Pennington v. United States of America

District of New Mexico, nmd-2:2012-cv-00536

ORDER ADOPTING MAGISTRATE JUDGE'S PROPOSED FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDED DISPOSITION AND DISMISSING CASE by District Judge Robert C. Brack adopting Report and Recommendations re {{54}} Report and Recommendations

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IN THEU N ITED STATES DISTRICT CO U R T FO R T H EDISTRICT O F N EW M EXICO JO N DEEM ICAH PEN N IN GTO N, Pe titione r, v. Civ.12- 536RB/GBW U N ITED STATES O F AM ERICA, Re spond e nt. O R DER ADO PTIN G M AGISTRATEJU DGE'S PR O PO SED FIN DIN G S AN D R ECO M M EN DED DISPO SITIO N AN D DISMISSIN G CASE Thism a ttercom e sb e fore the Courton Pe titione r'sM otion und e r28 U. S.C.§ 2255 to V a c a te,Se tAsid e,orCorrec tSe ntenc e b ya Pe rson in Fe d e ra lCustod yfile d on M a y 17,2012,d oc.2.O n Se pte m b e r24,2012,thisCourtd ism isse d a llof Pe titione r'sc la im s sa ve one — hisa lle g a tion tha thistria lcounse lwa sine ffe c tive forfa iling to file a n a ppe a l.Doc.12.The M a g istra te Jud g e he ld a n e vid e ntia ry he a ring on tha tcla im on M a y 3,2013,a twhich b oth Pe titione ra nd histria lcounse l,Ja ne G re e k,testifie d .See d oc. 46.Pe titione rcla im e d tha tim m e d ia telya fterhisse ntenc ing he a ring,he instructed M s. Gree k to file a n a ppe a l.Doc.54 a t6 .M s.Gree k sa id tha tPe titione rne ve ra ske d he rto file a n a ppe a l.Id. O n June 21,2013,the M a g istra te Jud g e issue d hisPropose d Find ing sa nd Re c om m e nd e d Disposition (PFRD).Doc.54.In it,he d isc usse d the c red ib ilityof b oth Pe titione ra nd M s.Gree k,ultim a telycre d iting M s.Gree k'sve rsion of e ve nts. Id .a t6- 9. H e the n proc e e d e d to a na lyze Pe titione r'sine ffe c tive a ssista nc e c la im in lig htof those fa c ts.H e d e term ine d tha tb e c a use Pe titione rd id nota ffirm a tive lytellM s.Gre e k whe the rto file a n a ppe a l,hiscla im wa sg ove rne d b yRoe v.Flores-O rteg a,whic h require stha tcounse lconsultwith a d e fe nd a ntre g a rd ing a n a ppe a lonlyif a "ra tiona l d e fe nd a ntwould wa ntto a ppe a l"orif "thispa rticula rd e fe nd a ntrea sona b ly d e m onstra ted to counse ltha the w a sintereste d in a ppe a ling. " 528 U. S.470,478- 80 (2000);Doc.54a t12.The M a g istra te Jud g e found tha tno ra tiona ld e fe nd a ntin Pe titione r'sposition would ha ve w a nted t o a ppe a lb e c a use a nya ppe a lwould ha ve b e e n frivolous. Doc.54a t12- 13.Ba se d on M s.Gree k'stestim ony,he d e term ine d t ha t Pe titione rd id notd e m onstra te a n interestin a ppe a ling hisse ntenc e .Id .a t13. Pe titione rha sfile d no ob je c tionsto the PFRD, 1 a nd,upon re view of the rec ord,I c onc urwith the M a g istra te Jud g e 'sfind ing sa nd rec om m e nd a tions. W he refore,IT IS H EREBY ORDEREDtha tthe M a g istra te Jud g e 'sPropose d Find ing sa nd Re c om m e nd e d Disposition (d oc.54) isADO PTED.Pla intiff'sM otion 1 O n June 21,2013,t he PFRD wa sm a ile d t o Pe titione ra tthe a d d ressind ica t e d on hisinitia lfiling. De spite t he la c k of a nyc ha ng e of a d d re ssfiling b yPe titione r,t he Courtha d re a son t o b e lie ve t ha t Pe titione rha d sinc e b e e n m ove d t o a new facilit y.In a n a b und a nc e of c a ution,t he Courtm a ile d a se c ond c opy of t he PFRD t ot he "new"a d d re sson July10,2013.The Courtd e la ye d a d opting t he PFRD untila fullpe riod of tim e forfiling ob je c tionspa sse d from t he se c ond m a iling .N ot withstand ing t hisa d d itiona l tim e,Pe titione rha sfile d no ob je c tions. 2 und e r28 U. S.C.§ 2255t o Vacat e,Se tAsid e,orCorrec tSe nt e nc e b ya Pe rson in Fe d e ra l Custod y(d oc.1) isDEN IED a nd t hisc a se isDISM ISSEDW ITH PREJU DICE. ______________________________ ______ ROBERT C.BRACK U N ITEDSTATES DISTRICT JU DGE 3