Singer et al v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Western District of Texas, txwd-5:2019-cv-00679

Exhibit Consent of Kassan Nicholson

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CONSENT TO JOIN WAGE CLAIM Kassan Nicholson Print Name: _________________________________________ 1. I hereby consent to participate in a collective action lawsuit against WELLS FARGO BANK to pursue my claims of unpaid overtime during the time that I worked with the company. 2. I understand that this lawsuit is brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and consent to be b d b he C deci i. 3. I designate the law firm and attorneys at ANDERSON ALEXANDER, PLLC as my attorneys to prosecute my wage claims. 4. I intend to pursue my claim individually, unless and until the Court certifies this case as a collective action. I agree to serve as the Class Representative if the Court so approves. If someone else serves as the Class Representative, then I designate the Class Representative(s) as my agents to make decisions on my behalf concerning the litigation, the method and manner f c d c i g he li iga i, he e e i g f a ag eeme i h he Plai iff c el c ce i g a e fee a d c, a d all he ma ters pertaining to this lawsuit. 5. I authorize the law firm and attorneys at ANDERSON ALEXANDER, PLLC to use this consent to file my claim in a separate lawsuit, class/collective action, or arbitration against the company. Ka a Nich l Signature: ___________________________ Kassan Nicholson Dec 12 201 Dec 12 201 Date: ___________________________ 31 3 Phone: _____________________________ knicholson 31 aol com Email: __________________________ 1 3 E NC HWY Apt G Durham NC 2 13 Your Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________ Charlotte City where you worked for WELLS FARGO BANK: _________________________________ State where you worked for WELLS FARGO BANK: ____________ NC 10 1 201 Your *estimated* start date (use xx/xx/xxxx format): __________________________________ *If you do not remember when you started please use the month you believe you started and mark the start day as the first of the month, ex. 07/01/2017*