Pearson v. Colt Oilfield Services, LLC et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2018-cv-01029

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If you worked for Colt Oilfield Services, LLC and were paid per job or per foot of pipe laid you may be entitled to unpaid overtime wages. Why Am I Getting This Notice? What Are My Choices? You have been identified as an individual who worked If you join this lawsuit, you will be bound by the for Colt Oilfield Services ("Colt") as a non- case's result—whether favorable or unfavorable. If supervisory Operator or Hand who received pay: you join the case, you will not have to pay the lawyers anything out of pocket, win or lose. • On a salary basis with no overtime pay for working over 40 hours per week If you do not join this lawsuit as a plaintiff, you are free to take action on your own or do nothing. at any time between [3 years from mailing date] and today. If you have received this Notice, this lawsuit What Can I Get? may affect you. What's This About? If the workers win, you may get an amount up to two times the unpaid wages you should have Former Colt employees filed a federal overtime received plus attorneys' fees and costs. lawsuit seeking overtime pay for working over 40 hours per week. The lawsuit claims Colt failed to pay Can I be Fired or Retaliated Against? him and other employees (1) overtime at the legally required rate; and (2) overtime for all overtime hours It is unlawful for Colt, or your current employer to worked. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Colt. terminate or take any adverse action, as defined by the law, as a result of your participation in this suit. • Misclassified non-supervisory employees, whose job duties included delivering and/or operating How Do I Join the Lawsuit? oilfield equipment at jobsites, as exempt from overtime; If you want to participate in the lawsuit, fill out the enclosed Consent to Join form and mail or fax it back. • Paid them on a salary basis; and It must be mailed by [TBA]. • Failed to pay them overtime for all overtime hours worked (hours worked over 40 per week). Can I Get More Information? Am I eligible? You are eligible to join this case to pursue unpaid To learn more, call the workers' attorneys' toll free overtime pay if you worked for Colt as a "Hand" or at (512) 417-5716. There is no charge for the "Operator" who: consultation and the call is confidential. • Worked for Colt delivering/operating equipment; Or write to: • Worked over 40 hours in at least one week & SIEGEL LAW GROUP PLLC • Received a salary, but no overtime pay, COLT OILFIELD OVERTIME PAY CLAIMS 2820 McKinnon at any time between [3 years from mailing date] and Dallas, Texas 75201 the present, you are eligible to join this lawsuit to pursue unpaid overtime pay. You have a choice to assert your legal rights in this case if you desire to do so. If you do not do so, you will not share in any money awarded in the case. The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas approved this Notice but takes no position on the merits of the case.