Roushion v. Nvidia Corporation et al

Northern District of California, cand-4:2015-cv-01102

ORDER Consolidating Cases C-15-0760CRB, C-15-0789 and C15-1102. MASTER DOCKET AND CAPTION : the docket in Ostrowski v. NVIDIA Corp., Case No. 15-cv-00760-CRB shall constitute the master docket for this action. Every pleading filed in the co nsolidated action shall bear the following caption: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA; SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION; IN RE: NVIDIA GTX 970 GRAPHICS CHIP LITIGATION;This Document Relates to:. Signed by Judge Charles R. Breyer on 3/24/2015.

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 10 ANDREW OSTROWSKI, individually and Case No. 15-cv-00760-CRB on behalf of all others similarly situated, 11 CLASS ACTION Plaintiff, 12 STIPULATED ORDER CONSOLIDATING v. CASES AND SETTING INITIAL 13 SCHEDULE NVIDIA CORPORATION and 14 GIGABYTE GLOBAL BUSINESS Judge: Hon. Charles R. Breyer CORPORATION D/B/A GIGA-BYTE 15 TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., 16 Defendants. Complaint Filed: February 19, 2015 17 PEDRO SANTIAGO, Case No. 15-cv-00789-PSG 18 Plaintiff, CLASS ACTION 19 v. 20 NVIDIA CORPORATION; ASUS 21 COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL; and 22 TIGERDIRECT, INC., 23 Defendants. 24 MARK ROUSHION, on behalf of himself Case No. 15-cv-01102-DMR and all others similarly situated, 25 CLASS ACTION 26 Plaintiff, 27 v. 28 1 ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES CASE NO. 15-CV-00760-CRB NVIDIA CORPORATION and EVGA 1 CORPORATION, 2 Defendants. 3 4 Presently before the Court is the Joint Motion to Consolidate Related Actions and 5 Require Filing of a Consolidated Amended Complaint ("Consolidation Motion") submitted by 6 Plaintiffs in the above entitled cases and joined in by Defendants NVIDIA Corporation, Asus 7 Computer International, Gigabyte Global Business Corporation d/b/a Giga-Byte Technology Co. 8 Ltd and TigerDirect, Inc. 9 The Consolidation Motion seeks consolidation of the following three putative class 10 actions filed on February 19 and 20 and March 9, 2015, which were filed in this District and 11 have been or are in the process of being related to this Court: 12 • Ostrowski v. NVIDIA Corporation, et al., No. 15-cv-00760-CRB 13 • Santiago v. NVIDIA Corporation, et al., No. 15-cv-00789-PSG 14 • Roushion v. NVIDIA Corporation, et al., No. 15-cv-01102-DMR 15 Based on a review of the complaints in the above actions, the Court finds each of the 16 actions listed above meets the prerequisites for pre-trial consolidation under Federal Rule of 17 Civil Procedure 42(a). The Court finds all parties and the Court would benefit from the 18 efficiency that would result from consolidation. The parties collectively agree the above cases 19 should be consolidated for all purposes as part of Ostrowski v. NVIDIA Corporation, et al., Case 20 No. 25-cv-00760-CRB. 21 IT IS THEREFORE HEREBY ORDERED: 22 I. CONSOLIDATION OF RELATED CASES 23 1. Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 42(a), the actions listed above are 24 hereby consolidated for all proceedings before this Court. The consolidated action shall be 25 captioned: 26 In re NVIDIA GTX 970 Graphics Chip Litigation, Case No. 15-cv-00760-CRB. 27 / / / 28 / / / 2 ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES CASE NO. 15-CV-00760-CRB 1 II. MASTER DOCKET AND CAPTION 2 2. The docket in Ostrowski v. NVIDIA Corporation, et al., Case No. 15-cv-00760- 3 CRB shall constitute the Master Docket for this action. 4 3. Every pleading filed in the consolidated action shall bear the following caption: 5 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 6 NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 7 SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION 8 IN RE: NVIDIA GTX 970 GRAPHICS CHIP LITIGATION 9 10 This Document Relates to: 11 12 4. When the document being filed pertains to all actions, the phrase "All Actions" 13 shall appear immediately after the phrase "This Document Relates To:". When a pleading 14 applies to one, but not all actions, the document shall list the docket number for each individual 15 action to which the document applies, along with the last name of the first-listed plaintiff in said 16 action (e.g., "No. 15-cv-00760-CRB (Ostrowski))" immediately after the phrase "This Document 17 Relates to:". 18 5. The Parties shall file a Notice of Related Case pursuant to Civil Local Rule 3-12 19 whenever a new case that should be related or consolidated into this action is filed in, or 20 transferred to, this District. If the parties agree that a case should be consolidated as part of these 21 proceedings, they shall file a stipulation for an order of consolidation with the Court. If the 22 Court determines the case is related and should be consolidated, the clerk shall: 23 a. Place a copy of this Order in the separate file for such action; 24 b. Serve on Plaintiff's counsel in the new case a copy of this Order; 25 c. Direct this Order be served upon Defendants in the new case; and 26 d. Make the appropriate entry in the Master Docket. 27 If the parties do not agree that the new case should be consolidated, any party may file a 28 motion for consolidation under Rule 42 for the Court's consideration. 3 ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES CASE NO. 15-CV-00760-CRB 1 III. SCHEDULE AND RELATED MATTERS 2 6. Plaintiffs shall file a Consolidated Amended Complaint within thirty (30) days 3 after the entry of this Order, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties and approved by the 4 Court. This complaint shall be the operative complaint for all further proceedings. Any motions 5 pending that are directed at or related to any of the complaints filed in the actions subject to this 6 Order shall be deemed withdrawn, with Defendants reserving all rights to re-file such motions or 7 to separately agree to request this Court rule upon such motions based on the submitted briefing. 8 Defendants are not required to respond to the complaints in any action consolidated into this 9 action other than to the Consolidated Amended Complaint, with Defendants reserving the right 10 to file further responsive pleadings to a particular proceeding after remand to the transferor 11 forum for trial. 12 7. Defendants shall file responsive pleadings to the Consolidated Amended 13 Complaint within thirty (30) days after service, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties and 14 approved by the Court. If Defendants file any motions directed at the Consolidated Amended 15 Complaint, the opposition and reply briefs shall be filed within thirty days (30) and twenty-one 16 (21) days, respectively, of that response, unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties or ordered 17 by the Court. 18 8. All other dates set in the Ostrowski action shall remain on calendar absent further 19 Order from the Court. 20 IV. MODIFICATION OF THIS ORDER 21 9. This Order may be modified or supplemented by the Court or on motion by any 22 party for good cause shown. 23 DATED: March 24, 2015 HON. CHARLES R. BREYER 24 District Judge So Stipulated by All Parties: 25 WHATLEY KALLAS LLP 26 By: /s/ Alan M. Mansfield 27 ALAN M. MANSFIELD (SBN 125998) 28 1 Sansome Street, 35th Fl., PMB # 131 4 ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES CASE NO. 15-CV-00760-CRB 1 San Francisco, CA 94104 Tel: (415) 860-2503 2 Fax: (888) 331-9633 3 WHATLEY KALLAS, LLP Joe R. Whatley, Jr. (To Apply Pro Hac Vice) 4 1180 Avenue of the Americas, 20th Floor New York, NY 10036 5 Tel: (212) 447-7060 Fax: (800) 922-4851 6 WIGGINS CHILDS PANTAZIS FISHER GOLDFARB 7 Dennis G. Pantazis (Admitted Pro Hac Vice) 8 Robert J. Camp (To Apply Pro Hac Vice) 9 D. G. Pantazis, Jr. (Admitted Pro Hac Vice) 10 The Kress Building 301 Nineteenth Street North 11 Birmingham, AL 35203 Tel: (205) 314-0500 12 Fax: (205) 314-0757 13 LOWE LAW FIRM, LLC E. Clayton Lowe, Jr. (To Apply Pro Hac Vice) 14 The Kress Building 15 301 Nineteenth Street North, Suite 525 Birmingham, AL 35203 16 Tel: (205) 314-0607 17 Attorneys for Plaintiff Andrew Ostrowski 18 BURSOR & FISHER, P.A. 19 By: /s/L. Timothy Fisher L. Timothy Fisher 20 Julia A. Luster 21 1990 North California Blvd., Suite 940 22 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Tel: (925) 300-4455 23 Fax: (925) 407-2700 24 Scott A. Bursor (SBN 276006) 25 888 Seventh Avenue New York, NY 10019 26 Tel: (212) 989-9113 Fax: (212) 989-9163 27 Attorneys for Plaintiff Pedro Santiago 28 5 ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES CASE NO. 15-CV-00760-CRB 1 KAPLAN FOX & KILSHEIMER, LLP 2 By: S/Laurence D. King LAURENCE D. KING (SBN 206423) 3 4 Linda Fong (SBN 124232) 5 Mario M. Choi (SBN 243409) 6 350 Sansome Street, Suite 400 San Francisco, CA 94104 7 Tel: (415) 772-4700 Fax: (415) 772-4707 8 KAPLAN FOX & KILSHEIMER, LLP 9 Frederic S. Fox (To Apply Pro Hac Vice) 10 David A. Straite (To Apply Pro Hac Vice) 11 850 Third Ave., 14th Floor New York, NY 10022 12 Tel: (212) 687-1980 Fax: (212) 687-7714 13 WITES & KAPETAN, P.A. 14 Marc A. Wites (To Apply Pro Hac Vice) 15 4400 North Federal Highway Lighthouse Point, FL 33064 16 Tel: (954) 570-8989 Fax: (954) 354-0206 17 Attorneys for Plaintiff MARK ROUSHION 18 ORRICK HERRINGTON & SUTCLIFF LLP 19 By: /s/Alexander K. Talarides 20 Robert P. Varian 21 James N. Kramer 22 405 Howard Street 23 San Francisco, CA 94105-2669 Tel: (415) 773-4254 24 Fax: (415) 773-5759 25 Attorneys for Defendants NVIDIA Corporation, Asus Computer International, 26 Gigabyte Global Business Corporation d/b/a Giga-Byte Technology Co. Ltd, 27 and TigerDirect, Inc. 28 6 ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES CASE NO. 15-CV-00760-CRB