Perez et al v. John Muir Health

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-01792

****DISREGARD, SEE DOCKET NO. {{41}}.*** ORDER by Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Denying {{38}} Motion to Relate Case to 15-cv-4564-RS. Modified on 11/9/2015

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UN NITED STAT TES DISTRIC CT COURT NORTTHERN DISTRICT OF C CALIFORNIIA RELATED CASE OR RDER A Motion forr Administraative Relief to o Consider WWhether Casses Should bbe Related orr a Sua Sponnte Judicial Referral R for Purpose P of Determining D g Relationshiip (Civil L.R R. 3-12) has bbeen filed. Th he time for fiiling an oppoosition or staatement of suupport has ppassed. As thhe judge assigned to case 15 5‐cv‐01792‐H HSG Perezs v. John n Muir Heallth I find thatt the more recently filed case(s) that I have initiaaled below arre related to the case assigned tot me, and su uch case(s) shall s be reasssigned to mee. Any cases listed below that are noot related to the case assiigned to me are referredd to the judgee assigned too the next-eaarliest filed ccase for a relateed case determination. Case Title Relatedd Not R Related 15-cv-04 4564-RS Camino Bell v. John Muir M Health X ORDER O The T parties arre instructed d that all futu ure filings inn any reassignned case aree to bear the initials off the newly assigned a jud dge immediaately after thee case numbber. Any casee managemeent conference in any reaassigned case will be resscheduled byy the Court. The parties shall adjust the dates for the conferen nce, disclosuures and repo ort required by FRCivP 16 and 26 acccordingly. Unless ottherwise ord dered, any daates for heariing noticed m motions are vacated andd must be re-- noticed by b the movin ng party befo ore the newlyy assigned juudge; any deeadlines set bby the ADR Local Ru ules remain in i effect; and d any deadlin nes establishhed in a casee managemennt order conntinue to govern n, except dattes for appeaarance in couurt, which wwill be rescheeduled by thee newly assigned judge. DATED:: Novemberr 9, 2015 By: Haywoood S. Gilliamm, Jr. United S States Districct Judge -1 CLER RK'S NOTIC CE The T court ha as reviewed the motion and determ mined that n no cases aree related and d no reassignments shall occur. Susan YY. Soong, Cleerk DATED:: Novemberr 9, 2015 By: Depu uty Clerk -2