Regions Bank v. Kaplan et al

Middle District of Florida, flmd-8:2016-cv-02867

ORDER granting in part and denying in part {{116}} Motion to Seal. See order for details. Signed by Magistrate Judge Amanda Arnold Sansone on 9/25/2017. (BEE)

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PageID 1930 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA TAMPA DIVISION REGIONS BANK, an Alabama banking corporation, Plaintiff, v. Case No.: 8:16-cv-2867-T-23AAS MARVIN I. KAPLAN, and individual; et al., Defendants. ______________________________________/ ORDER Before the Court is Plaintiff's Consent Motion to Seal Confidential Documents Pursuant to Agreed Protective Order Dated January 30, 2017 (Doc. 116), and the Kaplan Parties' Memorandum in Support of Filing of Exhibits Under Seal (Doc. 120). Plaintiff moves for an order permitting it to file under seal the following exhibits filed as attachments to Plaintiff's Notice of Filing in Support of Memorandum Opposing K. Kaplan's Motion to Amend Amended Answer and Affirmative Defenses (Doc. 118): • Exhibit A. K. Kaplan's Answers to Interrogatories dated July 24, 2017. • Exhibit B. Chase Account statement xxx8577 for K. Kaplan dated April 27, 2016 May 25, 2016. • Exhibit C. P&Y internal memo notation of a wire transfer receipt for $720,000. • Exhibit D. P&Y's application of $504,312.11 of funds to pay Kaplan I invoices. • Exhibit E. P&Y check for legal fees for Kaplan I for $504,312.11. Plaintiff is requesting to file the above-listed documents under seal because they contain personal financial information or were designated as "confidential" by the Kaplan Defendants 1 PageID 1931 pursuant to an Agreed Protective Order. (Doc. 116, p. 3). Considering the nature of the documents, the undersigned finds that sealing of Exhibits B-E is appropriate. However, as the Kaplan Defendants concede, Exhibit A should not be filed under seal. (Doc. 120, p. 2). Accordingly and upon consideration, it is ORDERED that: (1) Plaintiff's Consent Motion to Seal Confidential Documents Pursuant to Agreed Protective Order Dated January 30, 2017 (Doc. 116) is GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. (2) The Clerk is DIRECTED to place the above-listed Exhibits B-E under seal, pursuant to Local Rule 1.09, M.D. Fla. This Order shall not extend beyond one year, but the parties may move the Court to extend this timeframe by, prior to the expiration of this Order, filing a motion pursuant to Local Rule 1.09(c), M.D. Fla. (3) The request to seal Exhibit A is DENIED. The Clerk is DIRECTED to place Exhibit A on the public docket. DONE AND ORDERED in Tampa, Florida on this 25th day of September, 2017. 2