Solas Oled Ltd. v. LG Display Co., Ltd. et al

Western District of Texas, txwd-6:2019-cv-00236

NOTICE of Attorney Appearance by Joshua R. Thane on behalf of LG Display Co., Ltd., LG Electronics, Inc., Sony Corporation. Attorney Joshua R. Thane added to party LG Display Co., Ltd.(pty:dft), Attorney Joshua R. Thane added to party LG Electronics, Inc.(pty:dft), Attorney Joshua R. Thane added to party Sony Corporation(pty:dft)

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AO 458 (Rev. 06/09) Appearance of Counsel UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the Western District __________ District of of __________ Texas Solas OLED Ltd., an Irish corporation) Plaintiff) v.) Case No. 6:19-cv-236-ADA LG Display Co., Ltd., a Korean corporation, et al.) Defendant) APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL To: The clerk of court and all parties of record I am admitted or otherwise authorized to practice in this court, and I appear in this case as counsel for: LG Display Co., Ltd, a Korean corporation; LG Electronics, Inc., a Korean corporation; Sony Corporation, a. Japanese corporation. Date: 09/27/2019 /s/ Joshua R. Thane Attorney's signature Joshua R. Thane, TX Bar No. 24060713 Printed name and bar number Haltom & Doan 6500 Summerhill Road, Suite 100 Texarkana, TX 75503 Address E-mail address (903) 255-1000 Telephone number (903) 255-0800 FAX number Print Save As... Reset