Prometheus Real Estate Group, Inc. v. Terminix International, Inc., et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-02234

ORDER by Judge Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr. Granting {{38}} Substitution of Attorney

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aAO t54 (ro/03) Subs¡itr¡tion of AttomcY UNrrEo Srarss Dnrzucr CoURT Northern District of Californla Prometheus Real Estate Group CONSENT ORDER GRANTING Plnintiff(s), SUBSTITUTION OF ATTORNEY v. Terminex lnternatlonal, lnc. CASE NUMBER: 3;1 5-CV-02234HSG Defendant (s), PromÊtheus Real Eslate Group substitutes Notice ís hereby given that, subjcct to approval by the court, (P¡ny (s) Nsme) David F, Beach State Bar No, 127135 as counsel of record in (Name of Ncw AnomcY) place of J. sBN 197379 (Nsme of Àttomey (s) Appcaroncc) Contact information for new csunsel is æ follows: Firm Name: David F. Boach Address: 438 1st St., 4lh Fl,, Santê Rosa, CA 94501 (707) 525-8800 Facsimils {7ov) 546-8242 Telephone; E;Mail (Optional); (I consent to the above I Datc: I consent to beíng substituted. f- (Signðturc of (s)) I Datel Pormór Anomcy (s)) I consent to the above substitution. Date: '4ql tt (Sígråture of New Attomey) The substitution of atlomey is hereby approved and so ORDERED' Datc: 2/9/2016 Judge must be flled by each new sttorney wishing to enter an tppcÊråncerl lNote: A separate consent order ofsubstitution