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3 EXHIBIT 8 3 Your HTC Radar User guide 3 2 Contents Contents Getting started Inside the box 7 Your phone 7 Bottom cover 9 SIM card 11 Battery 12 Switching the power on or off 13 Entering your PIN 13 Finger gestures 13 Setting up your phone for the first time 14 Start screen 14 Basics Adjusting the volume 16 Sleep mode 16 Lock screen 17 Changing the ringtone 17 Changing the theme 18 Account setup 18 Switching between apps 19 Windows Marketplace 19 Phone calls Making a call 20 Receiving calls 21 What can I do during a call? 21 Starting a conference call 22 Call history 23 Turning airplane mode on or off 24 People Keeping in touch 25 Importing contacts from your SIM card 25 Adding a new contact 25 Filtering your contacts list 26 Merging contact profiles 26 Searching, editing or deleting 27 Contact groups 28 What is the Me card? 28 Posting to social networks 29 Filtering social updates 30 3 3 Contents Messaging Texting and chatting in one place 31 Sharing a picture in a message 32 Viewing and replying to a message 33 Managing conversations 34 Email Adding your Windows Live account 35 Adding a POP3/IMAP email account 35 Adding a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account 36 Checking email 36 Sending email 37 Managing email messages 38 Changing email account settings 39 Camera Camera basics 40 Taking a photo 41 Recording video 42 Camera flash doesn't turn on? 42 After capturing 43 Taking a panoramic photo 43 Taking continuous photo shots 44 Photos, videos, and music Pictures 45 Music + Videos 47 HTC Watch 48 Connected Media 52 Syncing Why do I need the Zune software? 55 Installing and setting up the Zune software 55 Syncing pictures, music, and videos 56 Setting up wireless sync 57 Internet connections Data connection 58 Wi-Fi 60 Using your phone as a mobile hotspot 61 Search and Web browser Searching the Web 62 Scanning codes, tags, and text 62 Opening and navigating web pages 64 Maps and location Location services 66 3 4 Contents Bing Maps 66 HTC Locations 69 Calendar What you can do in Calendar 73 Creating a calendar appointment 73 Creating a new to-do task 74 Displaying and syncing calendars 75 More apps What's HTC Hub? 76 Checking weather 77 Keeping track of your stocks 78 Reading news feeds 80 Working with Notes 81 What's in the Office hub? 83 Xbox LIVE in the Games hub 84 Bluetooth Connecting a Bluetooth accessory 85 Disconnecting a Bluetooth accessory 85 Unpairing 86 Settings Attentive phone features 87 Turning Battery Saver on 87 Changing display settings 88 Changing sound settings 88 Changing the language 89 Managing apps and storage 89 Security Protecting your SIM card with a PIN 91 Protecting your phone with a password 91 Update and reset How to get and install updates 93 Preparing for a software update 93 Installing an update 94 Factory reset 95 Trademarks and copyrights Index 3 13 Getting started Switching the power on or off Switching the power on Press the POWER button. Easy. When you turn on your phone for the first time, you'll need to set it up. Switching the power off 1. If the display is off, press the POWER button to turn it back on, then unlock the screen. 2. Press and hold the POWER button until you see the message, slide down to power off. 3. Swipe your finger down the screen. Entering your PIN Some SIM cards come with a PIN (personal identification number) set by your mobile operator. If you're asked for a PIN, enter it and then tap enter. If you enter the wrong PIN three times, the SIM card is blocked. If this happens, you can unblock it with the PUK (PIN Unlocking Key) obtained from your mobile operator. Finger gestures Tap When you want to type using the keyboard, select items onscreen such as apps and settings, or press onscreen buttons, simply tap them with your finger. Press and To open the available options for an item (for example, a contact or link hold in a web page), simply press and hold the item. Swipe or To swipe or slide means to quickly drag your finger vertically or slide horizontally across the screen. Drag Press and hold your finger with some pressure before you start to drag. While dragging, don't release your finger until you have reached the target position. Flick Flicking the screen is similar to swiping, except that you need to swipe your finger in light, quicker strokes. This finger gesture is always in a vertical direction, such as when flicking the contacts or message list. 3 14 Getting started Rotate On most screens, you can automatically change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape by turning your phone sideways. When entering text, you can turn your phone sideways to bring up a bigger onscreen keyboard. Pinch In some apps, like Pictures or the web browser, you can "pinch" the screen using two fingers (for example, thumb and index finger) to zoom in or zoom out when viewing a picture or web page. Setting up your phone for the first time When you switch on your phone for the first time, you'll be asked to set it up. Just follow the onscreen instructions and you'll be up and running in no time. Be sure to sign in with your Windows Live® ID so you can use services such as Hotmail®, Marketplace, Xbox LIVE®, and more. Start screen Up front on the Start screen, you'll see live tiles that continuously update and show what's most personal to you. You'll see things like your photo album, how many new messages and email you have, and more. § Simply swipe your finger up or down to scroll through the tiles. § On the Start screen, tap or swipe your finger left to access apps and settings. § To return to the Start screen from any app or setting's screen, press. Rearranging tiles 1. Press and hold the tile you want to move until it floats. 2. Drag the tile where you want it to go. 3. Keep rearranging until all tiles are where you want them. 4. When you're done moving tiles, tap anywhere onscreen or press. Pinning items to the Start screen You can pin just about anything you want to the Start screen: apps, pictures, songs, favorite websites, documents, and even contacts. For example, when you pin a contact to the Start screen, you'll get all of that person's updates — feeds, email, text messages, and call notifications — right from that tile. 1. To pin something, press and hold it until a menu appears. 2. Tap pin to start. 3 17 Basics Lock screen Unlocking the screen Swipe your finger up to unlock the screen or answer an incoming call. If you've set up a password in the settings, you'll need to enter it to unlock the screen. Changing your lock screen wallpaper Browse the collection of preset wallpapers or choose from photos that you've taken with the camera. 1. On the Start screen, tap. 2. Tap Settings > lock + wallpaper. 3. Tap change wallpaper and then choose a preset wallpaper or a camera photo. 4. If the photo you selected is bigger than the allowable wallpaper size, crop the photo. To crop, drag the photo and position the part that you want to be your wallpaper inside the crop box, and then tap. Changing the ringtone Choose from the preset ringtones. 1. On the Start screen, tap. 2. Tap Settings > ringtones + sounds. 3. Tap the Ringtone box. 3 47 Photos, videos, and music Music + Videos Playing music, videos, and podcasts Listen to music, catch up on your favorite podcasts on your commute, or enjoy a movie on your next flight. If you don't have music, videos, or podcasts yet, connect your phone to your computer and use the Zune® software to sync them first to your phone. 1. On the Start screen, tap. 2. Tap Music + Videos. 3. Under zune, tap music, videos, or podcasts. 4. Slide left or right to different categories (such as artists or albums when browsing through music). 5. Tap the item that you want to play. The playback screen opens and starts to play the music, video, or podcast. 6. Use the onscreen controls to control the playback. 7. When you're done, keep pressing until you're back on the main screen of the Music + Videos hub. Listening to FM radio Tune in to your favorite station or catch the news. You need to connect a stereo headset first to the audio jack of your phone. Your phone uses it as the FM radio antenna. 1. On the Start screen, tap. 2. Tap Music + Videos. 3. Under zune, tap radio. 4. Press the VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN button to show the mini playback controls. Use them to go to the next or previous station, pause, or resume the radio. When choosing stations, you can also: § Swipe left or right to go to a radio station. § If you flick instead of swipe, the radio jumps to the strong stations and skips over weak stations. 3 74 Calendar Quickly creating an appointment on a time slot If you don't need too much detail on your appointment, you can quickly create an appointment by just selecting a time slot and typing a subject right on the calendar. 1. In the Calendar app, go to day view. 2. Tap a time slot, enter a subject, and then tap. Later, you can just edit the appointment if you need to add more details or move it to another account's calendar. Sending an invitation You can use Calendar to schedule a meeting or an appointment and invite people to attend it. An invitation email will be sent to them from the account that you choose. You can only invite contacts that are stored or synced on your phone. 1. In Calendar, create a new appointment. 2. Tap the Calendar field, and then choose the account to use for sending the invitation. 3. Add details, such as date and time, location, and more. 4. Tap more details, scroll down the screen, and then tap add someone. 5. Invite required and optional attendees. Tap add someone, and then tap the name of the person to invite. 6. Tap when you're done. Creating a new to-do task To-dos show up on your calendar, and they appear alongside your appointments. You can only create to-dos in Windows Live and Outlook (Exchange ActiveSync) accounts. 1. In the Calendar app, swipe left or right to go to the to-do list. 2. Tap. 3. If you have more than one account, choose the account in which to add your to- do task. 4. Fill in the details for your task, such as subject, due date, and more. 3 78 More apps Changing the order of cities 1. On the weather clock screen in HTC Hub, tap > edit. 2. Press and hold at the end of the item you want to move. 3. When the selected city is highlighted, drag it to where you want it to appear in the list. 4. Tap done. Deleting cities 1. On the weather clock screen in HTC Hub, tap > edit. 2. Tap each city you want to delete. 3. Tap done to delete them. Changing the temperature scale and other settings 1. In HTC Hub, tap the weather clock to open the weather screen. 2. Tap > settings. 3. Under Temperature scale, select Fahrenheit or Celsius. 4. Turn on or off weather sound effects and other options. 5. Press to apply the new settings. Keeping track of your stocks Get the latest updates for the stock quotes and market indices that you follow in HTC Hub. 1. On the Start screen, tap. 2. Tap HTC Hub. 3. Flick left to go to the stocks list. 3 79 More apps 4. If there's a long list, swipe your finger up or down to browse through the stocks that you're following. 5. Tap an item to see a stock's trade information and price chart for the current day. 6. Tap another period if you want to check the stock's past trade information. For example, tap 5D to check the trade information for the past 5 days. Want instant updates to just one stock quote or index? Easy. Just pin the stock quote or index to your Start screen. 1. On the Start screen, tap. 2. Tap HTC Hub. 3. Flick left to go to stocks. 4. Press and hold a stock quote or index that you want to place on your Start screen, and then tap pin to start. A live tile for your chosen stock quote or index will be added to your Start screen. Adding a stock quote or stock market index 1. While viewing stocks, tap. 2. Enter a stock quote or market index that you want, and then tap. Matched results will be listed. 3. Tap the stock quote or market index you want to add. Changing the stock list order 1. While viewing stocks, tap > edit. 2. Press and hold at the end of the item you want to move. 3. When the selected item is highlighted, drag it to where you want it to appear in the list. 4. Tap done. 3 82 More apps 3. To create a new note, tap. 4. Enter your note and then tap. You can also tap the sticky note image at the lower left of the Notes screen to create a new note. Browsing through your notes § You can browse your last few notes on the bulletin board. § Or tap to see all your notes in list view. Swipe up or down to scroll through your notes. You can also swipe left or right to switch between the bulletin board and list view.