Pension Trust Fund For Operating Engineers v. DeVry Education Group, Inc. et al

Northern District of Illinois, ilnd-1:2016-cv-05198

MOTION by Plaintiff Utah Retirement Systems Joint Motion to Adjourn Initial Status Hearing

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Case: 1:16-cv-05198 Document #: 105 Filed: 09/26/18 Page 1 of 4 PageID #:1845 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF ILLINOIS EASTERN DIVISION PENSION TRUST FUND FOR OPERATING ENGINEERS, Individually and on Behalf of All Case No. 1:16-CV-05198 Others Similarly Situated, Plaintiff, Hon. Jorge L. Alonso v. DEVRY EDUCATION GROUP, INC., DANIEL HAMBURGER, RICHARD M. GUNST, PATRICK J. UNZICKER, AND TIMOTHY J. WIGGINS, Defendants. JOINT MOTION TO ADJOURN INITIAL STATUS HEARING Lead Plaintiff Utah Retirement Systems ("URS" or "Lead Plaintiff") and Defendants DeVry Education Group, Inc., Daniel Hamburger, Richard M. Gunst, Patrick J. Unzicker, and Timothy J. Wiggins ("Defendants," and together with Lead Plaintiff "the Parties") jointly submit this motion seeking to adjourn the Initial Status Hearing in this case, currently scheduled for October 4, 2018, until after Defendants' Motion to Dismiss is decided. (ECF No. 91.) In support of this application, the Parties states as follows: 1. This putative class action is governed by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (the "PSLRA"). The PSLRA imposes a mandatory and automatic stay of "all discovery and other proceedings" during the pendency of any motion to dismiss. 15 U.S.C. §78u-4(b)(3)(B). 2. On several prior occasions in this case, the Court has rescheduled status hearings in light of case developments, including the filing of amended pleadings and changes to motion to dismiss briefing schedules. See ECF Nos. 46, 50, 83, 87. Case: 1:16-cv-05198 Document #: 105 Filed: 09/26/18 Page 2 of 4 PageID #:1846 3. At this juncture, Defendants' Motion to Dismiss is pending before the Court. On January 29, 2018, Plaintiffs filed a Third Amended Complaint (ECF No. 84) and on March 30, 2018, Defendants moved to dismiss. ECF No. 91. Defendants' Motion is fully briefed. 4. Given the current posture of the case, including the PSLRA discovery stay, the Parties respectfully request, consistent with the stay, to adjourn the status hearing currently scheduled for October 4, 2018 until after Defendants' motion to dismiss is decided. Dated: September 26, 2018 Respectfully submitted, /s/ Mark R. Miller Kenneth A. Wexler Mark R. Miller WEXLER WALLACE LLP 55 West Monroe, Suite 3300 Chicago, IL 60603 (312) 346-2222 Liaison Counsel for Plaintiff /s/ Jonathan Gardner Jonathan Gardner (pro hac vice pending) Carol C. Villegas (pro hac vice pending) Theodore J. Hawkins (pro hac vice pending) LABATON SUCHAROW LLP 140 Broadway New York, New York 10005 (212) 907-0700 /s/ Mark S. Willis Mark S. Willis LABATON SUCHAROW LLP 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 500 Washington, D.C. 20036 202-772-1880 2 Case: 1:16-cv-05198 Document #: 105 Filed: 09/26/18 Page 3 of 4 PageID #:1847 Counsel for Lead Plaintiff Utah Retirement Systems, and Proposed Lead Counsel /s/ Michael Dockterman Michael Dockterman Terance A. Gonsalves Jeffrey W. Sanford STEPTOE & JOHNSON, LLP 115 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 3100 Chicago, Illinois 60603 (312) 577-1300 Attorneys for Defendants Adtalem Global Education Inc. f/k/a DeVry Education Group, Inc., Richard M. Gunst, Patrick J. Unzicker, and Timothy J. Wiggins /s/ Sean M. Berkowitz Sean M. Berkowitz Eric R. Swibel LATHAM & WATKINS LLP 330 North Wabash, Suite 2800 Chicago, IL 60611 Telephone: (312) 876-7700 Attorneys for Defendant Daniel Hamburger 3 Case: 1:16-cv-05198 Document #: 105 Filed: 09/26/18 Page 4 of 4 PageID #:1848 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that on September 26, 2018, I caused the foregoing to be filed with the Clerk of the Court using the Court's CM/ECF system. Notice of this filing will be sent to all counsel of record through the Court's CM/ECF system. Dated: September 26, 2018 /s/ Mark R. Miller 4