Stockbridge Capital Investors, Inc. v. James Waters et al.

District of New Mexico, nmd-2:2012-cv-00458

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE by Magistrate Judge Stephan M. Vidmar. Show Cause Response due by September 12, 2012.

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IN THE UNITED U ST TATES DIS STRICT CO OURT FOR THE T DISTR RICT OF NE EW MEXIC CO STOCKBRIDGE CAPITAL C INVEST TORS, INC..; Plaintiff; P v. No. 12-cv-00458 SMV/L LAM JAMES WATERS; JUDITH WATERS; W HERMAAN & WATE ERS CONS STR. DEV., LLC; FIGUERROA CONS STR., INC.; ISRAEL L FIGUERO OA; HENRY Y WATERS S; JANE DOE D FIGUEEROA; JOH HN DOES 1––10; JANE DOES D 1–10; WHITE CO ORPS. 1–10 0; BLACKK P'SHIPS 1–10; 1 Defendants. D ORDER TO SHOW C CAUSE THIS T TER is beforee the Court sua sponte. Plaintiff filed its Compplaint [Doc. 1] on MATT April 30,, 2012. Mo ore than 120 0 days havee elapsed siince the filiing of the C Complaint, bbut it appears from f the reco ord that no defendant d haas been serveed. See Fed.. R. Civ. P. 44(m). IT T IS THER REFORE OR RDERED, ADJUDGED A D, AND DE ECREED thhat Plaintiff show cause no o later than Septemberr 12, 2012, why the aaction shouldd not be diismissed wiithout prejudicee for failure to t serve. IT T IS SO OR RDERED. _________________________________ STEPHA AN M. VID DMAR United S States Magiistrate Judgge