Robert E. Renzel Trust et al v. Ventura et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-01648

ORDER Granting Substitution of Attorney re 81 Proposed Order filed by Mija Han It is hereby ordered that counsel Thomas P. Schmidt is substituted out as counsel and Mija Han is substituted in as Pro-Per. The contact information is as follows: mail ing address 3002 Mount Clare Drive, San Jose, CA 95148; telephone: (408)568-9361 and email address - Clerk shall update docket sheet with contact information for Mija Han. Signed by Judge Ronald M. Whyte on 4/20/2016.

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qAO l'* (l{B) Subair$oa of .lrmcy Lhrmnp Srarss Drsrnrcr Counr Northem Distrtctof Califomia Estate of Robert Renzel, Deaceased, et al- COII*SENT ()*I}EN. Gf,AITrlNG Pbiff(s[ SI'HilMUrI(TOTAIIUtrN|EY v. CASr{1rMBER: 5:15-CV-1818 Uktaeand Miia Han, etal. DeMm(s! Notftlc bh@Biffi tlxqsnbistuwoval breswg Miia Han srubntig&s (hrty$)lk) Defendant is in Pro-Per, Stale BarNo. none assrrcelofredin $edrrrAry| phocof DAVERT & LOE, LAWYERS 0hGdA@(r)rerigr#tlrc) Comct irforration frr aetr srel is r folhus: FirmName: AdrftEs$: Tclephone: Fasimile E+rail(Optu& I mcat b thc Sute srhctitlioo- Miia Han, in Pro-Per I@obeirysfitut 0311612016 Thomas P. Sdrmidt DAVERT & LOE, LAUT YERS GbsilEdF{EAury(rD I oaseot to tte above sHiarion .t r oa na16 ?fw/// / Tts substihtrioo ofuornry is My rypror,ed ard so ORDERED. k: 4/20/2016 e4!E [ilotor A sryrrtc cooselt order of srbcti&lion mxt bc trhd by €ed mrv attotlry wishing b crhr an appeeraace.l