Robert E. Renzel Trust et al v. Ventura et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-01648

ORDER Granting Substitution of Attorney re {{81}} Proposed Order filed by Uktae Han It is hereby ordered that counsel Thomas P. Schmidt is substituted out as counsel and Uktae Han is substituted in as Pro-Per. The contact information is as follows: mailing address 3002 Mount Clare Drive, San Jose, CA 95148; telephone: (408)568-9361 and email address - Clerk shall update docket sheet with contact information for Uktae Han. Signed by Judge Ronald M. Whyte on 4/20/2016. Modified text on 4/25/2016

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qAO ltil (10il8) &rffi*n ofrihar Uxrrm Srerrs Drsrrrm Courr Northem Iliffiief of Califomia Estate of Robert Renzd, Deaceasd, et al" O(aETENT ORI}EN GAA!{rIITG Plaiff(s} SIIX$IffUII(DSOFATT(}RNEIT v. glTSENUMBGk 5:15{V-1&18 Uktae and Miia Han, et al- rlffi(s! Notkp is hcrcby girtn tt*, sutiectto ryroval by fu colrt, Uktae Han $rbcilifrfrEg ftS6)lh) Defendant is in Pro-Per SaleBarNa none ssmrrcclofrecodin (lbofi*rAto.:lcr) phoeof DA\IERT & LOE, LAWYERS GhofrryGllrtftn.{riryrncre) ConEst informxion fm rew eouosGl is as follmm: FimNme: Ad&tss Tclephre: Facsimih e+rail (Opnml} I cooscntbltc abqre *tbctihtrion Uktae Han, in Pro-Per D** ou nalo \lv/tL (Sb!ft!of*rty('r) Imerbbeirygffist D6; 03il16/2016 Thornas P- $cfimidt DAVERT & LOE, LAViIYERS {Sig!ilm of Forc eaocr, (r} I cment to fu abovc $bsdtrtiou De il naro \fv-/llL - YA,L?+* Uldae Han, ln ffi?*t*AecY) The subginrion ofattrrcy is heby ryproved md so ORDERED. k 4/20/2016 ft&! p{otr:Ax,p*rete opseatordcrofsabcti&tion Er$hcffi byencl mil.ttortreywbhing tocubrar apparaae-l