom0l0cal·IY \·m i·k(<>·)le\ adv 2 sloop) autonomic nervous system 11 (1 898); a pan of the verte brate ner- a uxil iary n. p} - ries (1567) 1 a: a n auxiliary person. group. or device; ' 'ous system that innervates sm o oth and car diac muscle and glandular specif: a member of a for eign force serving a nation at war b: a Ro- tissues and governs involuntary actions (as secretion and peristalsis) man Catl101ic titular bishop assisting a diocesan bishop aud not having and that consists of the sympathetic nervous system and the parasym- the right o f succe ssion - called also GlLYiliDIJ' bish op 2: an auxiliary pathetic nervous syste m boat or ship 3: an auxiliary ve rb au·ton°0°mist \6-' tii·n<>·mist\ /1 (1819); o ne who advocates autonomy aux·in \ '6k·son\ 11 [ISV. fr. G k a"xein to increase - more at EKE] au-ton.o-mous \6- 1 t5.-n;>-m~s\ adj [Gk auto11omos independent, fr. aw- (1933) 1: any of various usu. acidic organic substances that promote + nomos law - more at ?"I MDLE] (1799) 1: of, relat ing to. or marked cell elongation in plant shoo ts and usu. r egulate other gr owth processes ·. b y autonomy 2 a: having the right o r power of self-govern me nt b: undertaken or carried on without outside con trol: SE LF-CO~TAfNED (as rool initiation): as a: tl'\DOLEACETIC .~CID b: a n y of various synthetic subsla nces (as 2.4-D) resemb ling in doleacetic acid in activity (an -..... school system) 3 a: existing or capable of existing indepen- and used esp. in research and agriculture 2: PLAKT H OR~IONE - dently (an -.- zooid) b: responding. reacting. or develop ing indepen- aux·in·ic \6k ·'si·nik\ adj dently o f the whole (an - growth) 4; controlled by the autonomic auxo troph \ 16k-sd-1 t r0f. -,tr~H\ 11 (1950): an auxo1rophic strain or indi- 0 nervous system syn see FREE - au•tOn•O•ITTOUS·IY ad1 1 vidual au-ton°0°my \·me\ 11. pl ·mies (ca. 1623) 1; the Quality or state of be- auxo·tro·Phic \,6k·so-' t r6·fik\ adj [Gk a11xei11 to increase + -o· + E ing self-governing: esp; the righ t of self-governm ent 2; S<lf-direc ti ng -rrop//ic] (1944): requiring a specific growth su bstance beyond the freedom and esp. moral independe nce 3: a self· governing state minimum required for n ormal metabolism and reprod uction by the pa- au•tO·Pi·IOt \'6·t6·,pi·l• t\ /1 (1916) 1; a device for automatically steer· rental or wild-type strain <--mutants of bac teria) - auX•Ot•rO·PhY ing ships, aircraft. and spacecraft 2; AUTOMATIC P ILOT 2 \6k-'sfi·tr~·fe\ 11 au-to 0poly 0ploid \,6-t6·' pti-le-,pl6id\ /1 (1928): an individual or strain av abbr 1 a venue 2 average 3 avoir dupois whose chromosome complement consists of more t han two complete AV abbr 1 ad valorem 2 audiovisual 3 Authorized Version copies or the genome of a single ancestral species - autopolyploid 1 A/V abbr audio/video adj - au·tO•POIY·Ploi 0dy \·,pl6i·di!\ 11 avail \ •·' val\ vb [ ME. AF m •ai/ler. prob. fr. a· (fr. L ad·)+ l'a/er. 1•a/oir to au 0 top-sy \'6-,tap-se. 16 -t::>p-\ 11. pl -s ies [Gk autopsia act of seeing with b e of worth. fr. L l'a/<ire - more at "~ELD] 1•i (1 4c); to be of use or ad· one"s own eyes. fr. aut- + opsis sight. nppearance - more at OPTIC] van tage: SERVE (ou r best effor ts did not-...),...._, l't: to p roduc e or re- (1678) 1; an examinatio n of a body after death to dete r mine the sult in as a benefit or advantage: OAJN (his efforts - ed him nothing) cause of death or t he characte r and extent of changes produced by dis- - avail oneself of also avail of; to make use of; take ad vanta ge of ease - called a lso necropsy 2: a critical e xamination, evaluation. or 2 (! hey availed tllemseh es o/his services) 1 ~· assessment of someone or something past - autopsy rt avail 11 (15c): advantage toward attainment of a goal o r purpose: USE au 0to-ra·dio·gram \,o-t6·'rii-de·<>·,gram\ /1 (1931); Al!TOR.•DJOGRAPH (e ffort was of little -> .v au 0to-ra 0dio 0g raph \,6·16· 'rf1·de·<>·,graf\ 11 [ISV] (1903): an image p ro- avail·abil·i·tY \o·,va·l <>·' bi -l~·te\ 11. pl · ties (1803) 1; the quality or ·' duced o n a photographic film or plate by the radia tions from a radioac- st ate o f be ing available 2: an available pe rson or thi ng c tive substance in an o bject which is in close contact with the emulsion - au-to·ra·dio·g raph·ic \·,ra·dc·~·'gra-fi k\ adj - au 0to·ra·di·og· avail-a ble \<>·' \'a-lo·b<>I\ adj (15c) 1 archaic; having a beneficial effect 2: VALID - used of a legal ple a or charge 3: prescnl or ready for im-;e ra 0phy \-,r~·dc·'a·sr<>·fe\ 11 mediate use (-.... resources) 4: ACCESSIBLE. O BT.tjl"'\ABLE (articles,...._, au 0to 0ro·ta 0tion \ -r6·'tii·shon\ 11 (1926); the turning of the rotor of an in any drugsto re) 5: q ualified or w illing to do something or to as~ autogiro or a helicopter wi th the resulting lift caused solely b y the s ume a re sponsibility(,..._ candidates) 6: present in such c hemical or::li aerodynamic forces ind uced b y motion of the rotor along its flight path p h i>sical form as to be usable (as by a plant) <- nitrogen)<- water) - a·ro.tate \- 1r6-1 tftt\ vi - avail·able-ness 11 - a vail-ably \ · ble\ ad1· 1 au·tO•route \ '6·t6·,riit. ·,r aut\ 11 [F, fr. a111o mobile + rollle] (1951); an av·a-lanche \ 'a·v<>-,lan ch\ 11 [F. fr. F dial. (Franco-Proven<;al) lava111se. expressway esp. in France ova/muse] (l 744) 1: a large mass of s now. ice. earth. r ock. or other autos -da-fe pl o/AUTO·DA·FF.: material in swift motion down a mountainside o r over a precipice 2 au 0to sex·ing \ '6-tO·,sek·SilJ\ adj (1 936); exhibiting d iffer ent charac· 0: a sudd en great or overwhelming rush or accu mulation of something ters in the two sexe s at birth o r hatching <- chickens) (hi t by an -.... of paperwork) 3: a cumula1ivc process in which pho- grant • grappling 545 'Z ant 11 (13c) 1: the act of granting 2: something granted.: esp: a gif t making or transmitting records or images (chronograph) gr of land or money) for a panicular purpose 3 a: a tran..,fer of prop· grnP h·eme \'gra-,fem\ 11 [-gi·aph + -eme] (1932) 1: a uni1 (as a letter (~\' bv deed or writing b: the instrument by which such a transfe:- j...:: or digraph) of a writing system 2: the set of unitS of a writing system e de: also: the p rope r ty so transferred 4: a minor tcrritori=i.I divi- {as le n c rs and letter combinations) that represent a phoneme - gra· r:1~0 ~f Maine. New Hampshire. or Vermont orig. granled by lhe state phe ·mic \gra-'fe -mi k\ attj- gra·phe· mi ·cal·IY \ -mi-k(a-)le\ adv 51 gra.phe·mics \gra-'fe-miks\ 11 pl but si11g or pl i11 co11str (1951): the 0 an individual or institution ' ant·ee \gran-' te\ 11 (15c): one to whom a grant is made swdy and analysis of a writing system in te rms of graphemes gr ant-in-aid \,grant-'n-' ad\ 11. pl grants-in- aid \,gran(t)s-·'n-'~d\ 1 graph · ic \ 'gra-fik\ also graph·i·cal \-fi-kol\ adj [L grophicus. fr. Gk 9[ 1851) 1: a grant or subsidy for public funds paid by a central to a lo- graphikos. fr. grnphcin] (1637) 1 a: of or relating to the p ictorial arts: al government in aid of a public undenaking 2: a grant or subsidy also: PICTORLU b: of. relating to. or in volving such reproductive co a school or individual for an educational or artistic project methods as those of engra"ing. etching. lithography. photography, seri· Grant's gaze lle \ 'gran(t)s-\ 11 [James A. Gram t l892 Brit. explorer] graphy. and woodcut c: of or relaring to the art of printing d: relat- 1912): a large tan gazelle (Ga=ella gra111i) of eas tern Africa from the ing or according to graphics 2: formed by writing. drawing. or en- ~udan and Ethiopia to Kenya a nd Uganda with long graceful horns and gra"ing 3 usu graphic a: mar ked by clear lifelike o r vi"idly realistic a white rump bordered \ black description b: vividly or plainly shown or described (a ...._, sex scene) grants·man \ ' gran(t)·sm:m\ •1 (1966): a specialist in grantsmanship 4 usu gi·aphica/: of. relating to, or represented by a graph 5: of or re- rants•man·s hip \-,ship\ 11 (1961): the art of obtaining grants lating to the written or printed word o r the symbols or devices used in ~ra nul- 01· granull- or granulo- comb form [LL grami/11111]: granule writing or printing to represent sound or convey meaning - graph·l- (grOllUIOcyte) cal· IY \-fi-k(o-)le\ adv - graph·iC·ness \-fik-nos\ /1 gran·u-lar \ 'gran-yo-lor\ adj (1762) 1: consisting of or appearing to syn GRAPHIC, VIVID, PICTURESQUE mean gi"ing a clear visual impres- consist of granules: GRAIXY 2: finely d etailed<- repons) - gran- sion in words. GRAPHIC stresses the evoking of a clear lifelike picture u·lar·i·tY \,gran-ya-'ler-o-te\ /1 (a graphic account of combat) . V1V10 suggests an impressing on the ran·U·late \ 'gran-yo-,Hit\ »b -lat·ed; -lat·ing w (1666): to form or mind of the vigorous aliveness of something (a vivid re-creation of an gcn'stallize into grains or granules __,,,;: to form granulations (an open exciting event). PlCTURESQUE suggests the presentation of a strik ing granu/aring wound) - gran·u·la·tor \-,la -tar\ /1 or effective picture composed of features notable for their distinct- gra n·u·la· tiOn \,gran-ya-' la-shon\ n (1612) 1: the act or process o f ness and charm (apicturesque account of his travels). 2 granulating: the condition of being granulated 2: one of the minute graphic /1 (1944) 1 a: a product of graphic art b pl: the grap hic me- red granules of new capillaries formed on the surface of a wound in dia 2 a: a graphic representation (as a picture. map, or graph) used healing 3: GR."-''-'ULE 2 esp. for illustration b: a pictorial image displayed on a computer granulation tissue 11 (1873): tissue made up of granulations that tem- screen (the program·s -..s are impressive) cpl but sing or pl i11 consu oorarily replaces lost tissue in a wound: the art or science of drawing a representation of an object on a twoi 0,an·ule \ 'gran-(,)yiil\ n [LL gra11ulum, dim. of L gra1111111 grain] (1652) dimensional surface according to mathematical rules o f projection 3 · 1: a small particle: esp: one of numerous particles forming a larger pl bur sing or pl in constr: the process whereby a computer displays unit 2: any of the small shon-lived brilliant spots on the sun's photo- graphics 4: a printed message superimposed on a television picture sphere -graphic or -graphical adj comb form [LL -gl'aphicus, fr. Gk gran·u·lite \ 'g ran-yo-,ITt\ /1 (1849): a granular metamorphic rock con- -gi·ap/1ikos, fr. gi·aphikos ]: written or t ransmitted in a (specified) way sisting mainly of feldspar and quartz - gran•U•lit·ic \,gran-ya-'li-tik\ (stylographic) (telegraphic) adj graph·i·ca·CY \ ' gra-fo-ko-se\ 11 [graphic + -ac)' (as in /iterac:J>)] (1965) gran·u-lo·CYte \'gran-ya-16-,sit\ 11 [lSV] (1906): a polymorphonuclear: the ability to understand, use. or generate graphic images (as maps:~ whiie blood cell with granule-containing cytoplasm - gra n·u·lo·cyt- and diagrams) ic \,gran-ya-16-'si-tik\ adj g raphical user interface 11 (1981): a computer program designed to gran·U•IO•CY•to·pof·e·sis \ ' gran-y:rlO-,sT-ta-p6i-'e-sas\ 11 [NL] (1944) allow a computer user to interact easily with the computer typically by: the formation of blood granulocytes typically in the bone marrow making choices from menus or groups of icons gran·u·lo·ma \,gran-ya-'16-ma\ 11. pl -mas also -ma.ta \-ma-ta\ (1861) graphic arts 11 pf (1858): the fine and applied arts of representation,: a mass or nodule of chronically inOamed tissue with granulations that decoration. and writing or printing on flat surfaces together with the is usu. associated with an infective process - gran·U·lo·ma·tous techniques and crafts associated with them \-ma-tas\ adj graphic design 11 (1935): the art or profession of using design ele- gran uloma in·gui·na -le \-,i11-gwo-' na-lc, -'na-. -' na-\ 11 [NL, lit .. in- ments (as typography and images) to convey information or create an guinal granuloma] (1918): a sexually transmitted disease characterized effect: also: a product of this art - g r a p hic designe r /1 by ulceration and formation o f granulations on the gen italia and in the graphic equalizer 11 (1969): an electronic device for adjusting the fre- groin area and caused by a bacterium (Ca/ymma10bacrerium granulo- quency response of an audio system by means of a number of controls matis syn. Don ovania granulommis) each of which adjusts the response fo r a band centered on a particular gra n·u-lo·sa cell \,gran-ya-'16-sa-\ 11 [NL gro1111/osa. fr. fem. of gra1111- frequency losus granulose] (!936): one of the estrogen-secreting cells of the epi- graphic novel /1 (1978): a fictional story that is presented in comic- thelial lining of a graafian follicle or its follicular precursor strip formal and published as a book gran·U·lose \ 'gran-yo-,16s\ ottj (1852): GRANULAR; esp: having the g r aphics tablet 11 (1980): a de"ice by which pictorial informati on is surface roughened with granules entered into a computer in a manner similar to drawing gran•U•IO·Sis \,gran-yo-'16-sos\11.p/ -fo.s es \-,sez\ [NL] (1949): any of graph·ite \ 'gra-,fit\ /1 [G Gmphit, fr. Gk grophei11 to write] (1796) 1: a several diseases of lepidopteran larvae marked by minute granular in- soft black lustrous form of carbon that conducts electricity and is used clusions in infected cells and cause d by viruses (genus Grauulovirus of in lead pencils and e lectrolytic anodes, as a lubricant, and as a modera- the family Baculoviridae) tor in nuclear reactors 2: a composite material in wh ich carbon fi- bers are the reinforcing material - ~ra · phit·ic \gra-'fi-tik\ aclj gra·num \ 'gra-nam\ 11. pl gra· na \-n>\ [ NL, fr. L. grain - more at graph ·i·tize \ 'gra-fo-,tiz, -,fit-iz\ vr -t1zed; -ti z·ing (1899): to con"en COR ·] (1894): one of the lamellar stacks of chlorophyll-<:ontaining inro graphite - graph·i· \ -,ti-z:rbol. -,fit-iz-\ adj - graph·i- thylakoids fou nd in plant chloroplasts grape \ 'grap\ 11, often aurib [ME, fr. AF grape grape stalk. bunch of ti·za·tion \ 1gra-fa·td- 1z fi.-sh0>n. - 1fi-\ n grapho- com b form [F, fr. MF. fr. Gk. fr. graphe. fr. graphei11 to wri1e] grapes. grape. of Gmc origin: aki n to OHG i..Tapfo hook) (14c) 1: a: writing (grapho lect) smooch-skinned juicy greenish-white to deep red or purple berry eaten dried or fresh as a fruit or fermented to produce wine 2: any of nu- g raph·O·lect \'gra-fo-,lekt\ 11 [grapho- + -lect (as in dialect)] (1977): a merous woody vines (genus Vitis of the family Yitaceae, the grape fam - standard written language ily) that usu. climb by tendrils, produce grapes. and are nearly cosmo - gra.phol·O·gist \gra-' fii-la-jist\ 11 (1885): a specialist in graphology palitan in cultivation 3: GRAPESHOT - grape· like \ -,lik\ aitJ' gra·phol·O·gY \-je\ 11 [F grap hologie. fr. gi·apho- + -logie -logy] (1882) grape.fruit \ 'grap-,friit\ 11 (18 14) 1 pl g rapefruit ar g rapefruits: a: the study of handwriting esp. for the purpose of character analysis - graph·O·log·i·c al \,gra-fa-' lii-ji-kal\ adj large citrus fruit with a bitter yellow rind and inner skin and a highly navored somewhat acid juicy pulp 2: a small rou ndheaded tree (Cit- graph paper /1 (1927): paper rul ed for drawing graphs gra ph theory 11 (1947): a b ranch of mathe matics concern ed wi th the ·.·· ms paradisi) of the rue family that produces grapefruit study of graphs gra pe hyacinth 11 (1673): any of several small - graph y /1 comb form [L -graphio. fr. Gk. fr. graphei11] 1: writing or bulbous spring-nowering herbs (genus Muscari) o f representation in a (specified) manner or by a (specified) means or of a the lily family with racemes of usu. blue flowers (specified) object (stenography) (photograph)') 2: writing on a grape.shot \ 'grap-,shat\ 11 (1745): an antiperson- (sp ecified) subject or in a (specified) field (hagiographJ') nel weapon consisting of a cluster of small iron grap·ne l \ 'grap-n•l\ 11 [ME gropenel. fr. AF gi·api11el, dim. of M F gi·opi11. balls shot from a cannon grape sugar 11 (1831): DEXTROSE dim. of OF grape hook. grape stalk, bunch of grapes - more at GRAPE) grape.vine \ 'grap-,vin\ /1 (ca. 1736) 1: GRAPE 2 (1 4c): a small anchor with usu. four or five fl ukes used esp. to recover 2 a: an informal person-to-person means of cir- a sunken object or to anchor a small boat - see ANCHOR illustration culating information or gossip (heard it through \ 'grii-pa\ 11 [It, fr. It dial.. grape stalk. of Gmc origin: akin to the ..._) b: a secret source of information OHG i..Topfo hook) (ca. 1893): a dry colorless brandy distilled from fer-, g rapey \'Qr of GR~PY mented gTape pomace 1 graph \ 'graf\ 11 [shon for graphic formula] (1886) grap.ple \ 'gra-pa l\ 11 [ME grappe/ graf piing hook. fr. OF •grappelle, dim. of grape hook - more at GR.~PE (1601) 1 a: the act or an in- 1:. the collection of all points whose coordinates stance of grappling b: a hand-to-hand struggle c: a contest for su- sausfy a given relation (as a function) 2: a dia- gram (as a series of one or more points. lines, line. periority or mastery 2: a bucket similar to a clamshell but usu. hav- segments, curves, or areas) that represents the grape hyacinth ing more jaws 2 Variation of a variable in comparison with that of g rapple vb graP·Pled; grap·pling \ ' gra-p(a-) liQ\ vt (1530) 1: to seize ~~e or more other variables 3: a collection of vertices and edges that with or as if with a grapple 2: to come to grips with: WRESTLE 3 Join pairs of venices: to bind closely - »i 1: to make a ship fast with a grappling hook 2 2: to come to grips 3: to use a grapple - g ra p. p ler \ -p(o-)lor\ 11,g rap h vi (1898) 1: to represent by a graph 2: to plot on a graph g~aph 11 [prob. fr. -grnph] (1933) 1: a w ritten or printed representa- grappling 11 (1582) 1: GR..PNEL 2: GRAPPLING HOOK llon of a basic unit of speech (as a phoneme or syllable): esp: GR.~PH­ EME 1 2: a single occurrence of a letter of an alphabet in any of its \a\ ab u t \"\ kirten, F table \ar\ further \a\ a sh \a\ a ce \a\ mop, mar vanous shapes \au \ out \ch\ ch in \e\ bet \e\ easy \g\ go \ i\ hit \i\ ice \i\ i ob ·gr;;iph 11 comb form [L -graplwm. fr. Gk -graphon. fr. neut. o f -graphos '''Titten. fr. graphein to write - more at C.-\RVE] 1: something written \Q\ sing \6\ go \6\ la w \6i\ boy \th\ thin \th\ the \ii\ loot \u\ foot or drawn (monograph) 2 [F -graphe, fr. LL -gi·ophus]: instrument for \y\ yet \zh\ " islon, beige \k, "· ce. te, Y\ see Guide to Pronunciation 984 presumptively • previous to fonning a particular structure or tissue in the normal course of dc''".: J- OEW"'""-' 1n:ky, fr.pram trick: akin to ONpreur trick] (beL 12c) 1 a opment <- r etina) - pre·sunip-tlve-ly adv: .-;. R r ~l L 'LE YER b: PAT. APT 2 a: pleasing by delicacy or grace pre-sump·tU·OUS \pri-' z>m(p)·ch.-wos, -chos. ·shos\ adj [ME, fr. ..:. F b: h2.' in g 1..·(1nventionally accepted e lements of beauty c: appearing p resumprious. fr. LL p raesumpwosus, irreg. fr. praeswnptio ] l l ~t.: l t)r ... ou11d 1 ~1£ pleasant or nice but lacking strength. force. m anliness.: overstepping d ue bounds (as o f propriety or counesy): taking libt r- purp ..1~~. 1""\r intensity <,...,_, words that make no sense -Elizabeth B. ties - pre sump·tU•OUS·IY adv - pre-sump-tu ous n e ss /1 0 0 0 RrO\\"llin,;.?) 3 a: MISERA.BLE. TER RIBLE (a,...,_, mess you·ve &Otten us pre-sup.pose \,pre·s>-'poz\ vt [ME, fr. MF presupposer, fr. ML prue- int..,;: b .:hi,••jy Scot: STOUT 4: moderately large; CONSIDE R..\ BLE (a suppo11ere (perf. indic. praesuppos11i), fr. L prae- + ML s11ppo11ere to very ...._ pro11t) (cost a -.... penny) 5: eas y to enjoy: PLEASANT - suppose - more at SUPPOSE] (15c) 1: to suppose beforehand 2: to usu. used in negati\le construc1ions (reality is not so -- - Caleb Sol- req uire as an ante cedent in logic or fact - pre·SUP·PO·Si·tion \(,)pre- omon) syn see BEAUTIFUL - pret-tl· IY \-10-!e\ adv - pret-ty-ish,so-p:r'zi-shon\ 11 - pre·SUP•PO·si·tion·al \.'zish-nol. -'zi-sh>-n'I\ arlj \ ·t!·ish \ adj pre-syn-ap-tic \,pre-s>-' nap- tik\ adj (1937): of. occurring in. o r being 2 p ret· ty \ ' pri-te. ' por- also ' pru-: before "near(IJ'r often 'p~rt or 'pri• or a neu ron by which a nerve impulse is conveyed to a synapse (a -..., 'pril t\ adv (1565) 1 a: in some degree: MODERATELY <- cold weath· membrane) (a - neuron) - pre-syn-ap·ti cal· IY \·ti-k(>·)le\ ad1• 0 er) b: QUITE. •L>JNLY (the wound was .. . - bad -Wah Whitman) pret-a-por-ter or pre t-a- por·ter \,pret·li·D<'>r·' ta\ 11 [F, ready to wear] 2: in a pretty manner: PRETTILY (pop vocalists who can sing -- (1959): r cady·to·wear clothes - Gerald Le vitch) - pretty much: MAINLY. LARGELY 1 usage Some handbooks say that prett}' is o\lerworkcd and recommend pre-teen \ 'pre-' ten. ·,ten\ 11 (1952): a boy or girl not yet 13 years old 2 pret een adj (1954) 1: relating to or produced for children esp. in the using a more specific word o r restricting pretty to informal or collo- 9 to 12 year·old age group <- fashions) 2: being younger than 13 quial con texts. Pretty is used to tone down a statement and is in wide pre-t een -ag·er \(,)pre·'te-nii·i•r\ 11 (1965): PRETEEN use in all forms of English. It is common in informal speech a nd writ- 1 ing but is neither ra re no r wrong in serious discourse (he may. if he be pre•tend \pri-' tend\ 1·b [ME. fr. AF prete11dre. fr. Lpraete11dere to allege as an excuse. lit., to stretch out. fr. p rae· pre· + tendere to stretch - pl'ell)· well off or clever. qualify himself as a doctor -G. B. Shaw) (a more at THI:'<] I'/ (15c) 1: to give a falso appearance of being, possess· return to those traditions of American foreign policy which worked ing, or performing (does not - to be a psychiatrist) 2 a: to m a ke be· prelly well for over a cent ury -H. S. Commager) (the arguments for lieve: FEIGN (he -ed de afness) b: to claim, represent. or assert buying expensive books have to be prett)' cogent -Times Lit. Supp.). 3 falsely (--ing an emotion he could not rcalJy feel) 3 archaic: VE~­ pret-ty \ ' pri·te, 'p•r· also ' pru-\ 11, pl pretties (1736) 1 pl: dainty TURE. UNDERT.-\KE - i•i 1: to feign an action. part. or role es p. in clothes: esp: LINGERIE 2: a pretty person or thing 4 p lay 2: to put in a claim (cannot ..._ to any particular expertise pret-ty \sam e as 3\ I'! pret·tied; preMY·ing (1909): to make pretty - -Clive Barnes) syn see ASS U~I E usu. u sed '\Vith up (cu r tains to --.... up the room) 2 pretty boy 11 (1885): a man who is notably good-looking; also: DANDY pretend arlj (1911) 1: IMAGINARY. M.,K.E·BEUEVE (had a - pal with wh om he talked) 2: not genuine: MOCK (~ pearls) 3: being a I nonfunctional imitation (a.-..... tra in for the children to play in) pret-zel \ ' p ret-sol\ 11 [G Bre=el, ultim. fr. L brachiatus having branches pre-tend·ed \pri-'ten-d>d\ adj (15c): professed or avowed but not gen- like arms, fr. brachium arm - more at BRACE] (ca. 1838): a b rittle or uine <- affection) - pre ·tend·ed·IY adv chewy glazed usu. salted slender brea d o ften shaped like a loose knot pre-tend-er \pri·'ten·dor\ 11 (1609): one that pretends: as a: one who prev abbr previous: p re\lious)y lays claim to something: specif: a claimant to a throne who is held to pre ·v ail \pri-' val\ l'i [ME. fr. L praevalere. fr. prae- pre- + 1•alere to be have no just ti tle b: one who makes a false or hypocrit ical show strong - more at WIELD] (15c) 1: to gain ascendancy through pre-tense or pre·tence \ 'pre-,ten(t)s. pri·'\ 11 [ME. prob. modif. of ML strength or superiority: TRIUMPH 2: to be or become effrctive or ef- pl'ete11sio. irreg, fr. L praete11dere] (l 5c) 1: a claim made o r implied; fectual 3: to use p ersuasion successfu lly <- ed o n him to sing) 4 esp: one not supported by fact 2 a: mere ostentation: PRETEN·: to be frequent: PREDOJ\ONATE (the west winds that -. in the moun- TIOUS:-.:ESS (confuse dignity with pomposity and .......,, - Bennett Cerf) tains) 5: to be or continu e in u se or fashion: PERSIST (a custom that b: a pretenti ous act o r assertion 3: an inadequate or insincer e a t· still-s) tempt to anain a certain condition or Quality 4: professed rather than prev 0a 0ience \ 'prc-vo·l>n(t)s, 'prev·l >n(t)s\ /1 (1713) 1: the quality or real intention or purpose: PRETEXT (was there under false,...,_,s) 5 state o f being prevalent 2: the degree to which someth ing is preva-: MAKE-BELIEVE. FICTION 6: false show: SIMULATION (saw through le nt: esp: th e percentage of a population that is affected with a panic- h is - of indifference) ular disease at a given time 1 pre-ten°sion \pri·' ten(t)-shon\ 11 (15c) 1: an allegation of dou btful prev·a·lent \·!ant\ adj [L praevale111-. pmel'ale11s very powerful. fr. prp. value: PRETEXT 2: a claim or an effort to establish a claim 3: a of prae1•alere] (1576) 1 archaic: POWERFUL 2: being in ascendancy claim or right to attention or honor because of merit 4: an aspiration: DOf\HNANT 3: generally or wide ly accepted, practiced. or favored or intention that may or may not reach fulfill men t (has serious literary: \\~DESPRE.,D - p reva lent 11 - pre v ·a·lent·IY adl' -s> 5: VANJTV. PRETEKTIOUSNESS syn soe AMBITION - pre0te n- pre·var·i·cate \pri·' ver·o-,kat, -'va-ro-\ 1•i -cat-ed; -cat-in g [L prae· sion·less \ -los\ adj varicarus, pp. of praevaricari to act in collusion. li t.. to straddle. fr. 2 p re-ten°sion \,pre-'ten(t)-shon\ vt [pre- + 'tension] (1937): PRESTRESS prae- + varicnre to straddle, fr. rarus bowlegged] (ca. 1631): to deviate pre-t en-tious \pri-'te n(l)·shos\ adj [F pretentieux, fr. prere11tio11 preten- from the truth: EQUJVOC.~TE syn see LfE - pre-v ar l·ca tion \- 1 vcr- 0 0 sion. fr. MLprere111io11-. pretelllio. fr. Lprae1e11dere] (1832) 1: char ac- <>·' ka-sh~n. - 1 va-r0>-\ 11 - p re· var· i·ca.tor \ - 1ver·a-1 ka-tar. -' va-rj -\ n terized by pretension: as a: making usu. unjustified or excessive pre-ve-nient \pri·' vC n·y~m t\ adj [L prae,•enienh praevenien.f. prp. of claims (as of val ue or standing) (the -... fraud who assu mes a love of prae~·e11ire] (ca. 1656): ANTECEDENT. ANTICIPATORY - pre•Ve·nient- culture that is alien to him -Richard Watts) b: expressive of affect- ly adv ed, unwarranted. or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature<- lan- pre-vent \pri·' vcnt\ "b [ME. to a nticipate. fr. L prael'e11111s, pp. of prae· guage) <- houses) 2: making de mands on one's skill, abili ty. or venire to come before. amicipate. forestall. fr.prae- + 1•enire to come - means: AMBITIOUS (the - d aring of the Green Mountain Bo1•s in more at COME] vt (15c) 1 archaic a: to be in readi ness for (as an oc· crossing the lake -Amer. Guide Series: flt.) syn see SHO\\'Y - pre- casion) b: to meet o r sat isfy in advance c: to act ahead of d: to ten 0tlous·IY adv - pre· ten-tious-ness 11 go or arrive before 2: to deprive of power or hope of acting or sue· 1pret·er·il OI' pre t·e r·ile \ ' pre-ta-rot\ adj [ME preterit. fr. AF. fr. L praet· cecding 3: to keep from happening or existing (steps lo - war) 4 eritus, fr. pp. of praetelire to go by. pass. fr. p raeter beyond, past, by (fr.: to ho ld or keep back: HI NDER. STOP - often used with fi·om -.,,; vi compar. ofprae before)+ ire to go- more at FOR. ISSUE] (14c) archaic: to interpose an obstacle - pre vent-abil ·i·lY \-,vcn-t~-'bi-1~-te\ n - 0: BYCOSE, FORMER pre ·vent·able also pre·venl·ible \- 'ven-to· bol\ arlj - pre-vent-er 11 2 preterit 01· preterite /1 (14c): P.'5T TENSE syn PREVENT, A'.\"TICJPATE. FOREST.ALL mean to d eal wilh before· pre 0te rm \(,)pre-'torm. 'pre-,\ adj (1928): of. relating to, being. or hand. PREVENT implies taking advance m easures against somet hi ng brought forth by premature birth (a - infan t) <-labor) possible or probable (measures taken to pre1·e111 lea ks). A:'<TICINTE pre·ter·ml·nal \(,}pr~- ' to1m-n:>I. -' t•r·m• ·\ adj (1947): occurring or be- may imply merely getting ahead or another by being a precursor or ing in the period prior to death <- cancer) (a - patient) forerunner or it may imply checking another's intention by acting pre-ter· mis·sion \,pre-t ar-'mi·sh~m\ n [L pl'aetermission-, prae1ermis- first (anticipated the questio n by making a statement). FORESTALL sio, fr. praetermittere] (1583): the act or an instance of pretermitting implies a getting ahead so as to stop or interrupt something in its: OMISSIO~ course (ho ped to forestall the sale). pre-ter 0mit \ -'mit\ 1•1 · miMed; ·mil-ting [L praerermittere. fr. p raeter pre· ven·ta-t 1ve \.'ven-to-tiv\ adj or 11 (ca. 1666): PREVENTIVE by, past + mittere to let go. send] (1513) 1: to leave undone: l<E- pre•Ven•tion \pri·'Ven(t)·ShOn\ II (1582): the act Of preventing Or hin· GLECT 2: to let pass witho ut mention or notice: O~UT 3: to sus· dering 1 pend indefinitely (t he grand jury voted to~ the case) pre-ven·tive \-' ven-tiv\ 11 (ca. 1639): something that prevents: esp p re·ter·na t 0u-ral \,pre -tor·'na-ch:rr~I. -'nach-rol\ adj [ML praetema111- 2: something used to prevent disease 1·aJis, fr. L praeter naturam beyond natu re] (1580) 1: existing outside preventive ac(j (ca. 1626): devoted to or concerned with preventio n of nature 2: exceeding what is natural or r egular: EXIR.'\ORDI~:\RY: PREC..\UiIOK~RY <......... steps against soil erosion): a s a: designed or (wits trained to _. acuteness by the debates - G. L. Dickinson) 3 serving to prevent the occurrence of disease<-- medical care) b: un-: inexplicable by ordinary means: esp: PSYCHIC (-.... phenomena) - denaken to forestall anticipated hostile action (a - coup) - p re · pre.ter-nat·u·ral·IY \·' na-cho·ra-le. 'nach-ro·. ' na·chor·\ ad" - pre- ven·tive·IY ad1• - pre•ven·tive.ness 11 t e r· nat· u·ra l·ness \.'na-c ho-rol-nos, -'n ac h-rol-\ 11 pre· ver· bal \(,)pre-'vor-bol\ adj (1921) 1: occurring before the verb pre-test \ 'pre-, test\ 11 (1926): a preliminary test: as a: a test of the cf- 2: having not yet acquired the faculty o f speech (a - child) fectiveness or safety of a product prior to its sale b: a test to evaluate ' pre-v iew \ 'pre-,vyil\ w (1607) 1: to see beforehand; specif: to view or the preparedness of students for furt her studies - pre•test \(1 }pre- to show in advance of public presentation 2: to give a preliminary 1test\ vt survey of - pre 0v iew-er \-,vyfi->r\ 11 2 pre.text \ ' pre-,te kst\ n [ L praerextus. fr. praetexere to assign as a pre- preview n (1882) 1: an advance statement. samp1e. or survey 2: an text, screen. extend in front. fr. prae- + texere to weave - more at advance showing or performance (as of a motion picture or play) 3 TECH:-.ICAL] (1513): a purpose or motive alleged or an appearance as- also pre -vue \ -,vyU\: a showing of clips from a motion picture adver- sumed in order to cloak the real intention or state of affairs syn see tised for appearance in the near future - called also n·ailer APOLOGY pre 0vi 0o u s \ ' pre-vc-:>s\ adj [L praf!l•ius leading the way, fr. prae· pre· + pre·te xt-ing \ ' pre-,tek-stil)\ n (1992): the practice of presenting oneself l'ia way - more at w.,Y] (1625) 1: going before in time or order as someone else in order to obtain private information: PRJOR 2: acting too soon: PREMATURE (somewhat ......... in his con- pret or. pretorian •·ar of PRAETOR, PRAETORIAN clusion) syn sec PRECEDING - pre· Vi•OUS•IY ad•· - pre· vl·OUS· p re t·tl·fY \ 'pri-ta-,fl, 'por-. ' pril·\ I'/ -tied; - fY·ing (1850): to make pret- n essn ~· - pre Mi·fi·ca-tion \,pri-to·fa·' ka-shon,,p•r-.,prit-\ 11 - pret-ti- previous question 11 (ca. 1715): a parliamentary motion 10 put the f! .er \ 'pri-to-,fl(·:>)r, 'por·. 'pril·\ 11 pend ing question to an immediate vote without furt her debate or pret-ti · n ess \ 'pri-te-nas. ' par-. 'p ru-\ 11 (16 17) 1: the quality or state amendment that if defeated has the effect of permitting resumption of of being pretty 2: something pretty debate 1 pret.ty \ ' pri-te, 'por- also ' pril-\ a(/j pret·tl·er; -est [ME prar)'. pref)'. fr. previous to prep (1698): PRIOR TO. BEFORE Case 6:18-cv-00080-ADA Document 77-12 repossess Filed 04/26/19 Page 9 of 9 • reproduction 1057 re·POS•sess \ 1 re-p~- zcs also -1ses\ ''' (lSc) "f a; lt r:.::-.11 1' no,_·.... i. r 1 conscious b: an item so excluded - re·pres· s ion ·ist \ -sh(;t-)nist\ of b: to take possession of (something boughi 1 fr•.llll .. hu) .. 1 •:l ··' • adj fault o f the payment of installments due 2: 10;-c,lf•n· t .,"I Pl'"',v~:1, ·r re ·pres•sor \ ri-'pre -sar\ 11 [NL] (1611): one that represses: esp: a pro· - re pos-ses s lon \-'ze-sh;m also -•se-\ /1 - re-pcS•$aS!:>·O.. 0 0 17 ...- tein that is de termined by a regulatory gene. binds to a genetic opera- s~r also -•se-\ 11 tor. and inhibits the initia1io n of transcr iption o f messenger RNA 1 re- p ous-se \r;)· pU- 1 sa. -1pil-,\ adj [F. lit.., pu:;;i.';!d h ..l.:11 • Jt::\>J 1 re-priev-al \ri-'pre-vol\ /1 (ca. 1586) archaic: REPRIEVE 1: shaped or ornamented with patterns in relief m.:t. ..H:;-;~ n~.n1111~nni;i- _ ...,, re-prieve \ri·'prev\ vr re-prieved: re-p riev·in g (prob. blend of obs. pressing on the reverse side - used esp. of metal ~: forme~ m rchef repreve to reprove (fr. ME) and obs. repry to !emand. postpone. fr. AF 2repouss0 n (1858) 1: repousse ~vork 2: re~ousse ~ecorauon. repri-. past stem of repre11dre to take back] (1:>96) delay ~he pun· re•pow -er \(1)rC-'paU(-:>)r\ w (19:>4).: to provide. agam or anew wnh ishment of (as a condemned prisoner) 2: to give relief or dehverance power: esp: to provide (as a boat) wnh a new engme to for a time 2 reprieve /1 (1592) 1 a: the act of reprievi ng: the state of being re· rePP rar of REP rap p ed past and past part of'REP prieved b: a formal temporary suspension of the exe~ution of a sen- rep ping pres pan of' REP. tence esp. of death 2: an order or warrant for a repneve 3: a tern~ rep·re·hend \, re·pri-'hend\ vr [ME, fr. L reprel1e11dere. 111.,. to h?ld back. porary respite (as from pain or troubl~) . fr. re-+ prehc11dere to grasp - more at GET] (1 4c): to voice disapprov· 1 rep·ri·mand \ 1re-prd- 1 mand\ n [F repnmande. fr. L repnmenda. fem. of al of: CENSURE syn see CRJTICIZE. reprime11dus. gerundive of,-eprbnere to check - more at REPRESS] re P·re-hen-si-ble \,re-p ri-' hen(t)·so· bol\ a<IJ (14c):. w~'!hY of or de· (1636): a severe or formal reproof serving reprehension: CULP.•BL,E - rep 0re-hen-si·btl·i·tY \·,he n(t)- 2 reprimand 1·1 (1681): to reprove sharply or censure formally usu. from s:>-'bi-1:>-te\ /1 - rep 0re 0hen-si 0ble 0ness \-'he n(t}·s:>·bol·nos\ /1 - a position of authority syn sec REPROVE • . rep-re 0hen-si-bly \ -ble\ ad1· . 're-print \(,)re-'print\ VI (1551): to print agam: make a repnnt of reP·re·hen°sion \.'hen(t)-shon\ 11 [ME reprehc11s10u11. fr. AF or L: AF 2 re -prlnt \'re·,print. (,}re·'\ /1 (1611): a reproduction of J)rinted matter: reprehension. fr. L reprehension·. revrc/Jcnsio. fr. repre/Je11dere] (l4c) as a: a subsequent printing of a book already pubhshed that pre·: the act of reprehending: CENSURE serves the identical text of the previous printing b: OFFPR..11\'T c rep•re-hen·si ve \· ' hen(t)·siv\ adj (1589): serving to repre hend: con·: matter (as an article) that has appeared in print before veying repreh ension or reproof re -print-er \(,)re-' prin-tor\ /1 (1689): o ne that publishes a reprint rep-re-sent \,re-pri·'zent\ vb [ME. fr. AF represe/l/er. fr. L rcpraese11- re·pri-sal \ri·'prl-zol\ /1 [ME reprisail. fr. AF reprisaile. fr. ML represa· 1are, fr. re·+ praese11tare to prese nt] 1·1 (14c) 1: to bring clearly before lia. fr. Olt rappresaglia, ultim. fr. ripreso. pp. of ripre11dere to take back. the mind: PRESEKT (a book which -...s the character of early A111eri- fr. ri· re· (fr. L re·)+ pre11dere to take. fr. Lprehe11dere - more at GET] ca) 2: to serve as a sign or symbol of (the flag ~s our country) 3 (15c) 1 a: th e act or practice in internat ional law of force: to portray or exhibit in art: DEPICT 4: to serve as the counterpart short or war in retaliation for damage or loss suffered b: an instance or image of: TYPIFY (a movie hero who -..s the ideals of the culture) of such action 2 obs: PRl2.E 3: the regaining of something (as by re- 5 a: to produce on the stage b: to act the part or role of 6 a (1): to capture) 4: something (as a sum of money) given o r paid in restitu· take the place of in some resp ect (2): to act in the place of or for usu. tion - usu. used in pl. 5: a retaliatory act. . by legal ri ght (3): to manage the legal and busineS> affairs of (athletes 're-prise \ri-' prez. I is also ·'priz\ /1 [ME. fr. AF. seizure. repossesS1on. ~ed by top lawyers and agents) b: to serve esp. in a legislative body expense, fr. fem. pp. of reprendr e to tak e back. fr. re-+ prendre to take, b)' de legated authority usu. resulting from election 7: to describe as fr. L prehe11dere] (15c) 1: a deduction or charge made yearly out of a having a specified c haracter o_r quality (........,s h1m~el f as a fne~d) 8 a manor or estate - usu. used in pl. 2: a recurrence, renewal. or re-: to give one·s impression and Judgment of: state ~n a manner intended sumption of an action 3 [F. fr. MF] a: a musical repetition: (I) to affect action or judgment b: to point out m protest or remon-: the repetition of the e>position p receding the development (2): RE· strance 9: to serve as a specimen. example. or instance of 10 a: to CAPITULUION 3 b: a repeated performance: REPETITION fonn an image or representation of in the mind b (I): to apprehend 2 re-prise \ri·'priz. 3 is -'prez\ 1·1 re -prised: re· pris·ing [ME. fr. MF re· (an object) by m eans of an idea (2): to recall m memory 11: to cor- pris. pp. of repre11dre] (15c) 1 archaic: TAKE BACK; esp: to recover by respond to in essence: CONSTITUTE,,..._, "' 1: to make represen tallo~s force 2 archaic: COMPENS.,.TE 3 a: to repeat the performance of against something: PROTEST 2 slang: to perform a task or duty adm1· b: to repeat the principal points or stages of: RECAPtTUL,.TE. . rably: se nte as an outstanding example - -sent-able \- 1zen-t;;i- re·pris·ti·nate \(,)re-' pris-t<1·,niit\ vt -nat·ed: - nat·ing [re· + pnsnne + b<>I\ adj - rep·re 0sent 0er /1. '·ate] (1659): to r estore to an original state o r condition - re-prls 0tl- re-pre-sent \,re·pri·'zent\ VI (1564): to present again or anew - re- na0tlon \(,)re-,pris-t•·' na·shon\ 11 p re·sen·ta-tio n \, re-,prC-,zen-• ta-sh~n. -, pre-z:in-. -, pr~-z~n-\ n re-pro \ ' re-(,)pro\ 11. pl repros [short for reproductio11] (1946) 1: a rep- re-sen°ta-tion \,re-pri·,zen·' ta-sh<>n. ·zon-\ n (15c) 1: one that clear sharp proof made esp. from a letterpress printing surface to serve represents: as a: a n artistic likeness o r image b (1): a statement or as photographic copy for a printing plate 2: REPRODUCTION 2 account made to inOuence opinion or action (2): an incidental or col- 1 re 0proach \ri-'proch\ /1 [ME reproche. fr. AF. fr. reprocher to reproach, lateral statement of fact on the faith of which a contract is entered into fr. VL • repropiare to bring close. show, fr. L re-+ prope near - more at c: a dramatic production or performance d (!): a usu. formal state· APPRO.~CH ] (14c) 1: an expression of rebuke or disapproval 2: the ment made against something or to effect a change (2): a usu. formal act or action of reproaching or disapproving (was beyond..-.._.) 3 a: a protest 2: the act or action or representing: the state of being repre- cause or occasion of blame, discr edit, or disgrace b: D1SCREDIT. DIS- sented: as a: REPRESENTATJON,\LISM 2 b (I): t h e action or fact of GRACE 4 obs: one subjected to censure or scorn - re-proach·fu l one person standing for another so as to have the ri ghts and obligations \ -fol\ a<IJ- re-proach-ful ·lY \ -fa·le\ ad1• - re-proach·ful·ne s s /1 of the person represented (2): the substitution of an individual or 2 reproach w (14c) 1; to express disappointment in or displeasure with class in place of a person (as a child for a deceased parent) c: the ac- (a person) for conduct that is blameworthy or in need of .amendme_nt tion of representing or the fact of being represented esp. in a legislative 2: to make (something) a maner of reproach 3: to brmg lf!tO dis- body 3: the body of persons representing a constitue.ncy - rep-re- credit syn see REPROVE - re-proach·able \· 'pro·cho-bol\ ad; - re- sen-ta0tion0al \-shnol. -sh:>-n'I\ adj - rep-re-sen°ta.t1o n-a l·IY ad" proach-er 11 - re·proach·ing·IY \.'pro-chio·li!\ adv re p · re-sen•ta 0tion·al 0is m \-shno-,li-zom. ·sho·n'l-,i-\ 11 (1842) 1: the rep 0ro· b ance \ 're-pro·b•n(t)s\ 11 (1604) arc(1aic: REPROB.•TION doctrine that the immediate objecl or knowledge is an idea in the mind 1rep 0ro0b a te \ 'r e-pro-,bAt\ 1•1 -bat-ed; -bat•tn Q [ME. fr. LL reprobarus, distinct from the external object which is the occasion of perception 2 pp. of reprobare - more at REPROVE] (15c) 1: to condemn strongly: the theory or practice of rea listic representa tion i n art - as unworthy. unacceptable. or evil (reprobating the laxity of t he age) ta0tion0al0ist \·list. ·ist\ n 2: to foreordain to damnation 3: to refuse to accept: REJECT syn 1 rep 0re 0sen-ta0tive \,re-pri-' zen· ta-tiv\ a<IJ (14c) 1: serving to repre- see cruncizE - rep· ro·ba·tive \ 're-pro-,bii-tiv\ adj - rep-ro·ba·to- sent 2 a: standing or acting for another esp. through delegated au- ry \ · b;,-,tor-e\ adj. th ority b: of. based on, or constituting a government in which the 2 reprobate adj (15c) 1 archaic: r ejected as worthless or not standmg a many are represented by persons chosen from among them usu. by test: CONDEM:.:-Eo 2 a: foreordained to damnatmn b: morally cor- election 3: serving as a ty pical or characteristic example _(a --: mov- rupt: DEPRAVED 3: expressing or involving reprobation 4: of. re- iegoer) 4: of or relating to representation or represemauonahsm - lating to. or characteristic of a r eprobate re p·re·sen·ta·tlve·IY ad" - rep 0re 0sen°ta 0tiv e -ness 11 - rep-re- 3 re probate 11 (1545): a reprobate person sen.ta.tiv·i·tY \-, zen-t;>~ ' ti-v;'.Hf\ n rep-ro-ba-tion \, re·pro·' bli-shon\ 11 (14c): the act of reprobating: the 2 representative /1 (1635) 1: one that represents another or others: as state of being reprobated. a (l): one that represents a constituency as a member of a legislative re -pro·cess \(,)re-'pra-,ses, ·'pro·. ·sos\ w (1921): to sub1ect to a spe- body (2): a member of the house of representatives of the U.S. Con- cial process or treatment in preparation for reuse; esp: to extract ura- gress or a state legislature b: one that represents another as a_gent. nium and plutonium from (the sp ent fuel rods of a nuclear reactor) for deputy, substitute. or delegate usu. being in~·ested with _the _au thor1t)1 of use again as fuel. the principal c: one that represents a business orgamzauon d: one re-pro-duce \, re·p~·'diis. · 'dyiis\ vr (ca. 161 I): to produce agam: as a that represents another as successor or h eir 2: a typical example of a: to produce (new individuals of the same kind) by a sexual or ase>ual group. class. or quality: SPECIMEN process b: to cause to exist again o r anew<- water from steam) c re-press \ri·'pres\ 1·b [ME. fr. AF represser. fr. L repressus, pp. of re-: to imitate closely (sound-effects can - the sound of thunder) d: to prim ere to check. fr. re- + premere to p ress - more at PRESS) vr (14c) prese nt again e: to make a representation (as an image o r copy) of 1 a: to check by or as if by pressure: CURB (injustice was - ed) b (_,,_a face on canvas) f: to revive m entally: RECALL g: !O transla te: to put down by force: SUBDUE <- a disturbance) 2 a: to h o ld in (a recording) into sound,....,,,, vi 1; to und ergo repr<?d~c.tton 2 ..: to by self-control <- ed a laugh) b: to prevent the natural or normal produce offspring - re-pro 0duc 0er 11 - re 0pro 0duc ·tbtl·1·ty \·,du·S<>· expression, activity. or development of (,...._ed her 2.nger} 3: _to e~­ ' bi-lo-te. ·,dyii·\ /1 - re-pr o-duc-ible \.'dii·so·bol, ·'dyii-\ adj or /1 - clude from consciousness (--.,,ed the memory of abuse) 4: Lo macn- re-pro-duc-ibly \ -hie\ adv vate (a gene or fonnalion of a gene product) by allosteric combination re-pro-duc 0t ion \,re· pro-' dok·sh<>n\ 11 (1659) 1: the act. or process .or at a DNA binding site,..._, vi: to take repressive action - re ·press- reproducing: specif: the process by which J>lants and animals 1pve rise ibil·i·tY \ -,pre-s:>·'bi-lo-te\ n - re-presi;; 0ible \-'pre·so· bol\ adj - . re- to offspring and which fundamentally consists of the segregauon of a pres-sive \ ·'prc-siv\ adj - re-pres•stve·IY adv - re- pres•stve- ponion of the parental body by a sexual or an asexual process and its ness n subsequent growt h and differen t iation int~ a new in~ividual 2: some- re-press \(,)re-'pres\ vt (14c): to press again<- a record) thing reproduced: COPY 3: young seedhng trees m a forest re .pressed \ri-' prest\ a<IJ (1665) 1: subjected to o r marked by repres· sion 2: characterized by restraint re -p res·s ion \ri·' pre-shon\ 11 (1533) 1 a: the action or process of re· \:>\ abut \'\ kitte n, F table \or\ further \a\ ash \a\ ace \ii\ mop. mnr pressing: the state of being r ep ressed <-of unpopular opm1ons) b \au\ o ut \ch\ chin \e\ bet \e\ easy \g\ go \i\ hlt \i\ ice \j\ j ob: an instance of repressing (racia! ..........s) . 2 a: a mental p~oce~s by which distressing thoughts. memones. or impulses that may give nse to \!J\ sing \o\ go \6\ law \6i\ bo y \th\ thin \lh\ t he \ii\ loot \u\ foot anxiety are excluded from consciousness and left to operate in the un- \y\ yet \zh\ vision. beige \I;.". re,"'· >\ see Guide to Pronunciation