Neodron Ltd v. Microsoft Corporation

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00321

NOTICE of Attorney Appearance by Matthew Aichele on behalf of Neodron Ltd. Attorney Matthew Aichele added to party Neodron Ltd(pty:pla)

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AO 458 (Rev. 06/09) Appearance of Counsel UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the Western District of Texas NEODRONL~T~D~-----) P/aintiff) V.) Case No. 6:19-cv-00321-ADA MICROSOFT CORPORATION) Defendant) APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL To: The clerk of court and all parties ofrecord I am admittedor otherwise authorizedto practicein this court, and I appearin this case as counsel for: NEODRON LTD. Date: 0912012019 Isl Matthew D. Aichele Attorney's signature Matthew D. Aichele VA SBN 77821 Printed name and bar number RUSS, AUGUST & KABAT 915 E Street NW, Suite 405 Washington, DC 20004 Address E-mail address (310) 826-7474 Telephone number (310) 826-6991 FAX number