Phillip Garza v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-00134

ADR Report Filed - by Phillip Garza

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS SAN ANTONIO DIVISION Phillip Garza § § Plaintiff § Civil Action No.: § SA-19-CV-0134-XR § V § § § § Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC § § Defendant § Joint ADR Report ___________________________ To the Honorable Xavier Rodriguez: The parties, after conferring via email, per the Court's Scheduling Order and Local Rule CV- 88 make the following report: 1. Status of settlement negotiations: Plaintiff's demand depends on the results of discovery and is able to make a demand contingent on the results of initial discovery requests. 2. Identity of persons responsible for settlement negotiations: For Plaintiff, William M. Clanton will be responsible for settlement negotiations., For Defendant, Robbie Malone, Xerxes Martin, and Cooper Walker will be responsible. 3. Whether alternative dispute resolution is appropriate: If the parties are unable to negotiate a settlement on their own, alternative dispute resolution is appropriate in this case. The parties are in favor of mediation whether with a mediator selected by the parties or with a magistrate judge. Dated July 19, 2019 Respectfully Submitted, /s/William M. Clanton William M. Clanton Texas Bar No. 24049436 Law Office of Bill Clanton, P.C. 926 Chulie Dr. San Antonio, Texas 78216 210 226 0800 210 338 8660 fax MALONE FROST MARTIN PLLC /s/ Cooper Walker ROBBIE MALONE State Bar No. 12876450 Email: EUGENE XERXES MARTIN, IV State Bar No. 24078928 Email: COOPER M. WALKER State Bar No. 24098567 Email: MALONE FROST MARTIN PLLC Northpark Central, Suite 1850 8750 North Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75231 P: (214) 346-2630 | F: (214) 346-2631 COUNSEL FOR DEFENDANT