Molina et al v. Ace Homecare LLC

Middle District of Florida, flmd-8:2016-cv-02214

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PageID 861 PageID 810 NOTICE OF NON - PARTICIPATION I, the undersigned, have read the Notice of Class Action and understand its contents. I do not want to participate in the Class Action entitled Molina, et al v. Ace Home Care, LLC et al, Case No. 8: 16 - cv - 02214JDW - TGW, currently pending in the Middle District of Florida, or receive any benefits from this action. | H140 Skyline Bhud Signature CECILE T. hissle Address anpe era A 33914 239. 891 - 0212 Telephone Name (printed or type) Darcy 34 3018 Date Mail this form so that it is received by DATE to: United States District Court ADDRESS ONLY SEND THIS FORM IN IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PARTICPATE IN THIS LAWSUIT